Wild Oregano Oil For Tooth Decay & Infection

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Anio: So did this remedy heal her tooth ? And Thankyou.

justbreatheagain: can i use oregano essential oil if i mix with a carrier oil? if so what would the ratio be?

RV Joey: More people would listen if we could learn like this. thank you ..adorable!

Gabe Carter: Oh Jesus Christ I have a sore on my nose and I put the oil on it and it hurttttssssss


DJ Ezidic: This was very annoying because I wanted the information fast BUT it was so cute listening to this little girl share some of her knowledge of oral health haha. Nice work and thanks.

Josey Dennis: there are ways to prevent and reverse cavities with diet alone or herbs added to diet can't hurt. in the last few years there are more and more testimonials and instructions on the internet

Mam Z: I have been using 5 drops of Oreganol P73 about 3x/day for 12 days so far. I had gotten sick with influenza and I kept consuming the oil. I have a cavity that started on my right fang, and noticed that it has been clearing up, since I began to supplement with oregano. I think that consuming the oregano oil frequently, and in large enough doses, it helps really clear up the cavities. Cavities are not just about what's on the surface, rather, they are caused by internal issues.

Deshandra Jones: Hi. Do u do this once or 2x a day?

Tom Nelson: Hi, With very good success I've been using "Gaia" Oil of Oregano daily for 3yrs now on a tooth that is one side of a bridge. Having a slight pain in that tooth my Dentist was worried about an infection so a root canal might be needed of which is a bridge replacement at 4k+. Saw a comment about Oregano Oil & started using the capsule version of the oil. I slice the edge of the capsule & squeeze the oil a little on my tongue & the rest on the Gum line for this tooth & adjacent gum area. Being a capsule the oil is really thick making this pretty easy. There is a slight burning of which is much less than eating something with jalapeno peppers in it. :-) I did try the liquid version but the taste is almost gagging. So far after using Oregano Oil I have no pain from this bridge. Also for the past year I have been doing Oil Pulling with a high quality Coconut Oil & my mouth feels absolutely great! Here's a link to the version I've been using:

J Seek: I have the 100 percent pure Wild oregano oil from Greece, how can I dilute it to use on a bad tooth?

Zdenek Marek: blast your system with vit C and calcium take ground eggshells in a smoothie it will stop any problems close up cavities by cleaning well stop all glycerine toothpast they coat teeth then use comfrey root it knits the tooth ( or bone) together stops bleeding and pain its like youu got a new tooth!!!! I did this instead of root canal and it really works AND saved my tooth too.

Mary Justin: Will this work where no cavity is in tooth. Just abscess at root that is causing extreme pain and is now swelling up my cheek? Thank you Dr. Can't figure out why the root got infected and the tooth is perfectly normal.

OGIvI -: I have the same hole....it hurts sooooo bad

RawBogan: So cute! And great info. I've had great success stopping gum disease and oral discomfort with oregano oil. Spread the word! More people need to know how powerful this remedy can be.

Listen To Your Freedom: +ARCSTREAMS Wild oregano only kills the infection, thus the pain goes away.

barbie Levy: why didn't you want to risk general anesthetic. what risk is involved. could you enlighten?

Jini Patel Thompson: Wild oregano is a broad-spectrum anti-pathogen. So when it kills the infectious agent, the pain usually goes away. It is also anti-inflammatory. It does not regenerate tooth enamel or structure. Diet, angstrom-sized minerals and MI Paste can help with that.

ARCSTREAMS: what does this actually do to a cavity? if i have a hole chip in the side of my tooth that is close to the nerve will this kill any infection ,remove the black brown decay cause by,,or simply reduce pain only ? btw what a lovely child you have

21Honey12: do you know how long before there is a noticeable difference. and for how long the oil must be on the teeth
Wild Oregano Oil for Tooth Decay & Infection 5 out of 5

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Wild Oregano Oil for Tooth Decay & Infection