Sawdust Machine, Presto Log Maker.

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Matt Hopkins: many thanks for replying, im new t youtube so i have loads of catchingup on posted vids. I will take a look through your vids. I got the logs pressed but getting them out of the pipes was the problem, the rams were to short, major design fault on my think i used the steel on another project now. Keep up the good informitive posts.

T2H Instructionals: I actually decided not to go with this design, if you take a look through my videos, you will see a much smaller version that produces four logs. I did build that one and yes it worked beautifully. I would venture a guess that the reason why your having trouble removing the push rods is alignment issues. If you have any kind of close tolerances this will become an issue if alignment is not precise. I decided not to go the presto log route, they just do not burn hot.

Matt Hopkins: I know this is a year old since posting but only just found it. I tried something of the same design using a car jack and four steel pipes. I found the presure needed to make sure the logs stayed together when removed was such, that on my design i ran out of travel for the push rods. This made removing then a real bitch. I see by your design you have loads more height to your frame and much longer push rods, did this work out ok or is it not built yet? keen to know results Regards Matt

T2H Instructionals: @porkamotorka mladenkorotaj was the fella that inspired me, my next design has advanced quite a bit from this design. I want my presto logs to be 2" in diameter for the small wood cook stove I will be building this summer. I like SuperMrStefi's as well, simple designs and very efficient and quick production of bricks.

T2H Instructionals: @porkamotorka Hey thanks so much, I have done another scaled down design which I will be posting, excited to do the build this summer. Appreciate the tip!

T2H Instructionals: @tryin2lhard I leave the comment section open so you can express your likes and dislikes, I am sure we can all do some wonderful things with these ideas if we are open with one another.

T2H Instructionals: I had one individual put thumbs down that they did not like this, my thoughts are if you do not like it at least tell me why, especially if there is room for improvement. Silly people.

T2H Instructionals: @99cachorro I forgot to mention that this log machine was designed for another wood stove build I will be doing this summer, I really like the idea of a small compact wood cook stove with an oven with glass plate windows so I can view the fire.

T2H Instructionals: @outdoorsman310 The top bar under the jack will be a 1",1" steel square tubing, in theory it should be strong enough, hey if not I can double it. I did watch a video of a Russian fella that combined paper with his sawdust mix, I am thinking that this would work quite well, I would stay away from plastic and make sure any of it was removed before using. Thanks for your comment, will post a video of the build later this summer.

outdoorsman310: when are you building this? the top bar under the jack looks a little weak. go to a steel vendor to buy the stuff it will be pretty cheap. could you make these out of newspaper? or paper and sawdust? could you use shredded paper? without plastic in it from letters obviously pretty cool design.

T2H Instructionals: Actually from what I have seen in others videos the logs are pretty darn stable. I have thought of using some kind of cloth to catch them. This could sit right in a large container to catch the water as well. With logs this small in diameter there would be no need for a hole in the center, right now we are burning three and a half inch sawdust logs with no holes in the center with no problems. I cannot see any reason why this would not work, pretty straight forward.Thanks for commenting.

Inspironator: I like the idea, but don't you want the logs to have a hole in the center for air to enter, when using the Rocket Stove? I like the idea of being able to push the pressed logs out. Aren't they fragile when they are still wet? So if you do that, how will you catch 9 at one time. I hope you are able to make this work. I'd consider making one myself! :))

T2H Instructionals: I like the idea of using presto logs, easy to store. I have looked into the sawdust stoves and do not like them. Thanks for sharing.

frederico George: If you have plenty of sawcust, maybe a sawdust stove would be more time and money saving
Sawdust Machine, presto log maker. 5 out of 5

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Sawdust Machine, presto log maker.