Coltello Cold Steel TALWAR Military San Mai 3 Folder Knife

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One for sale in Finland if anyone is interested

lastgunslinger3759: Looks like a scimitar to me....not a talwar.....could it be a fake?

Idene Saatchi: If you still have this knife would you be willing to sell it?

Carlo Di Nenno: micidiale quando lo chiudi, scatta propio... il mio rajah II e un po molle, nel senso che chiudendolo non scatta propio come il tuo nel video =( grazie per il consiglio che mi hai dato sull'altro video, adoro i tuoi video e li guardo spesso. a me piace moltissimo l'espada della cold steel, ma il mio prossimo sará il spartan, perché il borsellino non mi permette altri al momento=) saluti dalla schifosa germania

David Syers: @rezzoro You can purchase this knife from the Cold Steel web site, as a "custom classic closeout" sale for $169.99 which is far less than the $500 you saw elsewhere. With a 3 3/4" VG-1 San Mai III blade, black micarta scales on a titanium liner, and a hard-hitting ball shaped pommel, the Talwar has the cutting and piercing power of a sword and a hard-hitting ball shaped pommel that can be used as a striking tool to deliver blows to bony areas, nerve centers, and other soft targets.

darrex00: Yes it's right, but they are the models with best finishes and materials. Called Custom Series.

Capita no: WoW bella lama 5*

thebusey10: LMAO... ok ok lets stop fighting. Your last response made me chuckle. I do have a rather vivid imagination thanks in part to years of mind altering chemical therapy. Since we are friends now Ill stop with the Espada bashing. While I do think it is over priced I will admit that it is a super quality knife just like 90% of coldsteels knives. It is rather attractive but at the same time I think my money would be better spent on either the chisa katana or the tia pan. I really cant decide...

thebusey10: I was refering to the talwar not the espada. The espada is way over priced and overrated. The talwar on the other hand is a work of pure functional art.

thebusey10: they are made from san mai 3

darrex00: Yes it is

darrex00: Yes, the Talwar is one of the better knife I have in my collection. But What ER model have you buyed?

darrex00: Yes, but you can find it on Ebay at 320/350$

De908: NASTY!

Chris Marvin: my dream pocket knife.... cost over 500$ T^T

darrex00: Thanks

darrex00: Quando si dice lama a specchio...... eeheheh!!!

Bartolomeo Pestalozzi: Vedo qualcuno dietro la telecamera... :D

Bartolomeo Pestalozzi: Vedo qualcuno dietro la telecamera... :D
Coltello Cold Steel TALWAR military san Mai 3 folder knife 5 out of 5

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Coltello Cold Steel TALWAR military san Mai 3 folder knife