Wild Oregano Oil For Tooth Decay & Infection

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Wild Oregano Oil for Tooth Decay & Infection
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Gerry JunPyo: Hi Jini! When you put the single drop of oregano oil in the tooth and you said diluted , was it the Diluted drop with 4 of olive oil or was it directly from your bottle. I bought your bottle months ago jejej

Zerena Little: Hi Ladies! I'm new to the Oreganol band wagon, and I just want to say you guys are great! Thanks for sharing :)

Gerry JunPyo: I have one tooth that kinda hurts so Imagine that I should use the oregano for precaution , you know 

Stephanie yelka: @steelpython My daughter has a gum virus nothing has helped her gum is red and we tried everything even mouth rinses maybe i will try this

alexrad1: cute daughter:)


nyclear: 'eruption' is a dental term.

ProteanView: The diet the medical community suggests (the pyramid) is acid based. It's a recipe for acid reflux. Changing to an alkaline-based diet solves the acid reflux. Yes, because I can remove the "disease" through diet instead of medicine, I'm right. Unhealthy people need medicine. Those people with "credentials" have been trained to make money. The medical industry is a business. They need to keep you sick to make money. Buying medicines makes them money but doesn't remove the acid reflux.

Shelley McKendrick: Oil pulling

steelpython: @mary5709 Yeah! Let me know how it goes! Just make sure you don't get the pure 100% essential oil as that will damage and hurt the gums.

Jini Patel Thompson: Just wanted to let everyone know - we cured Oscar's extreme gag/vomit reflex using EFT (an acupuncture tapping technique) and he now goes to the dentist with no problems whatsoever. Also, it is over a year later and his teeth are all straight and even.

MrOnyxWolf: That is one smart girl you have right there. It's a shame that I have two big cavities that don't even hurt. One that has the soft nerve exposed.

RomeoKilo: You are simply covering up the real issue here. Antibiotics only last so long and so will this oil remedy. You have to deal with the root of the problem here, which ironically is the root of your tooth; treating symptoms is not the answer.

Lovinight: Straight oil of oregano is not even described by hot stuff & no drink takes it away. I hate needles, I have a great dentist but I still hate him >P

comicdweebify: Hey, Question on your Wild Oregano Oil for Tooth Decay & Infection video Do you recommend to take the p73 Wild Oregano Oil? Specifically the p73 one found here : amazon.com/gp/product/B0014AUUVE/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&m=A1JOKHZE1W04XW ? Can that and the Bone suport and raw foods diet save my tooth from getting a root canal or drilling? R

Jini Patel Thompson: @hawaiiIivin all implemented already - for many years now (except she drinks raw milk). The thing that made a huge difference is NANOPARTICLE MINERALS. They visibly remineralized her teeth - the front two were brown and became white again and hard - confirmed by dentist. Go to my blog for the full article, type "Nanoparticle Minerals for Tooth Decay" into the search box on my site (ListenToYourGut) . com

OWild1Child: You could apply the oils on a cotton swab and put in between tooth and cheek for an upper tooth and lie down until pain recedes.

Jini Patel Thompson: @Vamptra so why are you even considering a root canal? Please do more research - go to my blog: ListenToYourGut [dot] com and type "Hal Huggins" into the search box, that will pull up a free teleseminar with this legendary dentist and we talk quite a bit about root canals. In the meantime, put the WOO right on the gum.

RomeoKilo: Have you ever heard of topical fluoride? Systemic fluoride is best for children so it can strengthen the teeth before eruption. Topical fluoride can help strengthen teeth once they have erupted. I eat whatever I want without risk of dental caries because I'm not a hippie. It's called flossing once daily and brushing at least twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste. Essential oil based antiseptic mouthwash is proven effective as well.

menderfire9: elkay098, I wonder about the cause of such tooth problems at such an early age too. Is it diet, deficiency, hereditary? Parents could be lax or in denial about diet and brushing. Tooth paste is bad, bad, bad. Use diluted food grade H2O2. As for the parenting, I think the child is just parroting what the parent has coached the child to say. I think participating in videos is very good for the child, she looks very well disciplined & respectful & will get on well in public which is a good thing!

