Elf Zit Zapper Reivew

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E.L.F Zit Zapper Review
E.L.F Zit Zapper Review
Elf Zit Zapper Reivew
Elf Zit Zapper Reivew
E.L.F Zit Zapper Review (FOR PIMPLES!)
E.L.F Zit Zapper Review (FOR PIMPLES!)
♥ Favorite Zit Zappers ♥
♥ Favorite Zit Zappers ♥
ELF zit zapper review
ELF zit zapper review
Banish Breakouts with e.l.f. Essential Zit Zapping Concealer
Banish Breakouts with e.l.f. Essential Zit Zapping Concealer
Get Clear. Radiant Skin Fast with e.l.f. Zit Zapper
Get Clear. Radiant Skin Fast with e.l.f. Zit Zapper
Shopping Guide: ELF Concealers
Shopping Guide: ELF Concealers

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Ella Deering: I got red marks where I applied it...was worse than my zits!!

tori hernandez: Ive used this elf zit zapper for a week. And im having mixed emotions about it. Instantly it reduces redness and puffyness. But when i put a lot on at night it hurts and makes my pimple sensitive and gives me scabs. But hey it was.only 1$

meauvell samuels: I bought it a few days ago. It really works. For only a dollar at Target.

Janet Castro: They now have a Zit Zapper and concealer set and it also comes with a small flat brush, so maybe you're suppose to use a flat brush to apply it on you're face.

lindseylove555: does it works?

Alisa Oyekan: it burns if u put it on an open face wound

Josie Pop: I also have sensitive skin. What I do is put the Elf Zit Zapper on my zits and then i put moisturizer on my face and the next day the blemishes have gone down a lot.

leahnicole009: right, but it's alcohol in the tube, and alcohol fights off bacteria..

MochaKnitster007: Again, I agree with you. The applicator is the #1 reason why I haven't purchased the zit zapper. It does have some good ingredients in it, but for some reason, adult acne is much harder to treat than teen acne. I have it and it drives me crazy! Anyway, I think they should to put it in a tube with a tiny squeeze tip so you can apply it with a qtip or a clean finger.

hazeelnuts: I order it on tuesday. Im hoping it will work really well because i have terrible skin ! When it arrives il let you know :)

sherrybirdd: Can you do a comparison of this and the studio line zit eraser?

Cassie Holinaty: your supposed to zip your zaps, i mean zap your zips , whaaaaaa?!?!! oh, your supposed to ZAP YOUR ZITTTTTSS! omgg!!!!! you made me fall off my chair laughing ==) a--mazing videoo btww :D

outdoorgirl105: most products that i have used to treat acne dry out my skin but this didn't. although it didn't seem to go away any faster.

MissAdrian2354: BRILLIANT dont have 2 take da thingy out

pink9892: take the rollerball off using a pair of tweezers and it will get better cuz the roller ball cause infections and the devil dont go awat fast

always 11:11: I know that tea tree oil and witchhazel and all that stuff are antibacterial. But i would still be skeptical of the roller applicator. You are still rolling all the bacteria back into the solution. I mean soooner or later wouldn't you roll so much bacteria in that even all that antibacterial solution can't neutralize it. Idk. is it possible to remove the roller thing and maybe just dip a q-tip in there?

Anna Nesbitt: I agree this works really well. And about the roll thing on the pen I just roll it on a q-tip then put it on my zit and I notice that it helps it work better. But ya I love this product it works really well

Kryss Sal: Like oh my gawd stop it! Hahaha i love you!

Alasse M: I would recommend to use a clean qtip to run it over the ball and apply it to the zit and if you need more product, use the other side or another qtip. This way, there won't be anny double dipping. At least that's what I'll do when I get one. Anyway very good review, informative!

jennalove: i love this product! it gets rid of my pimples so quickly my face is so much better.

