The Secrets Of Chrome Plating @ Finishing Touch- The Bortz Job

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RidesWithChuck The Secrets of Chrome Plating @ The Finishing Touch- The Bortz Job
RidesWithChuck The Secrets of Chrome Plating @ The Finishing Touch- The Bortz Job
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Bikefarm Taiwan: Top quality work! a lot of effort but a first class finish! Well done to that chroming plant!! Wish we had one like that here :(

TwIzTiD Marc: how much will it cost to get a schwinn lil tiger re chromed gatta get this donr for my 2yo is it cheaper to buy a kit or pay sum 1

Kip Burbank: Holy Moly, that's good chrome work. I use Space Coast Plating in Melbourne, FL. They are great too. 

froglobster: I have bumpers to be rechromed and eveyone knows bumpers are prone to getting scratched, are there different strengths of chroming ?

sciencemansandera: Glad to see someone in the USA demonstrating quality of a real craft I am a 2016 presidential candidate for all the people and want to return manufacturing to America the way it should be

l konuk: I have a Question plz. You polished the part after acid copper and hanget directly to Nickel. I think you have some pretreatmens beetween polishing and nickel plating . plz can you explain the treatmens. I have to plate some times acide copper platet parts but I get allways roughnes on the surface. my pretratments for cu plated parts are cath. eleckrocleaning rinse acid dip and rinse and than to nickel bath

DaveRol Rolland: very interesting video chuck. I just saw another one about a Cadi grill rest. here's the link for all of us who love chrome plating 

The Federal Farmer: Smoking in a plate shop is a dumb as eating in the shop.

Kelvin Matthews: I chrome plate and silver plate for a profession, and also pre finish, and whoever says that it shouldnt be done without cathodic movement really doesnt know too much about the process, .... as for the gold plate - that was done separately

glennifer king: Shawn- adhesion

glennifer king: That is crazy!!! That guys processes are so tight it's unbelievable! I know why you gave him a blank check that's gotta be very pricy but well worth it. I've never seen that quality and attention to detail before. Who is this wizard!!!!

Clint Rockfist: The chrome shop guy, I know his REAL name. He is called the Chrome GOD. No disrespect intended to any other GOD. This guy is very very good indeed. I saw a sign on the workshop wall, "Made in U.S.A" That says so much about this persons' worth ethic. I am in the U.K and I am going to try and build my own bike, and would only be happy with the chrome parts looking as excellent as he would make them. A great video. Thank You very much for kindly posting it.

John Hampton The Man From Oz: A thoroughly entertaining, eye-opening insight into the craft of chrome plating - and a CRAFT it is, something those DIY projects haven't a hope in hell of replicating. Oh sure, you might get a chrome finish, but it won't come within a bull's roar when compared to what a professional can produce - not by a long shot. And I could tell by the customers reaction that he was over the moon with result, and he like me wouldn't begrudge the cost when one considers how labour intensive the work is.

MrHeizer42: plating without kathodic movement thats dumb...

joremunderfoemangler: I chrome plate for a living myself. We wear safety glasses but that's about it as far as ppe. Our setup is with tanks with hoists to move the bars so we only touch the part raw and when its done. Our chrome is a low fume type so unless were splashed it wont bother us. The worst part is cleaning out the cleaners and putting our acid salts in instant choking if you're allergic to it..we do wear full Ppe when we clean and fill our tanks. It is truly a mans job or a womans if she can lift

ak68524793: No need for ppe....haha that's the most stupid statement I have heard about a plating shop it just would of taken that guy dropping the part into the cyanide copper and splashing in his face hope he gets paid well

Shawn Hawkins: What happens if you chrome plate plain brass without the nickle plate? Would it protect and shine the brass?

Luke .Waterhouse: How did you guys gold plate the last section without getting gold on the rest???

HITCHHIKERNAIEM: im chrome plating a hummer engine guard tomorow for a customer od mine,,,, dis is hard work man, especialy if u dont have proper tools....... nice work in the video ,, keep it up :)

Perk E: Thomas looked good, but bud no PPE bad message, and you know what your doing ?, but there is a G in doing not an F ? LOL, the guy was right, put on apron , some neoprene gloves, and face shield, and the other guys is right, get the dog off that floor the HCL will destrioy the skin on his paws
The Secrets of Chrome Plating @ Finishing Touch- The Bortz Job 5 out of 5

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The Secrets of Chrome Plating @ Finishing Touch- The Bortz Job