Skyrim With Requiem - The Oldschool Roleplaying Overhaul Mod

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Joseph Dungee: Combat looks good. I wish you were able to upload this in HD (some of the action was hard to closely observe) but thank you for sharing this.

Michael Szymansky: U should use also Immersive detection of NPC's is deacrese sneaking ability when Torch's is on(inside) and when u making noise(outside) and increasing detection at all ! very helpful if u want challanging more realisitc game!

Darren Paris: How about killing dragons?

Shadowgale Shale: 2:20 talk about a plot twist

Jirka Dusek: I want to make something straigt. Is this mod harder because it went into what morrowind made hard because I hate that. Or is it hard because damage is realistic and you can one two shot enemy and so they can. Because that I love and I was looking for something like that since morrowind

17artk: Skyre I think is done better with skills system but this mod is more atmospheric or some thing)))

HardWarUK: This mod is "old-school" because you save in case you die, rather than because it's lunchtime, you have to play he game much more slowly and use your brain more, and in battle you need to keep on moving and not get hit even once, if possible! Biggest compliment I can pay this mod is that Skyrim (with some other mods, like the river boat and scenic cart travel mod) now reminds me of Morrowind!

김 동민: 난이도때문에 하나 잡으면 세이브구나 ㅋㅋ

Jay Sama: Get SkyRe ! It's my favorite mod of all time, and I have seen and use more mods then I can count.

PachaKay: It didn't see like your health was regenerating. Is that part of the mod, or are you a vampire? Or was it just regenerating really slow?

TheJadeFist: Is the porno stash included with the mod?

Whoopa Doopa: Are there any known incompatibility issues? Thanks in advance for an answer! Very lovely that you made a video of the requiem gameplay.

samet bektaş: i love that mod but its randomly crashes to desktop. i hate ctd!

DerickTherving: What blood mod? Is it crimson tide? 'cause I never get that much blood on my player's arms.

Ryan King: This mod is so amazing. Makes Skyrim actually playable.

Tyler Housden: Mine says. Esp and when I start the game it crashes. That's the only mod I have.

pawnap666: go to skyrim nexus and download this mod. Mod should be about 67 MB (with dawnguard) it will be packed , after extraction by winrar or 7zip it will contain 2 folder DATA and OPTIONS. Copy data folder into main skyrim folder in steam folder steam\steamapps\common\skyrim check if requiem.esm is switched on. in options folder there is 2x 3x 4x default damage esp if game is to hard for you

Tyler Housden: Could you make a video showing how to install this mod,or explain it to me please? When i download the file i receive a text file. Do i convert that to a zip,and extract to data,or what?

pawnap666: yeah, i have compass switched off and music so it surprised me.

Husky: Great vid!! Surprising wolf attack ey? :) I would really liked to see some more clips of the oldschool roleplaying overhaul mod! Good work! // Chris
Skyrim With Requiem - The Oldschool Roleplaying Overhaul Mod 5 out of 5

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Skyrim With Requiem - The Oldschool Roleplaying Overhaul Mod