Wild Oregano Oil For Tooth Decay & Infection

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Wild Oregano Oil for Tooth Decay & Infection
Wild Oregano Oil for Tooth Decay & Infection
The Science of Oil of Oregano- What it does to the body
The Science of Oil of Oregano- What it does to the body
Natural Antibiotics for a Tooth Infection - Stop Toothaches Quickly
Natural Antibiotics for a Tooth Infection - Stop Toothaches Quickly
Oil of (Wild)) Oregano. A Powerful Ancient Medicine
Oil of (Wild)) Oregano. A Powerful Ancient Medicine
How I Healed My Tooth Infection Without Antibiotics!
How I Healed My Tooth Infection Without Antibiotics!

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RawBogan: So cute! And great info. I've had great success stopping gum disease and oral discomfort with oregano oil. Spread the word! More people need to know how powerful this remedy can be.

Listen To Your Freedom: +ARCSTREAMS Wild oregano only kills the infection, thus the pain goes away.

barbie Levy: why didn't you want to risk general anesthetic. what risk is involved. could you enlighten?

Jini Patel Thompson: Wild oregano is a broad-spectrum anti-pathogen. So when it kills the infectious agent, the pain usually goes away. It is also anti-inflammatory. It does not regenerate tooth enamel or structure. Diet, angstrom-sized minerals and MI Paste can help with that.

ARCSTREAMS: what does this actually do to a cavity? if i have a hole chip in the side of my tooth that is close to the nerve will this kill any infection ,remove the black brown decay cause by,,or simply reduce pain only ? btw what a lovely child you have

21Honey12: do you know how long before there is a noticeable difference. and for how long the oil must be on the teeth

Jay H: Hi,
My infection under my tooth/gum has receded with oil pulling, code liver oil, and Lipo vitamin C.
Underside of tooth is still tender but not pain full. No more pain but can feel it a little.

If you have time to answer, how would you apply Oregano to a top tooth in the back of the mouth and under the tooth in the gum.
I just want to make sure I kill the infection completely that was at the root of the tooth. 
Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank You very much

Michelle Casias: What happens when the tooth decay communicates with the underlying permanent tooth via deciduous tooth root to the occlusal surface enamel of the permanent tooth?

Jk Stax: Oscar,s  Mom and Sister are great  role models .  Dentists obligation seems monetary firstly  as he or she calculates costs as a consequence   for home remedy avoidance.  

Newfie Peter: I was watching this thinking this is insanity. Hehe. I thought wow she must be a machine to take full strength oregano oil in her mouth. I dropped one drop on my leg once as I was trying to put it on the bottoms of my feet and I still have the scar there 3 years later. If you use just straight essential oil, DoTerra or young living etc what would be the dilution ratio to use to be effective? Great posts. 

Denisehealthnut: Little Zara is so brave, she gave me courage and  so smart, you're the kind of mom I can't wait to be.  Much love to you and your family and big thank you!  awwwww!

southsidesman: Her's too cute!!!!

Jessica Rogers: Hi  I went to Cones health food store and told them I have a severe toothe infection they recommended the capsules becuz the liquid burns,  ive been take 2 capsules 3xs a day, that wont help the toothe infection?  I new to oil of oregano\

Zerena Little: Hi Ladies! I'm new to the Oreganol band wagon, and I just want to say you guys are great! Thanks for sharing :)

Ger Cloud A: I have one tooth that kinda hurts so Imagine that I should use the oregano for precaution , you know 

Ger Cloud A: Hi Jini! When you put the single drop of oregano oil in the tooth and you said diluted , was it the Diluted drop with 4 of olive oil or was it directly from your bottle. I bought your bottle months ago jejej

Shelley McKendrick: Oil pulling

Tanith Lambi: Thank you @jinithompson. I know now. lol. Thankfully it wasnt too severe of a burn.. I can still feel the area is really sensitive, but I'm ok. I did look online to dilute and have been with either coconut oil or olive. Thank you again for the video. I'd also like to make it clear that I did not do so after watching your video, but PRIOR to. Your video is not to blame AT ALL for my irresponsibility! I make mistakes, I learn from them ;) Thankfully this lesson I learnt very quickly!!

Jini Patel Thompson: OMG Tanith - you should never use ESSENTIAL oregano oil - ONLY use a commercial brand that has already been diluted with olive oil. Otherwise, as you have experienced, it will burn your mucous membranes. Take the essential oil you have and dilute it 4:1 at least with olive oil (1 drop oregano, 4 drops olive oil). I will go right now and add Notes to the video to make this more clear.

Tanith Lambi: I learnt this the hard way.. Thought I'd gargle some essential oregano oil, since my left upper and lower jaw have been paining me for a few days now.. The oil helps, but now i feel like I have a burn along the side of my mouth and outer lip corner.. Oh well, Im still alive, lesson learnt. Still using the oil, appt with Dnst Wednesday morn. Thanks for the info!
Wild Oregano Oil for Tooth Decay & Infection 5 out of 5

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Wild Oregano Oil for Tooth Decay & Infection