Benji The Hunted (1987) Remux.mkv

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Benji part #1
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Tooba Ghumro: I just Loved it!! Very Nice Dog

lolito Sagayan: what a brilliant dog. . . 

Rose Haupt:  I love animals movie, am besten film! i liebe den Hund sehr klug!

Yeen Pisith: great dog I love this movie

Kelsey Follett: The part when the wolf died, that should be banned.

danut stoica: sweet dog y love dog this dog is so cutee

Maria Silversken: :) Sweet. 

jamil enojaled: LoVely Dog 

Crystal Angel: Man This is a very very sad (SAD!) Story man my eyes filled up with tears at the first sight of the mountain lion dieing! Because of it not trying to eat benji Then benji went to help him! I cried for as long as the movie was, not to meation A cub got eaten! :'( Btw if you are a very sensitive person I suggest you don't watch this! Cuz I am very sensitive!!!! Btw the wolf looked very inrealistic when he fell off the cliff!!! Lol and funny! 

luis fabiano Vantini: saudades eternas desse filme que cao lindo infantil perfeita

luis fabiano Vantini: saudade me remete a minha infancia 

Ben Schyan: 11:55, we used to laugh at that "splat" for hours!!!! 

voirdire92: Benji was so cute!!!

ali andsaf: fu

Siv Baklia: I started to cry when the wolf died, that was going to far. Think how it must be to falling down like that, omg my heart hurts :'(

Tobias Eeckhout: :)

Cinta Shyna: Lovely dog

Cinta Shyna: Lovely dog

M3gatron5 TheDumbFrog (PakaChew using Tunderwipe): Tokyo jungle lol

Chemical The Demon Wolf Dragon: Idk y but i love animal movies with no talking. I think it makes it more interesting.
Benji the hunted (1987) remux.mkv 5 out of 5

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Benji the hunted (1987) remux.mkv