Mississippi Paddle Wheel Boat

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Mississippi Paddleboat-Chanters-'xx-'xx.wmv
Mississippi Paddleboat-Chanters-'xx-'xx.wmv
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Chris9017: Also Julia Belle Swain is being restored and will be back in operation real soon.

I feel very lucky to live close to Disneyland and ride the Mark Twain River Boat as often as possible, because these Paddle Wheel Steamers are beautiful and majestic queens of the rivers.

baritonebynight: @efrazier0217 I emailed the American Queen Steamboat co to let them know I would have booked a Cincinatti to New Orleans cruise if it was the historic Delta Queen instead of the modern propeller driven American Queen that was returned to service.

efrazier0217: @baritonebynight I am on the Delta Queen every week and I want her returned to service as well. The currently she is being cared for. Had she remained in NOLA she would have been scraped before the Mississippi Queen. We need to support the American Queen and the new boat queen of the mississippi as the new owner is no doubt watching to see how they do. I think and this is just me that if they do good and have a big draw he will be more inclined to return The Delta Queen to the rivers.

baritonebynight: @efrazier0217 I'll wait until the Delta Queen is returned to service before I pull out my checkbook. The American Queen is pretty much propeller driven. I would rathen they sell the American Queen for scrap and spend the money in returning the Delta Queen back into service.

er10b: Seeing that on the river sort of reminds me of the rotting old riverboat in the animated movie 'The Rescuers'

efrazier0217: Thankfull the Amaerican Queen is underway to return to the rivers and being restored back to her 1995 specs and colurs. I hope everyone who sees this will look her up and try to take a voyage.

efrazier0217: The American Queen is in Beumont TX for sale for 15 milion and the Mississippi is in Lousianna getting scrapped. There was no last minute reprieve for her. If this person who says they own both the American Queen and Mississippi Queen they need to check their boats. I have seen pictures of the MQ and they are in the process of cutting her down to a barge. I hope someone buys and returns the American Queen back to the rivers. Juts don't look for the MQ as she will be returning as a barge.

doughesson: @sanddragon99 The American Queen(I think) is in Houston undergoing a rebuild, the Mississippi Queen is laid up in NOLA & is supposed to be cruisng again in a couple years.The Memphis Commercial Appeal announced a plan for regular visits by both boats with overnight docking at a terminal instead of on the cobblestones or boat ramps,which would take a lot of the romance out of getting off the boat while making it easier on the older folks enjoying their cruises too.

sanddragon99: There must be some way to have these vessels preserved even if they are no longer in business. Every time we scrap something this good we are actually destroying Iconic heritage objects that may seldom ever be replaced.

baritonebynight: Too bad she's not a sidewheeler

Sean Riordan: Was the sound coming from the A/Q or was it added...???

Dracapalley: That is one mighty boat.

T Duffy: So refreshing to see and get us through the winter!

lightsabre5511: awesome
Mississippi Paddle Wheel Boat 5 out of 5

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Mississippi Paddle Wheel Boat