R&D Conversion Cylinder - Pietta 1858 Remington

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il y a 1 seconde
Hello everyone, I have a REMINGTON 1858 44 black powder from PEDERSOLI and I'm looking for a converssion cylinder in 45 LC, but in FRANCE they are not exported !!! Have found them only in 5 shots! Who can contact me by mail? I send him my money for that in addition to the expenses. Thank you for contacting me, I give you my address back by email. Note that I know a lot of licensed shooters who also search, if you wish there will be other orders? But you should send them to me by mail ... See you soon ..

*Robert Jewett: What kind of man reads the instructions first? ;)

journeyquest1: How can a cylinder cost as much as the whole gun? Ripoff.

David Stegman: I see you went with stainless steel.

Zach Murray: snt...snt

Mike h: u should be able to use modern loads not hot ones

Rami Mashdi: why I cannot use that for brass frame

TheGreatestGinja: how well does it work, i heard that depending who makes your 1858 the fitment and actions are not always good3

Tjalkstreet Bikes: Nice Gun I buy the 1858, but i am from Germany, How can i find sites that sell (Howell Old West Conversions Conversion Cylinder 44 and (Ultramax, Long Colt .45 cal., RNFP, 250 Grain, 250 Rounds)  but the must shipted to Germany, Here is notting to find or ti Buy.

cj lures: single action not single shot

Francis Allen: Very good review

Jack Wayne: One more thing. Be sure you do not shoot jacketed ammunition. You only want to shoot lead ammunition.

Jack Wayne: I know of a guy who has a YouTube channel under the name Mountain Storm and he states that he has fired Wal-Mart 45 Long Colt ammunition with no problem at all. I don't see any problem with this because the Taylor conversion cylinder is machined from arsenal grade gun steel. For liability reasons Taylor must state not to use regular ammunition in their conversion cylinders. It's the same reason that truck manufactures rate the towing capacity of trucks even though in reality the towing capability is greater than the factory rating.

Peter Martin: Cool!! ☺

Rusty Booty: can I fire a revolver with the conversion at an indoor range?

Jeep Man: It is OK to covert as long as you load cartridges with black powder or Pyrodex. They Converted these revolvers back when they used them. It is not a new idea.

bobigny 93: how much cost?

papawx3: Shooting round ball {not basketball} is just plain fun, but when you want to kick it up to the next level up, and maybe go hunting, nothing beats the cartridge. It too is allot of fun. Just make sure your case is full, with no air between the powder and bullet, this is a different game from smokeless! I use corn meal to top off my cases {unless I am using triple seven.

Roger D.: I have the Ruger Old Army revolver in stainless steel, I found one of those cylinder at at pawn shop never been used..
 I gave 150.00 $ for it, thought that was a good price, I had been wanting to get one but not for the 300.00 that they were priced at from Taylor and CO. It is good little trick, the one you got looks just like the one I found..and I have the Pietta but I have the one with the brass frame, I think you will like it..have fun, now i'm getting rigged up to use the wax bullets, I bet if the old cowboys could see all the stuff we shooters have done and the conversions we have come up with just to shoot and not even doing it to survive or work they would laugh OL...at us shooters today, think us crazy....

ruby kaufman: Could we see this in the pistol, that would really be good to see, thanks.
R&D Conversion Cylinder - Pietta 1858 Remington 5 out of 5

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R&D Conversion Cylinder - Pietta 1858 Remington