Setting Up Twin Coils On Your RBA

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Lobster GoD: @Pegasus Vapor Academy search up parallel coil tutorials

realfndeal51: Type in "twisting coils with drill" in the search box and click the first video you see at the top labeled "Build: Making Twisted Wire for Coils Without a Drill" It's essentially the same method as used in this video, except you use a drill instead of a pen. Both work well... it's just that using a drill is obviously much faster.

Pegasus Vapor Academy: i understand what you said, but I'd like to see a vid of that in action to be sure.

realfndeal51: All you need is a drill and 2 separate pieces of coil. First, cut off a piece of coil long enough like usual. Then, cut another piece of the same length. Next, take the drill and secure the ends of both coils in the drill. Finally, while holding the opposite ends of both coils with your other hand, turn on the drill and continue to twist both coils together until you have a tight wrap. Hope that helps.

Pegasus Vapor Academy: its a good vid sir, but everyone is doing this and with a cobra it seemed obvious to do a two wick two coil setup. I don't think this should be called dual coil. it should just be called dual wick and obviously you need a coil for each wick. Do you know how to do dual coil on a single wick? I really want to learn how to do a really good one.

Tony Barclay: Lol good to see a jock in his shed. I understand you perfectly Lol got an evod kit then a protank mini II two days latter protank II after a week thought this was supposed to save money What next ? Already pulled a coil apart!! For a shed in Scone.

Michelle Bilodeau: does this have or need dual air holes?

Rudd-O: My Cobra does not have two holes. Where do I get this Cobra?

Todds Reviews: Yeah, check out my other aga-t2 videos mate, may need a bit of tweeking but can be done

Bigmartinfoo: I love you vids man, your doing an amazing job. helps so much with learning about RBAs. Will this dual coil fit on a AGA- T2?

VaperJeeper: Todd have reviewed the Kay fun clone the dream? if you haven't can you please?

chilliman07: Not sure if it's been mentioned as not read all the comments. Anyway swap the knurled nuts with others that will accomodate a spring and washer setup, that way the wire would just clip into place nice and easy. That's what I did on my Aga-T2+.

STIHLable: Can I come live in your shed please?

Todds Reviews: Glad you found it :)

Caffine2004: I think it was me that asked the question! Thanks for such a clear vid, exactly what I was after!! Thank u!!

Todds Reviews: Done and dusted, just tried it and a bit of the PITA for the first couple of goes but like you said, a lot tidier. Cheers

Richard thompson: could u use this setup with a u wick instead of 2 wicks or would that cause a short?

CountSmackula: Fantastic video Todd! I've been wanting to try this on my AGA (Chinese) genesis atty. You make it look like a breeze. Cheers!

CountSmackula: more wraps (probably 2 or 3) per coil OR use a thinner gauge (bigger AWG #) of Kanthal.

bobbins53: TBH I never try a newly built rebuilable on anything but a Provari, the safety measures help protect my equipment if something is not quite right with the setup, but do think they could do with resetting in about ½ the time lol
Setting up twin coils on your RBA 5 out of 5

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Setting up twin coils on your RBA