How To Unbrick Any Bricked Sony Xperia Phone

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Wonrz Boła: THANKS YOU ARE THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheFunkcija: I try to flash my xperia sp c5303 and flash tool need two hours to get 50% of process, i stop tool and try again but the problem is still there, now my phone wont start up, what to do?

alex naddei: thanks for the help man, worked great, currently booting it up, not to re try flashing that rom lol, now that i know how to fix it and what i did wrong ill be fine ! cheers!

AyTürkAnime TV: thats just for bootloop and soft brick

Miguel McMi: I get to this screen where I'm asked to unplug, press "back", etc... but the only thing I get is to this CWM-based Recovery menu, and when this pops up I get a message from the log saying there are missing drivers (I actually installed the proper one and after that i installed them all after getting this message a couple of times)... Any suggestions?

Osarumwense Igbinosun: Thank you sooooooooooooo much. You saved my life!


mohd nurrasyid: i want to fix it the way you want,but when i connect the usb cable on my x8it emits light flashes red charging light .. what should i do?? does it run out of battery ?? please reply my comment..

Darryl Gibbs: My phone may be Hard Bricked, but I'm not sure. I can't enter FastMode or FastBoot (the phone doesn't even power down, it just stays on after showing the Sony logo). When I follow your steps, FastTool says its picks up the Build Number, says it has Root access etc, but then asks me to go into FastMode, which I can't do... HELP??? PLEASE!!

FreemanFromBlackMesa AKAShubham: man thank uuuuu so much!!!!!!! i bricked my mini bro (pro) and it was only booting in flash mode and blank when booting i got this phone as a gift from my father and u saved meee so thanxx

Rowan Costa: want an OFFICIAL FIRMWARE for my Sony Xperia C device... thank you

junu11: sir, how long it will take to boot? cause mine about 15min still on sony ericsson logo

Dominik Mochnak: nebavi 

Makhaola Moshoeshoe: the flash tool link is not working now my question will any flashtool work or does one have to use this specific flashtool

Samad Abdulsamad: hard brick solution on sony w8 pls help me

TheGammaFrog: my battery is built in, will that be a problem?

Kārlis Baumanis: link to flashtool doesn't work. Can you post a working link plz?

Kevin Otadoy: i can't download this file 4.1.B.0.431:

Vartul Shrivastava: Plzz Mention Xperia M Also... It is Bricked plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Felipe Muñoz Vélez: THANKS you saved me!

Nermin Dzafic: ty

Sloth Gaming: git hub cant find the flashtool, update the link plz

Sezgin Akşit: I was going to pay 50 $ for sony technical service , if you didn't find the solution.Thank you so much,May the force be with you bradah..

Neltheraku: best vid helped me a lot ty very much

sanesh sagvekar: plzzz send a link for xperia c on this email

johan rusli: correct link shoud be

@A7HFM: :( i hard bricked my phone, not SOFT

Aniket Foolchand: thanks a lot dude just saved me

bladeful09: where can I find official firmware for an Xperia V (LT25i)?

Fof Hotz: won't work on hardbricked phone, that does not even react on the power button...

Bor Sok: this tuturial realy works, thanks dude

Ignacio Guzman Corro: you saved my life, thank you so much!

Daniel Pila: My Xperia T is looped fastbootmode. I can´t exit this mode. When I try this method Flashtool shows an error...

milana djukic: tnx dude you save me :D

James Volcom McAvoy: really THX REALLY MUCH DUDE YOU SAVE MY LIFE hahahaha

Rick Creemers: Facking bullcrap this mate.. A bricked phone is a phone that doesn't startup.. Your steps are useless!

Abhishek Dash: Thank you very very very much........

Zeljko Rasevic: Thank you very much.

Nicknfs123 HD: God Bless you..!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Pete Timmins: how long is a long time? on average?

Sukhveer Singh: awsm man...u js savd my cel...ty so much :)

Tamás Gyarmati: man you just saved my phone!! accept my huge thanks! :))))

Gir Ca: Is there the xperia x8 file? Please need it! :(

Arvydas Gaurilka: God bless you!

TERENAKakaTERI: THANKS!!! I bricked my friend´s phone and this saved my life! :D

skebeman: it needs a username and password to open!

senuti1: Thanks, my xperia S is reborn :D

aziz kaffa: soft brick = recoverable without professional repair; hard brick = not recoverable, it's basically a paper weight , you need jtag

Sanane Moruk: new flashtool link please its dead

Technigeek: thanks a lot , this saved my friends phone which happens to be a mini pro sk17i , this model has a nasty bug ,the flashtool says press the back button and connect the usb , but the back button on this model is a touch button and it will not function in that state , the solution was to press the volume down then connect the usb ,and it will start flashing , i just wanted to mention it here in case any one needs it
How To Unbrick Any Bricked Sony Xperia Phone 4.9 out of 5

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How To Unbrick Any Bricked Sony Xperia Phone