ProteanView: Thanks for the information. I've learned that there is no such thing as 'periodontal disease'. Receding gums (or jaw bone) is a result of a fungal infection, perhaps Candida, that the medical industry is ill-equipped to treat with commercial pharmaceuticals.

Jini Patel Thompson: Yes, so like the person above, you are raising your son differently. Also, it's not that he didn't WANT to go the dentist, he went to 4 different ones and they could not work on him. And yes, teaching my children to tap into their intuition and body wisdom works very well. After a birthday party Oscar came home and said, "I really wanted a second piece of cake, like everyone else was having, but I asked my body, and it said NO."

ProteanView: You're the kind of person who will be toting around bags of meds by the age of 50 for diabetes or acid reflux. A true believer who blindly trusts whatever a for-profit industry tells her/him. Bless your heart. If I was a true believer like you, my mom would be hooked on Prilosec for the rest of her life. Instead, she changed her diet & she's healthy. True believers like you end up at 50, dragging a bag of pharmaceuticals along with you

vorkev1: i prefer to use fresh garlic the best if get some fresh garlic squish the oils out and suthem up with surenge the use that undulutet it helps a lot more also if you have a tooth that hurts when infected you can use ounyun i cant spell buy the way but the oyunon kills tooth pain

Vamptra: Hello, I am waiting for a root canal to be done and I recently got an infection in that tooth which is causing me pain. I have a temporarly filling on the tooth after undergoing a pulpectomy. I do not want to go on antibiotics for the third time and would like to try the oil of Oregano. I have used some that my Mom has but I am wondering if I should put it under my tongue or right on the gum, as there is no hole anymore in the tooth. Thanks for your help!

vorkev1: thanks for the videos i use the pills and was told to just bust open a softjell and rub it on infections.

RomeoKilo: After plaque formation comes tartar (calculus). Once tartar has formed, you cannot remove it with a toothbrush - it requires professional cleaning. If the tartar remains on the teeth and near the gums it may progress to periodontal disease; a persistant, progressive, and chronic illness. The tartar moves under the gumline, severs gingival attachment of the periodontal ligament and destroys healthy bone. Eventually the bone loss leads to loss of teeth. Brush twice a day, break up the colony.

Jini Patel Thompson: People theorize that decay on a baby tooth leads to decay on an adult tooth. But actually this is not often the case. My son, due to his dental phobia, had 4 baby teeth rot completely below the gum line. ALL of his adult teeth are straight with no decay. The point of wild oregano oil is to KILL pathogens which cause infection. Thus, no more infection. And, no more pain.

Charlie Diavolo: WONDERFUL parenting!!! kudos to you for teaching your children these fantastic wellness principles. My family and I LOVE the doTERRA products, including the Oregano oil. The flora is the most exceptional (from Turkey) and the oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils.

Eve Gotch: Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this. I took my son to the dentist for the first time in his life after noticing about 1/4 of his baby molar rotted out. He started complaining of tooth pain while eating shortly thereafter. The dentist recommended a root canal and said he has 7 other cavities "hidden between the teeth" and wants to drill and fill them. NO WAY to any of that, my gut tells me. I will get the oil right away! Thanks especially for the follow up story, it is very reassuring!

ghettogothfreestyler: Your a poor excuse for an intelligent life form, did you not know that oil of oregano is stronger than any antibiotic u can get from ur doctor, ur doctor knows theirs no money in curing you...you stupid fool, ur doctors have probably told you that even if u take the antibiotics, the infection will get ammune to it....funniest thing is.......no bacteria or virus can become ammune to oil of oregano, so do ur research before you try to look tough, ask ur doctor if being screwed is right for you.

Jini Patel Thompson: @steelpython Zara's molar shown in this video is still fine - the hole is a bit bigger. But once we found Bone Support nanoparticle minerals (see my other vid) it has caused her decayed teeth to re-enamelize. So we no longer have to use the wild oregano - as there is no more infection. Her two front teeth, which were 1/2 rotted away and brown (from rice milk bottles after weaning) have become almost completely white and rock hard - the dentist noticed this before I did. My son's teeth...

