Medieval 2 Total War Battle Of Agincourt

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"Battle of Agincourt" - Medieval 2 Total War historical
Medieval II: Total War Battle of Agincourt (Stainless Steel 6.4)
Medieval II: Total War Battle of Agincourt (Stainless Steel 6.4)
Medieval II Total War - The Battle Of Agincourt - Part 1
Medieval II Total War - The Battle Of Agincourt - Part 1
Agincourt   intro
Agincourt intro
Medieval 2 Total War battle of Agincourt
Medieval 2 Total War battle of Agincourt

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Leonard Fleet: "Powermonger" wasn't it?

Slavian4k: gud quality broh

georgiamule: Visually chaotic and historically inaccurate. A poor depiction of a significant medieval battle that changed the face of Europe. It fails to emphasize the key role of the English archers and the resulting decimation of the French ruling class.

Pachongchong: You can win this battle by doing nothing XD

D: Shame it's not historically accurate 😱

Baskerville22: "Once more into the breach..." - was from the siege of Harfleur, not Agincourt (in Shakespeare's HENRY V)

Baskerville22: The English army was mostly, in rags, not armour and 'uniforms'. Many of the archers were almost naked and the armoured nobles were less than 20% of the army. The English formation os totally wrong.

meis awsom: Medieval 2 or Rome 1? Which one is better?

Olivier: Best way to win it with 500 and less lost is that ; you retreat your billmen and henry behind stakes at first calvary charge, then you replace them in a 3-4 thick line just behind of stakes but in front of archers. Disable fire at will of archers, use them simultaneoulsy to make the gap bigger between heavy and vougiers. while you do that, put 3 packs of unit and henry to wait for calvry behind.

Nolifemerc: 1. The french cav rode into the stakes 2. Most of the inf. was jammed stepped on by theyr own men and cut down by arrows after running in mud imagine yourself. the battle didnt go this way.

tttc: By the grace of God. Our fou is utterly vanquished. Let all who remember this day, remember it as the day of our most glo-

JPC viral: I can never beat this mission in the demo...

Funny Lee: Actually the English right flank took the brunt of the attack, where they suffered most of the casualties....

Matthew Kent: It was a miricle only 112 English were killed.

Hernando Garibaldi: "Once more, into the breach my lord" crap, that line is freaking awesome.

KillerShaws: 9,000 Englishmen against 30,000 Frenchmen and we still won, not bad

Gooscar: It's really annoying how longbows are underpowered in this game. Retinue Longbowmen won't even beat Pavise Crossbows, because their plywood shields are apparently made of concrete and titanium.

marshall886: Why didn't the French try an outflanking manoeurve?


Pablo Blo: Easy battle, all you have to do is retreat the first line of archers if its threatened, and put your Billmen behind your troops, expecting the upcoming cavalry that's gonna flank you. I didn't do ANYTHING else. Auto-attack till the end ftw. Oh yeah, maybe sending your King from time to time (just make sure he survives). That's it.
Medieval 2 Total War Battle of Agincourt 5 out of 5

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Medieval 2 Total War Battle of Agincourt