How To Unbrick Any Bricked Sony Xperia Phone

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Technigeek: thanks a lot , this saved my friends phone which happens to be a mini pro sk17i , this model has a nasty bug ,the flashtool says press the back button and connect the usb , but the back button on this model is a touch button and it will not function in that state , the solution was to press the volume down then connect the usb ,and it will start flashing , i just wanted to mention it here in case any one needs it

s ss: Hi, when i tried to flash, Its keep asking to connect ur device. i connected but its not at all recognising my device. when i failed to install custom rom i have deleted . everything using clock revory.. all the data formatted. now nothing is there in my mobile. its keep showing SONY symbol thats it. Even PC companion not working.. flash tool log: 21/008/2014 20:08:10 - INFO - <- This level is successfully initialized 21/008/2014 20:08:10 - INFO - Flashtool Version built on 2013-06-04 22:50:00 21/008/2014 20:08:15 - INFO - Device disconnected 21/008/2014 20:08:27 - INFO - Selected LT22i / 6.2.A.1.100 / CE 21/008/2014 20:08:27 - INFO - Preparing files for flashing 21/008/2014 20:08:37 - INFO - Please connect your device into flashmode. 21/009/2014 20:09:09 - INFO - Device connected with USB debugging on 21/009/2014 20:09:09 - ERROR - Cannot identify your device. 21/009/2014 20:09:09 - INFO - Selecting from user input 21/009/2014 20:09:21 - INFO - Connected device : LT22 21/009/2014 20:09:21 - INFO - Installed version of busybox : N/A 21/009/2014 20:09:21 - INFO - Android version : / kernel version : 3.0.101-munjeni-g580b88e / Build number : 21/010/2014 20:10:22 - INFO - Device connected with USB debugging off 21/010/2014 20:10:22 - INFO - For 2011 devices line, be sure you are not in MTP mode 21/010/2014 20:10:47 - INFO - Flash canceled 21/011/2014 20:11:13 - INFO - Device disconnected 21/011/2014 20:11:14 - INFO - Device connected with USB debugging on 21/011/2014 20:11:14 - ERROR - Cannot identify your device. 21/011/2014 20:11:14 - INFO - Selecting from user input 21/011/2014 20:11:26 - INFO - Connected device : LT22 21/011/2014 20:11:26 - INFO - Installed version of busybox : N/A 21/011/2014 20:11:26 - INFO - Android version : / kernel version : 3.0.101-munjeni-g580b88e / Build number : Please help me to flash my device...Thanks in advance...

Adelmo Rossin: Thanks a lot! My Xperia sola was really "hard bricked" and now, after your instructions, it is "reborn".

kishan doshi: thanks man!! u saved many lives out there!! i dont know how can i return ur favour.. well i subscribed for that.. :D #brofist 

James Volcom McAvoy: really THX REALLY MUCH DUDE YOU SAVE MY LIFE hahahaha

Pcdeivis: thanks for links

Abhinav Vishnu: Thanks a lottt...!!!

Rush Smith: Flashtool wont recognize my phone cos its stuck on sony ericsson boot logo. this does not work for a bricked phone.


Ebin P Issac: thanks dude!

OfficualGamingWizard: im doing the steps it says unplug the device power off the device press the back button and hold it plug the usb cable im cdoing that but it dont work what am i supposed to do

Shoumik Chowdhury: Thank you so much! Life saver! :D

TheThirdLaugh: Thx you man ! You saved my phone !!! But can i update to JB after ? I have the Xperia P ?

Maciek Ciurej: man ur so awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Tamás Gyarmati: man you just saved my phone!! accept my huge thanks! :))))

shahril hafiz: for xperia L ??

Francesco Senese: you saved my life 2 times man, god bless.

Logan Darcoal: can we use OS of XPERIA S on arc s fr jelly bean.....?

Gil Cohen: Thank You!!!

Neko cat: it will work for hardbrick?? please HELP..

Thimios Pardalis: Thank you my friend,you are the best,freaking bricked phones....!!!!

