Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

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REVIEW - Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (TESTED ON OVEN)
REVIEW - Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (TESTED ON OVEN)
Mr Clean Magic Eraser Review
Mr Clean Magic Eraser Review
Mr. Clean magic eraser at work
Mr. Clean magic eraser at work
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
DOLLAR TREE REVIEW   *Scrub Buddy vs Magic Eraser*
DOLLAR TREE REVIEW *Scrub Buddy vs Magic Eraser*

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Paula Vargas: can some one answer my question how do you use Mr clean erase

arrozblanco7: Its a lot of sponges going to waste trash.

Deez Nutz: She looks like sue from the middle

Sherry Nightfury: 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Mohawk Kno:ha: oh lord that tub!!! lol I use a plastic scouring pad and its cheaper works great!

dewerbylhserf: You look like the lady on Big Bang Theory

Manuel. Mia.Ella. Vanessa Lopez: the sponge outlet .com are the BEST!!!! and way shipper! I highly recommend them to anyone!

Nancy Nappo: Sponges made from the identical material as the Magic Eraser are available online at for as little as $0.29 per sponge with free shipping! These are not cheap Chinese knock-offs - they are the identical material.

Zack Correa: This is the worst product in the world "Garbage"

Yicheng Wen: amy

Nedge Headz1: You look like Amy from The Big Bang Theory

nls8520: You have been judged pig. Look at that bathroom..

dusty gibbons: Thank you for making this video. And I think you both have awesome voices. :)

cat mendez: cheaper

Gallion Baker: this girls voice is freaking annoying. gosh

cgasucks: Use more water Amy....

MyLife3636: You remind me of Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory. :)

saintquinn007: For heavier cleaning (stove backsplash) these do not last long which is annoying when they cost 2 for 4.98 at the cheapest supermarket....I definitely would wear gloves...They probably use nanotechnology... 

momfrom NJ: Wet the sponge pleaseee

Padraig Carty: Can I buy this in France where I live?
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser 5 out of 5

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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser