Elf Zit Zapper Reivew

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E.L.F Zit Zapper Review
E.L.F Zit Zapper Review
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Get Clear. Radiant Skin Fast with e.l.f. Zit Zapper
Get Clear. Radiant Skin Fast with e.l.f. Zit Zapper
Does it work? elf zit zapper Review
Does it work? elf zit zapper Review

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Minecraft Chick: it works better and more stuff comes out when u hold it up straight
 and tilt ur head back all the way

Ella Deering: I got red marks where I applied it...was worse than my zits!!

tori hernandez: Ive used this elf zit zapper for a week.
And im having mixed emotions about it.
Instantly it reduces redness and puffyness.
But when i put a lot on at night it hurts and makes my pimple sensitive and gives me scabs.
But hey it was.only 1$

meauvell samuels: I bought it a few days ago. It really works. For only a dollar at Target.

Janet Castro: They now have a Zit Zapper and concealer set and it also comes with a small flat brush, so maybe you're suppose to use a flat brush to apply it on you're face.

Kambree Adams: Hi

katherinerae xo: It only works for certain types of skin. It zapped away my zit redness overnight, and is still working.

Raven Forward: You're supposed to wash your face ..

mtoddy123: I love your reviews. You are SO FUNNY at the beginning of this one!

Cheyenne Johnston: it works for a while, BUT it eventually stops working because the bacteria from your face gets all around the roller ball... and it becomes infected with the bacteria and stops working... that is what my experience has been... it works to bring it down but I like using it when im in the last stages of my zits fading away so it goes away faster

Ashleigh Dubie: I always put it on the morning. I use other products with it. It just doesn't get the job done

kamri adler: sally sells sea shells down by thee sea shore

Maura Jay: I use the trader joes tea tree oil pads. They work FANTASTIC! Try it and u won't regret it!


Brynn S: It doesn't work for me

Daniela Villanueva: There's alcohol in it, so it kills bacteria :P

Daniela Villanueva: Do you even own a dictionary, bro?

Alexis Martins: @megalrypete instead of using a clean finger to apply the zit zapper, do you think a cotton ball would work??

RacharlesHendrix3: Salicylic acid is an anti-inflammatory and a bactericidal and an antiseptic so the rollerball shouldn't spread the bacteria because the product should kill/neutralise it, Salicylic acid is capable of causing moderate chemical burns on the skin if it's in high concentration, the over the counter limit is 2% and the elf zit zapper is only 1% salicylic acid so should be fine but those who have had a reaction might have salicylate sensitivity or it could be a reaction to one of the other ingredients

Alisa Oyekan: it burns if u put it on an open face wound
Elf Zit Zapper Reivew 5 out of 5

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Elf Zit Zapper Reivew