Windows 7 Toshiba Satellite A100

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Maha Lingam: It was very hard to find the drivers. Now my A100 runs very smoth and silent. It was worth the effort. It was not easy.

bushed274: Running Windows 10 Pro (32 bit) on my A100 (2.0GHz Intel Centrino, upgraded to 4.0 GB RAM (3 GB usable by the 32 bit architecture), NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600 GPU). There are no Windows 10 drivers per se for the GPU so use the Vista/Win 7 display drivers from the Toshiba website. My A100 is faster now than it was with the XP Home o/s it originally came with.

Octo Zaky: wher did you get the video card driver?

Shattered Sanity: I have the same laptop, except that I upgraded it a bit with 3 GB of RAM and 500 GB of hard drive space. Though I still run windows XP, SP3 on it because I can not find the drivers. I did try to install windows 7, which worked, but I could not find the drivers for the ATI Radeon X1600. I even contacted Toshiba Hellas (I am from Greece), but the drivers they sent me, they did not work at all.
Where did you find the drivers for windows 7? I really want to upgrade my system with windows 7, but I need those damn drivers. Can you help me with this? Can anyone help me here guys?

jone mamri: Hi guys
I have Toshiba A100-237 mostly it's similar to this one in the video just my is T2400 1.8
when I upgraded to windows 7 I face some issues with drivers but all is solved
I got the drivers from Toshiba website and the rest I got it from this site

(firest you have to run (MaConfig_win) software for searching for the drivers in the website) already there in the website

Direct link:

lemA Sahe: use driver indentifier register y self and scan,that is best software for searching drivers

Stevanus Cornelius: i have same problem too! please help! i try every drivers for vga card but nothing happens!

Lucheins ko: Que tal Brother me ayudar donde consigo los controladores o como configuro la Bios de A100- SP621 si me ayudas brou gracias Dios te Bendiga!!

Alexander Condori: ok man, I did it!! I could install windows 7 ultimate in my laptop, although at the begining I had some problems with de graphics, but don't worry, I could fix it and now I have WINDOWS 7 :D

LoweNationExploration: F windows vista! I hat vista. Windows xp and 7 are best :D

arch2002: @alex281991 use driver from vista with compartible mode. and some driver will extrack automatically. some drivers i have install on by product id.

Alexander Condori: hey man where did you get the drivers of your laptop?? because I have a TOSHIBA SATELLITE A100-999 WINDOWS VISTA 32 bits and I really want to change to windows 7, and actually I did but I had some problems with the compatibility of the drivers

luisfilipesf: Hey! How did you install the driver for the video card Ati X1600? I'm getting very frustrated because I can't get to install it. I have the proper version of the driver for windows 7, I unzip it, then it goes to "toshiba archive extractor" and then when it goes to finally install, nothing happens! Please help!

Curtis J. Livingston, III: I've got a A135 that's the same as your A100 and I've just installed 7 on that as well.

arch2002: @10leahyn yeap. and laptop like new. did you change RAm?

arch2002: @jerwin0907181990 no/ it's default ati radeon on board
Windows 7 Toshiba Satellite A100 5 out of 5

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Windows 7 Toshiba Satellite A100