How To Unbrick Any Bricked Sony Xperia Phone

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@A7HFM: :( i hard bricked my phone, not SOFT

Technigeek: thanks a lot , this saved my friends phone which happens to be a mini pro sk17i , this model has a nasty bug ,the flashtool says press the back button and connect the usb , but the back button on this model is a touch button and it will not function in that state , the solution was to press the volume down then connect the usb ,and it will start flashing , i just wanted to mention it here in case any one needs it

TERENAKakaTERI: THANKS!!! I bricked my friend´s phone and this saved my life! :D

Darryl Gibbs: My phone may be Hard Bricked, but I'm not sure. I can't enter FastMode or FastBoot (the phone doesn't even power down, it just stays on after showing the Sony logo). When I follow your steps, FastTool says its picks up the Build Number, says it has Root access etc, but then asks me to go into FastMode, which I can't do... HELP??? PLEASE!!

Alex Humphries: what about data? eg pictures?

Rush Smith: Flashtool wont recognize my phone cos its stuck on sony ericsson boot logo. this does not work for a bricked phone.

OfficualGamingWizard: im doing the steps it says unplug the device power off the device press the back button and hold it plug the usb cable im cdoing that but it dont work what am i supposed to do

TheThirdLaugh: Thx you man ! You saved my phone !!! But can i update to JB after ? I have the Xperia P ?

bladeful09: where can I find official firmware for an Xperia V (LT25i)?

Neko cat: it will work for hardbrick?? please HELP..

Kārlis Baumanis: link to flashtool doesn't work. Can you post a working link plz?

James Volcom McAvoy: really THX REALLY MUCH DUDE YOU SAVE MY LIFE hahahaha

Vartul Shrivastava: Plzz Mention Xperia M Also... It is Bricked plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Pete Timmins: how long is a long time? on average?

Gir Ca: Is there the xperia x8 file? Please need it! :(

Fof Hotz: won't work on hardbricked phone, that does not even react on the power button...

Abhinav Vishnu: Thanks a lottt...!!!

Nick Robert: God Bless you..!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Shubham Mutreja: man thank uuuuu so much!!!!!!! i bricked my mini bro (pro) and it was only booting in flash mode and blank when booting i got this phone as a gift from my father and u saved meee so thanxx

Felipe Iglesias: if your video works in my mk16a i will love you for all my freaking life

Ralph Martin Primero-Flores: after i install the flashtool, where can i find the flashtoll folder ?

Ebin P Issac: thanks dude!

Pcdeivis: thanks for links


Shoumik Chowdhury: Thank you so much! Life saver! :D

Tamás Gyarmati: man you just saved my phone!! accept my huge thanks! :))))

Francesco Senese: you saved my life 2 times man, god bless.

Makhaola Moshoeshoe: the flash tool link is not working now my question will any flashtool work or does one have to use this specific flashtool

Daniel Pila: My Xperia T is looped fastbootmode. I can´t exit this mode. When I try this method Flashtool shows an error...

Ankur Dutta: thanks a lot.....whoever you are ,,, I LOVE UUUUUUU u saved me nd my frnd

Prasad Regula: Hi I am using Xperia U. Last week when I am trying to istall custom rom my has been went for Hard Brick. After I saw your blog. I am trying to do as per video, but when i am trying to connect to flash too in flash mode/boot mode i am getting error message like "Phone is not connected". plz help me how to recover my phone.

Gil Cohen: Thank You!!!

Logan Darcoal: can we use OS of XPERIA S on arc s fr jelly bean.....?

Maciek Ciurej: man ur so awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Arvydas Gaurilka: God bless you!

Zeljko Rasevic: Thank you very much.

shahril hafiz: for xperia L ??

mouin chisty: Dude Who ever r u U saved me THANKS A LOT

Thimios Pardalis: Thank you my friend,you are the best,freaking bricked phones....!!!!

Sagnik Guhathakurta: Bro Thanks a lot u saved my phone surely ....... you're a god !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D 

Rick Creemers: Facking bullcrap this mate.. A bricked phone is a phone that doesn't startup.. Your steps are useless!

Phaneesh Basavani: thanks a lot to youtube for unbricking my sony wt19i phone

Vinit Mevada: Thanks dude... my phone was hung up at the starting screen with only green light flashing... your video helped me to bring it back live... :) Thanks a ton.

Shashank Dohrey: please snd the link of m dual's firmware


aki kimura: Thank you !!! you saved my life !

Jesus Gimenez: Thank you! :)

qwert: u saved my life for the 2nd time :D thanks dude

kapiszon1996: YOU'RE THE BEST!!!! YOU saved my Xperia J from brick..thank you very much! ;)

Mario Njuskalo: Thank you (Y)
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How To Unbrick Any Bricked Sony Xperia Phone