Jini Patel Thompson: Yes you can, but it will just be really strong (hot) unless you dilute it further with olive oil

mokshasha: want to really get your teeth healthy? then you must must must change your diet - dental health is seriously impacted by the foods we eat - google (cut and paste)"The “Teeth-Rotting Diet” – It’s What’s For YOUR Lunch?" and get some real info on changing your overall health--

fightclubmeber8: thank you very much, now I dont have to go to the dentist .

Jini Patel Thompson: @pixiehollow103 I am livid that the dental profession has not done more to figure out what exactly causes tooth decay - even those that can afford it become overwhelmed with hopelessness as it never seems to end. My dentist told me he has had numerous clients who have told him "Just pull 'em all out and give me dentures." Because they cannot afford the ongoing dental work. I get that.

DeepFill86: @jinithompson Legendary Dentist Hal Huggins? Hardly. That guy got his license pulled for his ridiculous, unfounded and dangerous practices. Instead of wallowing in the trough of ignorance, perhaps it would be a good investment of your time to learn a few things about pulp anatomy and pulpal pathology. In the meantime, those who listen to you risk serious infection and pain. Seek the opinion of an Endodontist, a specialist trained to deal with this problem.

justperfect59: Also how long before I could expect some healing and relief?? Thanks for your help!

mironyuk: Milk is the answer if u want cavities... It produces Lactic acid!!! Try eating raw garlic or onion daily. Tough choice... Bad tooth or bad breath

ColtraneTaylor: I'm going crazy watching this video and reading the comments. EXACTLY WHAT IS THE REMEDY AND THE FLUGGING INSTRUCTIONS??!!!

cara golder: Just to be clear, is this vid suggesting that the oregano oil will only "ease the pain of tooth ache or infection"? But, the tooth is still rotten. I'm a firm believer in preserving the integrity of the tooth as much as possible. So, I suppose this informaiton is useful if someone is looking for a natural oral analgesic, but it's not suggestive that oregano oil cures the infection or decay.

ghettogothfreestyler: yes, I have one very badly rotted tooth, no more roof to protect the pulp inside so I kept getting abscesses that hurt like hell, went to the ER for one only to get antibiotics that dont last long, after some research i bought a bottle of wild oregano oil diluted in olive oil and put one or two drop on my toothbrush everyday with toothpaste and I'm able to actually bite down on that tooth as if there is not a problem with it at all, it will buy you as much time as you need.

Mike R: Thank you for the awesome video! My tooth was killing me and I have many medical problems that make it tricky for a dentist to provide standard treatment. Please tell your daughter Zara that I appreciate her help and teaching me something valuable. She is very bright and cute as a button! Melanie

menderfire9: Natural sea salt or baking soda DISOLVED in water cleans teeth, neutralizes bad bacteria in our mouth while preserving good bacteria. It disinfects our entire mouth. Also rub your teeth & gums with sage leaf (easily grown at home). You will notice a very healthy difference. H2O2 also good 2 brush with. Toothpaste is a dose of poison with every brushing! Glycerin in toothpaste stops our natural mechanism of teeth re-mineralising throughout the day! Google: fluoride kills; sea salt teeth

yoshi207: hahahahahahalmao a bunch of bs hahahaha what an idiot

menderfire9: @agent99ification There are a lot of us bright and dedicated students out here in the world who have done a lot more investigation (including testing) regarding this method than most dentists (or you) have done, so your comment is what we truly informed students of natural science know as irresponsible. Not only is your comment ill-informed and very irresponsible it is extremely rude.

Jini Patel Thompson: Love your vids!!

Ryzekiel: the woo is also a cure for food poisoning.

ILoveTheMoodyBlues: What a great idea to have your kid watch this! Think I'll try it.

menderfire9: RyanKearns1985. Thanks for the brushing instructions. It is a good reminder 2 peeps still hooked on commercial products. The deal is that U have not given health issues any deep serious study. Children do not need to get used to having sweet stuff every day. And adding fluoride is mass craziness. It is banned in some countries who have better dental health than we US peeps have. Study it! Foods r THE REAL medicines! Food needs 2 b introduced into our healing agenda immediately!! This is crucial.
Wild Oregano Oil for Tooth Decay & Infection 4.4 out of 5

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Wild Oregano Oil for Tooth Decay & Infection