BFL 5 GH/s Miner Demo

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BFL 5 GH/s Miner Demo
BFL 5 GH/s Miner Demo
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BFL Jalapeno Unboxing and Demo
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9 Butterfly Labs BFL Singles Mining - SC Sigle ASIC Video soon. For Sale
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BFL Bitcoin ASIC Teardown

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Matt DeTienne: Oh hey look there's my machine I fully paid for and still have never gotten. What a joke. By the time every person gets their order (yeah right that won't happen) the machines will be obsolete! They won't be able to mine enough Bitcoin to pay for themselves. The difficulty rate will be to high. Of you paid fit this in Bitcoin you already got majorly screwed! Your Bitcoin would be worth thousands of dollars had you Saved them instead of buying this con job Machine 

policedylan: Can you mine litecoins with that?

FraeschD: That thing is freaking loud. :D I'd get one immeditaly and put in my basement if it wouldn't take a month to ship. :D

xxKUTAKIxx: Guys you can buy the Prospero X-1 made by Black Arrow which is an ASIC 100Gh/s product for only $352 which is cheaper then BFL's 50 GH/s Bitcoin Miner selling right now for $1,749.00 that's theft!

5m4g3k2h1lrs: I will sell my 25gh/s butterfly labs ASIC miner for 4.5 bitcoin. Based in England. Demo... =(

Butterfly Labs: 

Jesse Gough: It's Happening!

Adrian Carr: 

lukernatqr: im thinking the same

Yo Momma Smell Like Hot Dog Water: Mining is dead.

Derek Dickerson: yeah they aren't shipping these people

bugeman0: It looks like currently it would bring Mtgox from $130 to $92.

ethandestruction: Please send me 1 :) I would love you forever lol. 1PKUSsHM3ijycy6gocpo56cAnvtiGe8BLP

ButterflyLabs: The power supply will switch automatically, however, you will need an adapter at the wall.

bonkihuve: Just got mine today and it already burned down the house!

Izlude Tingel: Thanks, I'll take the plunge next pay day!! :)

majstealth: you mean a year and 2-3mons right?^^

haxor758: DUDE! Gimme ONE D:

TheOfficialElycin: If i may Suggest, use a Pure copper Heatsink, Cools better.

andr00123: lolol

fixxidotnet: What house appliance 32 Watts compares to ? ,( Knowing the watts will drop )

rob savemyutilities: I just ordered mine today directly from the company website. What is the ETA to receive this product. SaveMyUtilities (dot) com

jahray hagen: MORE VIDS MORE VIDS upload a video of the 500 gh/s

TechsysOFFICIAL: nothing... since they wont ship... but 5ghz? thats more than $20 a day i think?

ButterflyLabs: All the mining takes place on the device, you just need a PC to run the mining program and connect to the internet. Thanks!

Gediminas Sim: Will 4.5 GH/s jalapeno miner that powers by usb perform pretty much the same as this miner does? Could someone send me a screenshot how does that older jalapeno 4.5GH/s perform? Thanks!

Rowan A. Salter: I love it the best looking miner that will deliver 6 months after Hash Rate increases make it can lease a faster one today for $159.00 a month form LeaseBit

Σταύρος Κυριάκου: With the current difficulty of the network and this little device in the video you should expect 1 Bitcoin in about 5 days (100% uptime for the device). Profit may vary according to what mining pool you are connected (different rewards in different mining pools).

Dale Howey: There is a limited supply of BTC so not for life :P maybe for a few more years

sang3Eta: The fan I see on the desk is a pusher fan, but they have the holes in the side of the case which would require a side blower fan. The old FPGA had holes in the top of the case which would make more sense for the fan I see.

ButterflyLabs: All 4.5 GH/s miners will be shipped at 5 GH/s. Thank you.

DesaroHD: I as well started mining 2008-09

Mandrak789: If I were you, I would be prepared to wait ~4 months... give or take one

Goran Gavrilovic: send a poor beggar at least one coin :) It's little things for you, and for me a coin more than that I have now :) if you laugh, do not forget to donate 18eoGTFJVar9fnQjBRqrrJRxEXCcyD4287 - What does a deaf-mute girl with the other hand while masturbating? moan

kkonstantinosss2: At this point it's a better idea to wait until they ship, you're going to be way too far back in the line anyway.

rob savemyutilities: Anyone???? .......Anyone????

Andrew B: Pic's or it didn't happen.

thekingzeroni: yes... it makes about 9 bucks a day... that is a meal... How would you like a free meal a day for the rest of your life? Get 2 more for lunch and dinner... 25 More and you have a full time job($40 per hour)...

ibisioicharles: how long is the shipping delay ?

thekingzeroni: They pay themselves off in less than a month...

TechsysOFFICIAL: how about never?

Jovan Ramjewan: So how fast does it take to ship?

ludwigchopin: Will everything, including any software fully support Mac?

Robert Genito: And who's laughin now? :)

PedroFalls: Could you literally use a pc with the lowest specs then? You dont need to have a good pc, as long as you have the miner? Ive been mining for a while but haven't been able to reach over 350mh/s, so i am interested in miners.

abv G: Does it make sense to even to start minning at this time?

Gediminas Sim: Guys can someone tell me what's the difference between this: bitcointrading. com/img/jalapeno-4.jpg device and the current that was shown in video? Both are rated @ 5GH/s so what's the difference?

mishugas1951: The thing with the red cables was plugged into a pc power supply , but they will come with a separate power supply...

Brian Giovannucci: Are you guys back ordered? Not going to buy anything that takes months to arrive....
BFL 5 GH/s Miner Demo 4.5 out of 5

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BFL 5 GH/s Miner Demo