A Short Review Of Things Coming To World Of Tanks In 2017

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A short review of things coming to World of Tanks in 2017
A short review of things coming to World of Tanks in 2017
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renards cerise: Dont play this game . he very worst very bad . the dev or wg killed all the game after only 4 year only 4 year he killed this game . 2012 best game 2013 and after in 2014 so much tanks be nerf . 2016 apcr for all no need to pays with real money forhave gold . now many only spam this big pen . and cheat mods for give you more advantage https://youtu.be/1jSPvk595vw ... When you know where to get the cheat on wg website by big clans are always updated and never be detected only if you do video with your name in . many of time we told on the forum about the cheat mods and iligal . we are banned for said where to get it and name of shame wg not care but for got your money he take it

Joseph Stalin: Add ATGM system... pls?
and sometimes team composition are UNFAIR pls fix this ISSUE

Dan Dewalt: Where is tier 11

RCgaming madness: Or everyone basically.

RCgaming madness: Wargaming I hope these matchmaker changes would help us in Australia because recently some of us have been having bad games and too many defeats and less wins so I hope the changes will make Wins and loses more even.

Raging WarGamer: Fix the maps we have before introducing more maps with more problems.

John Doe: new maps would be nice just saying not a major deal but would be nice and removing arty, the end

SHR SHRED: is this Dolf Lundgren at 3:45???????
WOW now i wanna play some WOT russian wonderbag IS3

Gregory R: What about anti-tank missiles?

Kanna Motherfuckin' Kamui: Reduce Type 5 repair cost please

Jesse Hudson: wait a second so there will be a new tank after the VK tier 9 German heavy and I just unlocked the Maus this week will it still be unlocked for me if I don't buy it before the update or not BC it's been one of my dream tank and I'll be pretty mad if I cant buy it after working so hard to get it, so could you plz answer my question if possible anyone

jayjaydeth: Music should be a little louder. I could just barely hear the guy talking.

KingPohHere: excited af for type 5 buff

fallinghairlesscat: I think they should cool it with new trees. I'm not excited whenever i see them because i know at this point im not getting every tank. I hope they focus on game bugs, balance, and mechanics instead of releasing more tanks into the already-saturated tech trees.

Quad Central: Do something on ps4 wot

Ambient: 3:38 this guy looks and sounds like shia labeouf

bingokitty: I'm worried about Anton, he's looking kinda frail and gaunt since we saw him last.  Please take care of him.  We need him.  Also, no mention of NEW maps or RETURNING maps /sigh.  Lots of new stuff sounds good, fixing old stuff always good.  Please consider the map issue something the community has requested very vehemently.   Better map rotation helps but even that is only a quick fix.  Anyone tier 5+ has put some miles on those maps available currently.  Even tho the current maps will have the appearance upgraded they are still the same OLD maps.  Keeping contemporary was mentioned in the video, well to do that you will need to offer NEW maps not the same maps you have been offering the past several years.  That is not keeping contemporary.  That is just polishing the old stuff.  Thanks for all you do, it is appreciated from the bottom of my heart and look forward to a fantastic 2017 with WoT.

I Echion: New maps, (map poule), italian line

Bade Grim: Hope they made the MM

Bigginz Rich: i still dont hear anything about fixing that corp greed factor, the credit loss, and the deceptive advertising contained therein. after a rough time receiving certain goods ive paid for, and getting hit with credit loss to the point i cant drive tanks ive paid for. i went to the liberty of opening a facebook group http://facebook.com/groups/wotcomplaints for americans to report complaints against the game. these complaints will be forwarded to the federal trade commission in hopes that we can remove the poisonous factor that is killing the game "deceptive advertising with the credit loss". as people with higher tier tanks stop playing, the teams continue to go downhill, and have gotten to the point; to where the game is barely tolerable. well im tired of having premium time suggested to me in ticket, when i mention credit loss, and will address it with consumer groups. feel free to join us on facebook. thanks.
A short review of things coming to World of Tanks in 2017 5 out of 5

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A short review of things coming to World of Tanks in 2017