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Lipcsai Szilveszter: where is the inside view...? i so waited to see how it looked like...that's the most important thing at the end.....pls pls pls do not forget that again P

Arsen Baiatian: Probably one the most disappointing instructional videos I ever seen. Elementary school level.

Jordan Sheppherd: Thanks for posting your videos; they're well done and very interesting.  I had no idea you could dry age with these bags.  Nice!

X1 Gen KaneshiroX: Nice cook chef

AgilityAgent: You are so awkward in front of camera.  Maybe you should relax a bit.

dave3636: Hello Allen,
I have a question for you and need some advice. I am currently dry aging a whole Rib-eye loin bone in using a UMAI bag (35 days). On Saturday, I will be cutting out my steaks. I plan on cut it up into seven steaks. I am only going to BBQ two steaks on Saturday. My question to you is. Would you vacuum seal the rest (regular bags) and keep them in the fridge - if so, how long can I keep them in there before they go bad?

The process would then be drying 35 days and then by keeping them in the fridge vacuum sealed, it would start the “wet age process” ? correct ?  Can you do that?  Or would you suggest freezing them? 


David Chambers: That sure looks great! I'm a guy that eats to live not live to eat. That said; looks great and I like your back yard. :)

Last Name: Waste of good meat. Umai dry aging is the best way to destroy an excellent steak or roast. Buy the vacuum sealer and use it to preserve meat and throw the UMAi bags out. If this is GORMET you can keep it.


I disagree that it looks medium to medium well, it looked a PERFECT medium rare to me in the 1/1000000000th of a second where we could see the temperature of the completed process. 

Im sure that the result was wonderful but I cant help but gripe along with the others.

I am so upset and cant believe I wasted my time watching THREE videos of this process, just to end and not include the MOST IMPORTANT part of the tutorial, the end result. How do I know when I have matched my grilling temperature to your expertise and specifications if I cant see the damn end result? What a waste of an entire half hour of my life that I will never get back.

I know that it was missed during the video production, but you should have still re cut another take and included it, rather than say.."Fu*k it, lets just post it.

A little unprofessional in my opinion

Again SORRY SORRY SORRY for griping and hating.

Im sure it was perfect

brolly: What moron pierces a steak while flipping it? Use tongs ffs....grilling 101

leeq roberts: Who needs instant read thermometers? If you are good at your craft you would not need one. Great video and great end result. Keep it up and let the rest keep getting better

Joseph Parla: Dude! You are killing me! I watched you grill that steak to what I assume was perfection. Then you cut a slice and shove it into your mouth without letting me see the color!!!
Please! Please! Please! Turn the cut towards the camera first!

BBQ Sandwich: An instant read thermometer would tell you exactly when its done. Al these touch methods are a guess and rarely accurate.  As you can see he over cooked it. 

fusion9: we couldn't see the inside of the steak after it was cut.

Edwardo Snowdeno: a thumbs up because it's steak! but this vid is more like a sales demo for the grill. 

RAW: way overcooked 

Tim Lee: What kind of green screen bs is this?

Jerome Lagasca: pro camera guy. next time please show the cut when you slice it. :)

Hugo Sanscartier: We haven't see your steak cut...  
Dry Aged Ribeye Steaks - UMAI 5 out of 5

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Dry Aged Ribeye Steaks - UMAI