Reloading Slug Loads For 12 Gauge Shotgun - Part 4 The Wad

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JonJon205: I have the Remington Premier shells and I have a 1oz Lee Drive Key slug mold. Do you know which wad I should buy? Take care. Jon

bill84345: Have you tried CB1100-12 and/or WAA12SL for the 7/8 slug and if so what is your experience

Matt Lord: I am on Ballistic products website and I am confused about which spacers to start with. Nitro cards, Cork, fiber, I may need a height adjustment of a 1/4 inch Do I put a 1/8 12 gauge nitro card on the powder and 20 gauge spacer under the slug? I am basically wondering where I take up the slack ? Or a 1/4 spacer under the slug. Trying to buy the most common and less expensive.

Matt Lord: Can they work for 1 oz slugs? I bought a 1oz Lee mold not thinking. What is your take on a thread on 6 inch rifled choke for slug shooting. Have you used one and if so was there a difference in accuracy?

12gaugedemoman !: Have you ever filled a foster slug with molten lead? What grain value do you think that filled foster slug would have? Also, would it be worth a try?

Denny Carrington: Wouldn't you want to get a wad
Designed for a 7/8 oz load instead of 1 1/4 seeing as the slug weighs 7/8

Robbie Fortner: Hiya FC45lc, say brother, would you recommend this cut down procedure for the .575 round ball for 20 gauge as well?

Mike Miszuk: is it required to trim down the wad pedals?  Does it affect any of the flight characteristics of the slug or do you trim them just to get a better crimp?

James Pak: You talk like Christopher Walken lol

Ben Wilkinson: Hi FortuneCookie, not sure if you've run across or tried these but I've had really good results with Ballistic Products PT1205 wads with both the 1oz and 7/8oz Lee slugs with a 1/8" cork spacer.  Cheers

joshua monk: I was using the lee 7/8 and em having this problem with the waa12 wad. I don't knock y anyone els have this problem? Think the mold mite b bad? Il try trimming the wad and see. Ps thanks for all the grate vids look foreword to more!

bullboo1: So whats best high brass or low brass to eload..which wads, etc Will it work with buckshot? what about 1 ounce and one a 1 1/4 ounce slugs, buck etc? Rilfed chokes?

afterthefox7: Why are you talking like that?

Surly Bob: I load both the 7/8 oz and the 1 oz. using Winchester wads such as the grey and the white wads.  The point of the key slug was to use a rifled barrel in the shotgun for optimum accuracy, Only problem is the plastic squirts up into the slug when it is shot - and messes up the accuracy.  So to fix that you need to use a nice hard 20 gauge nitro card under the slug at the bottom of the shot cup.  I shot these out of my Benelli SBII with rifled barrel and they are EXTREMELY accurate.  This allows the wad to spin in a rifled barrel and the "key" part of the slug grips into the wad just enough to keep the slug spinning with the wad.  You want the wad/slug to spin for accuracy and then you want the wad to drop away cleanly.  With the nitro card they do every time.  I used wheel weight lead and these slugs ended up cutting down a 4" tree behind my target at 50 yards.  They are effective and cheap and would stop a bear in it's tracks....thanks for the videos!  

MrAndrewsiii: That is the wrong wad... WA12SL they are pink and claybusters makes a sub that you can get from MidwayUSA for about half the price of WW........and they work perfect for the Lee slug.................

blackriflex39: im curious as to why you didn't just get a correct weight wad..

Sprayanimal: Do you use a spacer card under the slug. In your video when you push on top of the slug it forces wad pedals outward. I tried some Claybuster 7/8 oz silver wads but accuracy was terrible and left a tremendous amount of trash behind. I'm going to get some of there white lightings and try agin. 

Bayan1905: I have a 16 gauge shotgun I plan on loading slugs for, BUT you can't get molds to cast for 16 gauge, but I have seen guys using .577 Minie balls in their shotgun slug loads. Have you ever seen anyone playing around with those for slugs?

Reeled You Inn: Checking my reloading data it says that the WAA12 is the correct wad to use with a 1oz slug, it doesn't say anything about the 7/8oz slug. It does list the WAA12F114 wad as the correct one to use for 9-OO buck.
Reloading Slug Loads for 12 Gauge Shotgun - Part 4 The Wad 5 out of 5

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Reloading Slug Loads for 12 Gauge Shotgun - Part 4 The Wad