How To Fold A 30 In Studio Photo Tent -

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How to fold a 30 in studio photo tent -
How to fold a 30 in studio photo tent -
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Evan Thompson: Thank you, very straightforward explanation.

Mark Cini: Didn't help at all. You need to really slow down the video and explain exactly what happens. When I get to the part where there is a figure eight shape it doesn't work.

Seth Hiatt: Thank you for posting this silly video.  It saved my bacon.  Yum.  Bacon.

Jasons Djembes:  I was feeling very defeated prior to watching the video, I had wrestled with this thing for longer than I'd like to admit. Thank you!!! After watching this it was sooo easy.

Ronald Taylor: Thank you cowboys, I was about to go crazy, or crazier, with this folding. I've bought two of you light kits, all good value on the dollar.

Baha Queen: OMG thank you! Women explain things so much better.

DutchNerves: you just made my life. THANKS!

Nat Tarbox: I felt like god himself had challenged me to a battle of spatial perception wits trying to screw around with this stupid thing. The video explained all.

nyres: It is kind of hilarious to think of us all with this giant cube inhabiting our space for weeks while we struggle to figure out how to fold it back. In my apartment it seemed like everywhere I went there it, oh, yea, gotta move the cube first, freaking cube. When you get it back in that bag it is so satisfying.

nyres: The twisting motion is a leap of faith, it doesn't seem like it will work right up until the moment when, voila!, she is folded! A part of trick is to keep twisting, rather than twisting at first then trying to push your hands together. When you do it right your wrists are really rotated in the extreme. So, don't push, twist!

nyres: One important detail left out is when doing that first fold, watch carefully how she folds, that is which two "sides" she chooses; there aren't 4 "sides" there are 2 sides of one type and two sides of another type. It's difficult to describe but you want to fold (or lay down) the sides that are bit larger, more taught, and more completely supported. If this description is confusing replay that first fold over a few times until it sinks in. next: the twisting motion...

Joshua Szanto: I gave up. I tried to follow this video and wound up literally breaking the metal in multiple places (one of them even ripped right through the tent exposing the bare metal). Trash product, you get what you pay for... erm, actually, not even worth its $30 price tag.

HarmoniousViolinist: Thanks Problem solved, you just keep twisting in the same direction and eventually it works.

HarmoniousViolinist: I still don't get it. I can fold it, but I don't get the twist part.

Vadim Anokhin: Thank you. It's really helped to us!

Molly Madison: Thank you! I couldn't get it figured out.

Bryan Raposa: Very Helpful! :-) THANK YOU!

JerryBear712: Thank you so much! I can finally put the tent back to where it belongs.

iamwaltuo: The trick seems to be where she positions her arms at 0:35 seconds in.

Hannah Anderson: Thank you.
How to fold a 30 in studio photo tent - 5 out of 5

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How to fold a 30 in studio photo tent -