Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
REVIEW - Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (TESTED ON OVEN)
REVIEW - Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (TESTED ON OVEN)
Mr. Clean magic eraser at work
Mr. Clean magic eraser at work
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Mop: Review
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Mop: Review
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is truly awesome
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is truly awesome
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Cleaning Pads
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Cleaning Pads
De-Grease Your Laptop with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
De-Grease Your Laptop with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power: Cabin (30)
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power: Cabin (30)
Mr. clean magic eraser vs WipeOut Eraser  ( NaNoFiber )
Mr. clean magic eraser vs WipeOut Eraser ( NaNoFiber )

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ChooseCarefully: This is a miracle product. I can't tell you how many things this is good for. 

Padraig Carty: Can I buy this in France where I live?

Tracy Austin: my professional carpenter recommended as well - he says they are the best for everything

Coelispex: Video starts at 1:03 to skip all the pigs' oink-oink

Digital Brass: Damn clean your freaking place you pig...WTF..

savinggreen livingpink: Another way to clean ur tub works great is dawn dish soap vinager and lil bit of water heat it in the microwave for a minute then spray it onto tub it wipesdown soap scum and dirt like magic 

Sarah Lewis: @phenochio Yep. They don't last forever but you can rinse-and-reuse a few times, definitely.

rmbb10: I love it; personally I have been using the magic erasers for about a yor or 2 now. It's one of the best housecleaning items and I use it all the time.

lachida89: I am a house cleaner in seattle and I use it all the time, It's like a best frind to me. I love them, they make my job way easier:)

meanttobehere12: Looks like she is not using enough water. I saw another youtube video where this teenage girl said to use any cleaner of your choice, very little. I tried it and it all came off so easily. My bathtub was like this one. I was too amazed at how easy it was to wipe it off effortlessly.

SputnikMedia: you can use it to whiten your teethe too. Just be careful not to rub your gums

Sharifa Ali: this was soo helpful. thanks!

will c: I have a problem with Mr. Clean.. It took all the dirt/marks off, but in some areas it left a blue circle mark from the pad and the blue circle mark wont come off.. Any suggestions? My paint turned blue a ltitle and it looks like a circle.

neveragaineverever: If you cut each sponge into smaller pieces it gives you more useful cleaning before it gets dirty. This works by increasing the surface area to volume ratio. try it, you will not be disappointed

David Nave: i use this at mcdonalds it take the grim out of the baseboareds

georgeNconrad: Awesome mop! I failed at my Mr. Clean magic eraser mop's one of my videos on my profile.

TheNamesWolf: how do you clean the actual eraser after you are done using it?

agenthelios1: @phenochio It has formaldehyde in it, just wear gloves. I used it to clean the custom white leather on my BMW Z4. The seats were gray from having top down and literally took me 10 minutes and seats looked better than new. Great product, just wera gloves.

mahallati66: wow what kindda girls are u to have such a dirty bath tub im really sorry but thats bad overall i magic eraser works wonders but watch out when using it on shinny appliances n matt paint as it leaves obvious marks

agenthelios1: @albionangel Post link if possible. If you are right I stand corrected. I use gloves anyway just as a precaution.

Un coeur: Does this use on NON-white walls? Or will it erase/bleach the paint of the wall too?

Jim .Bob: The magic eraser is made from melamine foam, is as hard as glass and actually scrapes away stains. No chemicals.

chris111690: use 90% iso. rubbing alchoal.

Crazyman1212: i work in a kitchen, the magic eraser is freaking gold.

producedinLA: For tubs use comet or Ajax powder to get out the soap scum. Faster and cheaper.

Mer Albion: @agenthelios1 it does NOT have formaldehyde in it. I cant put a link in here, but go to Snopes website (google it) and search mr clean magic eraser. Snopes is a respected myth-debunking website. The word formaldehyde is part of the name of the material the sponge is made of. you know like how sodium chloride is table salt, but you're not actually consuming chlorine by eating table salt. There is no formaldehyde in it. You dont need gloves, it's perfectly safe.

LindieLee: I've used it for removing fusable glue from irons, scuff marks on gym shoes, cleaning hard covered books, tile grout, white wall tires etc..

SoberCanadian: can i clean blood from a carpet with that? say... about as much blood ud get from stabbing someone with an 11 inch knife? please answer my question as soon as possible, its quite urgent.

Estephen Devera: @bookchiq Thank you because i just got it in my mailbox for free heehee

cutiepie3423: DUDE!! you have to wet it a couple of times it will work 50x better... yoou cant just wet it once and do all your house work!!!!

Sarah Lewis: @SoberCanadian Somehow I suspect the Magic Eraser isn't up to the task. You might be better with a commercial carpet cleaning service. Or a lawyer.

BigVOLdaddy: not judging you......BUT DAMN......LOL...yah, these things are for sure magic....they kick ass

Sarah Lewis: @XiaoLinLong Not sure. Worth a shot, though.

jaycorbin0071: theses work awesome

Amza Ab: Better call Saul !

sithass: And you listened to her? :B

Karmiangod: Amazing, I might order some off of Amazon

James Robert: you can buy 70 of these sponges on ebay for around 10 bucks. They are actually just melamine sponges.

Estephen Devera: so how do you clean this? how to reuse? just rinse?

RavenBettyBlue: I just used it on a wall, and the paint is matte. I am so pissed off, b/c now there are obvious shiny marks. I should have tested a small area first. It isn't safe on absolutley all surfaces... it is my own fault b/c there probably is a warning on the package (which I threw away a long time ago) . Just thought I'd post this to warn others before they use this. It does work, but can permanently damage some surfaces. I'm always the 1 telling others 2 read the package, & then I go & eff up!

melaminefoam: wanted this products, we are one of good choice.

cotaman7: Hahahahaha!! We have a 3 year old Rembrandt living with us who likes to paint the walls with crayons. Works great with soap and warm water...

ARMYmos18B: dont use this one your skin my dumb freak mom told me to use it to get sharpie off my face and now i have chemical burns

Sarah Lewis: LOL. We're girls who'd rather be out doing fun stuff than at home scrubbing tubs. Unless we find a way to make scrubbing tubs fun, like creating silly videos. :) Thanks for the tip on appliances and paint... we didn't try those so the feedback is helpful!

Goran Savanovic: Jel zna neko da li ima da se kupi u Srbiji? 

homer simpson: this woman is so hot
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser 4.4 out of 5

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