The Radial Arm Saw

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Ed Waggoner Sr.: Nice video, good job.  Hey, it's great to see the safety Nazis are on the job leaving there "safety advice". 

Joe Balogh: Enjoyed your video, I just bought the same saw from a local school but the top was missing . could you please give me the dimensions of the the five pieces of mdf used to make the top Thank you Joe

Tom Fusco: @Simon Asteroff how so?

Simon Asteroff: Yeah, the guy in this video will hurt himself one day. He is not being safe. In fact, this saw design is unsafe. he should be using a miter saw with a blade guard.

s37d: what advantage does ras have over miter saw

Pete Street: I have the same saw but the carriage does not have a smooth travel, it's a bit bumpy and this translates to a wobbly cut, not smooth to the touch and visibly not true. Any suggestions? Thanks. .

67tr876: @Samhotoscuf My teacher told me to use the wood as a push stick to push the cut part out.

Camila Álvarez: yeah i used it ... (i have wood shop 3) im using the table saw in a couple of days

Tom Fusco: Diablo Blades, nice and sharp and do keep an edge for a long time, 80 bucks i think. Well worrh it.

Tom Fusco: Yes, and they also help align the fence to keep it at 90 degrees to the blade.

Tom Fusco: Thanks

Tom Fusco: naw, just keep your fingers away from the blade when its spinning.

Gonzalo Alvarez Falco: scary saw xD

avantisprod: believe it or not, this simple video really helps

drail80s: Im wondering what those knobs in the front of the ras one on each side. Are they to tighten up the rear table when replacing the fence?? Thanks

jws54: true true true, the way you left a cleanout notch at the bottom of your stop is so important. I can't believe the blade you have on that saw, a million teeth, and red colored, must cost a fortune. Thanks for showing a basic procedure, that is where problems are abated
The Radial Arm Saw 5 out of 5

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The Radial Arm Saw