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[Review] Man cuts Woman's head off. Link in description.
[Review] Man cuts Woman's head off. Link in description.
My reaction to Mexican woman getting her head cut off because she cheated
My reaction to Mexican woman getting her head cut off because she cheated
Man Cuts Off Wife's Head For Cheating!
Man Cuts Off Wife's Head For Cheating!
Cartel cuts off woman's head!!! **REVIEW**
Cartel cuts off woman's head!!! **REVIEW**
Man decapitated (head cut off) on Canadian bus
Man decapitated (head cut off) on Canadian bus
Man cuts girlfriends head off on camera for cheating/snitch
Man cuts girlfriends head off on camera for cheating/snitch

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King Releever: I don't know if this video is real or not. I want to say it's fake. But either way, it still disturbed me enough to cause depression for a month. I didn't even want to play videogames, and that's my main thing.

K-lee Init: great reaction dude lol 

Miles A.K.A. Extrememjm: Not watching this vid i dont do gore cant handle it

jack armstrong: im frekin norwagian and german and swedish

MLGcanadian7: I hope it's fake cuz if not I AINT WATCHING A SNUFF VIDEO


el tremendo: it IS the craziest crap. i am chicano and will never go to mexico. they act like its another day at the office. off with the some heads casual friday. there is a video where an arabian dude in white cuts a dudes head in mid stride , just keeps walking. i just forgot to say very funny video .

Laurie Perrier: Another thing you can find any thing on Google I watch beheadings arms being severed just for voting for another runner up. Even people being thrown off bridges just for believing in a different God the internet is weird.

War Torn Productions: OMG dude the world is going to S*&^. But i enjoy ur vids so u gained a new sub.

Devonshire Idiot and Co.: Awesome new section!

Shanez Veganess: I've seen this video ... the thing is we do this to animals every day thinking we need to ... no one needs to kill anyone else and use this kind of violence. Go vegan and help stop the violence in the world from the root level.

Etienne Taute: i whatched the video and thats sum freak tap crap and its real dude but hear no skreaming

Lunatic With A License: I guess you could call me a gore virgin..I have literally never seen TRUE gore before. Yeah there's the occasional movie or game but still I don't think I'll be able to cope with that crap. Also freak you for telling me the website, now now I'll be forever tempted.

jennifer boyzo: HEY DUDE not all Mexicans like that. I mexican(act white tho) I got my head right tho. But good vidio tho. AT least u didn't laugh at it like this other girls reaction vidio. Thx :)

Jason J: no its a real vid

Kirsten Gibson: I saw a be-heading video once...totally scarred me for life!!! Im so glad you didnt show it lol

Laurel Villanueva: Not all Mexican's are like this. It's like judging white people for the things Jeffery Domer or Charles Manson did. Sick people are everywhere, in every country, in every color. That said, If you walked up to a Mexican and showed them this they'd probably be just as sickened, confused one shocked as you. 

Shani Blake: Sorry, don't know why ny comment went on twice, I apologise 

Angie Pagan: I've seen a lot of gruesome things, but that video by far was the worst! It IS real but it wasn't because she cheated. It was because she was a rat. I you see the whole video, when the guy 1st drags her over, she's pulling away. Then when he's cutting her head off, you can hear her faintly crying for help. It's an unfortunate risk that these people take when trying to get the drug cartels shut down :/

Diego Hurtado: Dude show me the crap I'm freaking 24 I wanna see that crap but I don't know the website

OceanCold: News... it's not fake... news #2, it was a drug cartel interrogation

HECTOR VALENCIA: freak u and your video

Laurie Perrier: I did not believe it till I watched it I had to watch it 3 more times just to help my brain under stand what I just saw.

Shani Blake: First of I, subscribed, you have a great way of talking, love it! I have seen that video and it was disgusting to say the least. It was the quickest beheading in history I believe. Sad God brutal people can be, also I was told it was for snitching on her cartel, not for cheating.

Tank Dempsey MC: Not you zombie the real one the video of the person getting head cut off I am flagging them not you 

Thomas Earp-Pitkins: yeah that's some nasty stuff. saw that a few months ago and couldn't stop thinking about it for the rest of the day lol. never saw someone die like that. idk what's wrong with the people over there

Crooked Mile: Your impression of 13-year-old kid is hilarious :D But I feel bad for humanity now...

Ibrahim Aden: Ive watched the video and i dident feel crap but, freak mexican people is stupid??. but i feel something in my heart :/

MrSpukinator: the depths of human depravity and sin knows no bounds. here in america we are very VERY sheltered from what humans are capable of, we look at a video like this and we are disgusted to the point of feeling sick, but this is nothing compared to what people will do and have done to each other in the past. 

Tank Dempsey MC: My f××king god I am gonna flag this video and see what happens that Is just f××ked up

Cesar Perez: In Mexico, there's too many drug cartels fighting and tearing the country apart. the video was probably a drug cartel doing this.

ZOMBIE: I guess so... but apparently I'm a dumb freak because I heard different XD

Duane Hickman: lol i found it anyways >.> now i get spam from porn sites


MRMartinez1991: Lol, oh Christopher, sheltered child. And yes I would bust out a sword at Mickey d's.

darkslayer379:  I just makes me mad people these days are animals

Morten Lunarboy: thank you for not putting the video up or the link! i TERREFIED by just hearing your reactions!IF I WHOULD HAVE SEEN THAT VIDEO I WOULDT BE ABLE TO SLEEP FOR DAYS!!

ShyGuyGaming: Dude NOTHING can be removed from the internet. xD

ZOMBIE: LOL I am too bro. Lets cradle each others testicles until our anus's get ravaged by satan HAHAHAHA


Hughesy0507: Htfo mexico

ZOMBIE: Herro lol

Fraser Patton: Great vid btw it was real on the news and everything good job man

bubbalance1: lol funny

ZOMBIE: LOL I'm good. I usually catch links before ppl delete them.

TheSkilledPenguins: Seen this one on best gore :p I was like holy crap she's not even doing anything

ZOMBIE: HAHAHAHA I can smuggle you some in my butt if you want?

ZOMBIE: No problem LOL it took me a couple days to get it out of my prain

ZOMBIE: tell me about it!!

killianslevinvevo: lmao zombie

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