Reloading Slug Loads For 12 Gauge Shotgun - Part 4 The Wad

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Chad Muir: FC, Im looking for a slug that'll run in a smooth bore IC and Mod chokes- does anything like this exist in your experiences?

damian demarcy: does that apply for the lyman slug?

Wolfboro Two: I have been casting 12 gauge shotgun slugs and test shooting more than a year now (Lee 1 oz. slug mold) . During that period , I cast approx. 500 slugs and fired thru a variety of barrels and chokes ( Rem 870 with fully rifled bbl, IC, MOD, rifled choke,etc). I came to “personal “ conclusion that my cast slugs are so inaccurate that there is no incentive for me to pursue this project any further. I got a grouping of 11 inches @ 50 yards with fully rifled bbl ( and 3-9X scope) during my last and final batch of slugs . Never mind the hunting accuracy , not even providing shooting pleasure . May be some of you guys are having better luck than I am . I will check back some time in the future see if there is any new product that will provide the same accuracy as factory slug. Wish you all the best .

jamesshaw89: Loving your videos FC45 and end up watching them a couple times and taking notes...keep up the GREAT work! I'm also taking note that some components are now coming back in stock and I'm getting some extra's to cover me for the next shortage.

I need to watch your rifled barrel video again. I'm torn between getting the smooth bore or the rifled bore for my Mossberg 835. It has a factory overbore to .775 and they advise not to shoot slugs out of it but I want to shoot buckshot and slugs so change barrels or go with the smooth slug bore and lose some slug accuracy but be able to change back and forth slug/buck anytime.

JonJon205: I have the Remington Premier shells and I have a 1oz Lee Drive Key slug mold. Do you know which wad I should buy? Take care. Jon

bill84345: Have you tried CB1100-12 and/or WAA12SL for the 7/8 slug and if so what is your experience

Matt Lord: I am on Ballistic products website and I am confused about which spacers to start with. Nitro cards, Cork, fiber, I may need a height adjustment of a 1/4 inch Do I put a 1/8 12 gauge nitro card on the powder and 20 gauge spacer under the slug? I am basically wondering where I take up the slack ? Or a 1/4 spacer under the slug. Trying to buy the most common and less expensive.

Matt Lord: Can they work for 1 oz slugs? I bought a 1oz Lee mold not thinking. What is your take on a thread on 6 inch rifled choke for slug shooting. Have you used one and if so was there a difference in accuracy?

12GaugeDemoMan: Have you ever filled a foster slug with molten lead? What grain value do you think that filled foster slug would have? Also, would it be worth a try?

Denny Carrington: Wouldn't you want to get a wad
Designed for a 7/8 oz load instead of 1 1/4 seeing as the slug weighs 7/8

Robbie Fortner: Hiya FC45lc, say brother, would you recommend this cut down procedure for the .575 round ball for 20 gauge as well?

Mike Miszuk: is it required to trim down the wad pedals?  Does it affect any of the flight characteristics of the slug or do you trim them just to get a better crimp?

James Pak: You talk like Christopher Walken lol

Ben Wilkinson: Hi FortuneCookie, not sure if you've run across or tried these but I've had really good results with Ballistic Products PT1205 wads with both the 1oz and 7/8oz Lee slugs with a 1/8" cork spacer.  Cheers

joshua monk: I was using the lee 7/8 and em having this problem with the waa12 wad. I don't knock y anyone els have this problem? Think the mold mite b bad? Il try trimming the wad and see. Ps thanks for all the grate vids look foreword to more!

bullboo1: So whats best high brass or low brass to eload..which wads, etc Will it work with buckshot? what about 1 ounce and one a 1 1/4 ounce slugs, buck etc? Rilfed chokes?

afterthefox7: Why are you talking like that?

Surly Bob: I load both the 7/8 oz and the 1 oz. using Winchester wads such as the grey and the white wads.  The point of the key slug was to use a rifled barrel in the shotgun for optimum accuracy, Only problem is the plastic squirts up into the slug when it is shot - and messes up the accuracy.  So to fix that you need to use a nice hard 20 gauge nitro card under the slug at the bottom of the shot cup.  I shot these out of my Benelli SBII with rifled barrel and they are EXTREMELY accurate.  This allows the wad to spin in a rifled barrel and the "key" part of the slug grips into the wad just enough to keep the slug spinning with the wad.  You want the wad/slug to spin for accuracy and then you want the wad to drop away cleanly.  With the nitro card they do every time.  I used wheel weight lead and these slugs ended up cutting down a 4" tree behind my target at 50 yards.  They are effective and cheap and would stop a bear in it's tracks....thanks for the videos!  

MrAndrewsiii: That is the wrong wad... WA12SL they are pink and claybusters makes a sub that you can get from MidwayUSA for about half the price of WW........and they work perfect for the Lee slug.................
Reloading Slug Loads for 12 Gauge Shotgun - Part 4 The Wad 5 out of 5

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