American Ninja V - Intro (David Bradley)

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American Ninja V - Intro (David Bradley)
American Ninja V - Intro (David Bradley)
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Daniel Haire: The precision drills in this intro were amazing. I can see how they'd be tricky (if not dangerous) in real life.

WarriorBoy: Clearly some of the most practical training ever.

David Landazury: nice training for splits

Gareth Del Monte: Awsome flexibility.Awsome kicking.Gave JCVD a run for his money!

Bohlen4ever: This film is no real sequel of American Ninja. It's a poor parody!

elilpz173: the first 3 were the best.

alanboro: 1:04... candles in.... 1:06 candles out...

kedocom: @ErikPaulsonFan .... actually its David Bradshaw Simpson Jr... and David hired Erik as his assistant and got him the stunt work on the side .... I believe it was Erik's first stunt job tho maybe I'm wrong there .... as to who would win in a fight? who knows, I doubt they would have anything to fight about [ + ]

Alan antonio Urusquieta: im a ninjaaa!!!!!!!!!! no -.-

kedocom: @ErikPaulsonFan ........ did you know that Eric Paulson was David Bradley's assistant on this movie?

ErikPaulsonFan: @kedocom He wasn't his "assistant." He was a stuntman. (and for what it's worth, he would freaking destroy Bradley Simpson (his real name) in a fight).

ConanDerBarbar1980: Don't get me wrong - I like the "American Ninja" (or in Germany: "American Fighter") movies, but the intro of "American Ninja 5" could also be the intro of a gay porn movie ;-)

akiraman26: tadashi yamashida

jackson2774: Qual sit Onde posso baixar o filme inteiro

ScorePN44: yea, what the hell!? y is his name joe & not sean davidson

kyliam80: Not sure if somebody said this or not...but in the beginning...the asian guy is "Black Star Ninja" from American Ninja 1, the main bad guy.

JUICED OUT TV: David Bradley was an actual martial artist.


Marisa Agius: i like the most american ninja 1, 2 and 4 ... where can i see american ninja 5 as a full movie please ??? Thanks !!

Adailton Matias: bom mais eu preciso do vilme pode mim enviar? meu email e

spacexploder: not a sequel.

Adailton Matias: bom mesmo mais eu preciso do filme american ninja 5 pode mim enviar meu email e

isometric85: i wonder were david bradley is?

ErikPaulsonFan: @kedocom Yeah, that's what I thought; you have no idea what the hell you're talking about. PWNED.

balutstore: why does canon pictures always produce the same movie intros

moakley: i love the birthday candles

ErikPaulsonFan: David Bradly sucks. This is not an American Ninja film.

alejandros1979: I totally Agree. David was just too good to accept this stinking movie Also his name was Sean Davidson. Not Joe

FL1S3N: @MrDontstareitsrude ti si geq we neshtastnik

alanboro: can´t believe they threw this much 35 mm in this crap

Dj Hyde: @ 0:13 imagine if his hands slipped lol....*ouch*

3PBlog: Muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Kul Beens: Nick Diaz is that you?

ErikPaulsonFan: @kedocom I'm pretty sure it's Bradley Simpson. Also, why would Simpson go to the effort of hiring for his assistant a mixed martial artist? Assistants are usually women, and do not require martial arts and fighting knowledge. Where are you getting your information from exactly?

Stevan Miloradovic: i hate this....!

Christian W: If this is supposed to be some cool intro it's totally boring. Zzzz....

MrDontstareitsrude: gay and totally crap

Srdjan Spasov: samo trening !!!!
American Ninja V - Intro (David Bradley) 4.4 out of 5

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American Ninja V - Intro (David Bradley)