Chere Kay: lol

Kambree Adams: Hi

LipsSpeaks: you look so funny in the intro pic, lol. nice editing of your video too. awesome review, it really gave me an idea on what this product can do. the roll on top i think can contain bacteria on it which can lead to to more of a breakout but i'm noy a specialists but that's my thought :)

makeuptemptations: The time of the month thing made me laugh I feel the same way lol

babyshygurl101: you kind of remind me of ms.swan

EH CBunny: I brought the Zit Zapper for my greasy faced neice. I'm glad I found your review. At least I have hope this will work for her. I also brought her ELF's mineral blemish kit. Any reviews on that product?

catchup223: @catchup223 i actually think yourr favorite lipstick has far more germs then the zapper :p

Margot Henson: Mine came in the mail today and I used it and about 5-6 mins later I had red splotches around my face. But it did make a lot of my pimples go down and some disappeared

marissa910: tongue twister i made up last night: words that she said other than said itself. it looks easy, but i fail everytime. xD

Wyomi Kinjo: the beginning cracked me up

Mar McIntyre: Will the witch hazel make it clean and stay clean??

Erin Driscoll: its good for only a dollarrr

nataliabow: I just did a comparison of the Elf Zit Zapper and the Say Yes to Tomatoes Spot Stick on my channel ! Check it out everyone! They are quite simliar expect for one small thing!

y3rlo: i am tempted to get that but i want to see more reviews on it first. can't wait for yours...hurry and do one lol

DVOreviews: WELL NOO! people! plaise hahaha you guys think that our skin is soooooo sensitive? i mean you can be scared of infection, but seriously? acne in nder your skin :) so actually you touch your skin with inflamation inside! and if u think about unhygienic,,, everything you put on your skin with sponge, with brush, with fingers contains millions of bacteries:D so a roller wont really cause a inflamation! and indeed if it contains alcohol, i don't thing it will let the bacteries live haha

Blasian Girllaa: IT MAKE MY ZITS RED

JolieBlossom: hahaha i love you immediately.. i just started using mine tonight, but i rolled it on my face right before you were like "what do you guys think of the rolley ball?" sooo, good going to me! haha but i dont know if i like it or not yet, hmm i will tell you in a week or so!!

Raven Forward: You're supposed to wash your face ..

CatEyedFancy: For anyone with a problem with blemishes, zits, whatever lol I know it's probably not good to do, but I don't have very sensative skin so I always use alcohol on my breakouts. Just on a cotton ball and over the problem areas. Just regular, first aid, rubbing alcohol. It seems to disinfect the area and dry up the blemishes quite well.

sudheshnam: i think it kills the germs. i used up a whole tube no probs

THEREALBARBIE89: no i don't think the bacteria transfers inside because the point is for it to kill bacteria i don't think bacteria will survive inside. but I'm so trying this. thanks for the review.

Spazzoid436: idk either! i thought that too though! what if i reinfect myself???

Cheyenne Johnston: it works for a while, BUT it eventually stops working because the bacteria from your face gets all around the roller ball... and it becomes infected with the bacteria and stops working... that is what my experience has been... it works to bring it down but I like using it when im in the last stages of my zits fading away so it goes away faster

Keira Mackenzie: The intro made me laugh so much!!! :)

staceyxxrenee: This stuff did absolutely nothing for me.

LittleHeart5: I LOVE! I'm happy I found another guru who loves and often reviews ELF. HAHA I love your personality too, funny! Thank you for this review :) I was debating on getting this, it is now added to my cart :)

supplybeauti | est. 2009: you are so beautiful and i love your personality!

1929babe: I bought one and it didnt do anything for me either!

snhwadden: @MsYogawolf oohhh the new colors are amazing....

ashleigh53: the way you use it it will probably make the zit worse. you use it through out the day when youre face is dirty with make up and sweat. but if you only apply it before bed, usually you'd have just taken a shower or cleaned off your make up, so your face wouldnt exactly be full of bacteria. so then it wouldnt get any bacteria in the actual formula. i'm not a scientist thats just the logic i applied here ? lol make any sense to you guys ? :P
Elf Zit Zapper Reivew 4.1 out of 5

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