Vinit Mevada: Thanks dude... my phone was hung up at the starting screen with only green light flashing... your video helped me to bring it back live... :) Thanks a ton.

mouin chisty: Dude Who ever r u U saved me THANKS A LOT

Shashank Dohrey: please snd the link of m dual's firmware

Sagnik Guhathakurta: Bro Thanks a lot u saved my phone surely ....... you're a god !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D 

Phaneesh Basavani: thanks a lot to youtube for unbricking my sony wt19i phone


aki kimura: Thank you !!! you saved my life !

qwert: u saved my life for the 2nd time :D thanks dude

Andrija Cajic: Awsome Tnx ;)

Mario Njuskalo: Thank you (Y)

kapiszon1996: YOU'RE THE BEST!!!! YOU saved my Xperia J from brick..thank you very much! ;)

Jesus Gimenez: Thank you! :)

David Červenka: thanks!

Abhishek Dash: Thank you very very very much........

Keerthan Kharvi: Perfect............. It is worked for my Xperia L

Corrie Thompson: how long does it take to reboot once its fixed i followed the instructions and the boot screen is back to normal but after it shows sony erricson...nothing? sry for the noobness ;)

Getk Knk: i installed xperia mini as per link and it failed my phone completely. :( I can't even start the phone afterwards. Any help would be appreciated.

Yosri Elluxx: where are links?

acer nelzo: My Xperia Ion has unlocked bootloader and installed this kernel. I have used the Font Installer and installed an incompatible font and the phone restarted after it and went into bootloop (only sony and xperia logos were showing and the phone was restarting all the time...) The first thing I did was soft reset (up+power for 5 seconds) but nothing changed so i did hard reset and the phone got bricked after with no led and vibrations, unable to connect to pc... I put it into wall charger over night but nothing changed only there is the red led flashing when connected to the charger/PC ( 5 seconds red led, then 20 seconds no led and again and again) I have tried Flashtool, PPC, fastboot and all the button combinations while connected to PC but nothing works, the phone is completely dead... Does anybody know how to fix this issue?

dmthatsme: dude, only 1 word for u.."GOD"..that's right, "GOD"..thanks a lot n lot... i have xperia e. I'm not a geek in these kind of things, i don't have much knowledge of it, but i rooted my phone, unlocked bootloader, then my phone never turned on. i hated myself for this, for doing crapty things in which I don't have knowledge.. it stopped while displaying the waves.. i thought that's it, even warranty is now void, cannot pay more to get it right. i had tried almost every site, every blog n every article about how to unbrick it, nothing helped. Many sites with crapty descriptions, snapshots, technical conversations, this, that, blah blah blah.... but nothing helped. This simple slides gave my phone it's life back after a month... i couldn't tell my mom that i damaged my phone trying to do things in which I'm not good. First of all i lied that i need to buy some important books, repair my computer, etc.. to get money to buy this phone. I cheated my innocent mom to buy this phone.. now phone was also not working, couldn't ask for money to repair it, didn't even have any other phone, so what to do.... i thought...then I stole my aunt's old nokia phone, put my sim in it, started using it. It always had to be in silent mode because if it rings n my mom or aunt sees it, i'd be in trouble.. so I couldn't even leave it by itself.. Always had it in my pocket, took it to bathroom, to toilet, everywhere coz they shouldn't see it.. If my mom asked my phone to do some phone calls, i lied saying there was no currency. Now no more such crap.. because i went through your slides, my phone is right now. Somehow it is unrooted now, n no idea whether bootloader is unlocked still or not, but i don't give a crap about those things anymore. i don't care.. the phone's alright, that's all... now i don't have to lie anymore thanks to u....So THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, LOVE YOU, THANK U........... :)

slick back: Try doing this with a hard bricked phone..... no chance!

Krass Iulian: I love you :*

k4ran: Xperia U restored again. Thanks for this. If this doesn't work for you then please read the basics of flashtool and flashmode for your device. Also the initial boot can take up to 5 minutes.

sado gawad: grea

Felipe Iglesias: if your video works in my mk16a i will love you for all my freaking life

OfficualGamingWizard: i tried to extract but it still stays as ftf what do i do


qwert: thank you so much man. . finally my phone is back 

Markoni: yes it will, just connect your phone to your computer and run the flash tool, liek he explained... don't worry if the flash tool does not recognize your phone at first, it didnt recognize mine either, later it did, somehow.. It took me longer to install new android like 15 min.
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How To Unbrick Any Bricked Sony Xperia Phone