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4toconvert: Why don't you get the YN622 TX controller? It is cheaper than buying another set of triggers and gives you more control.

Jason Barnett: not drink before doing videos

Simon: Hi John,
Using the YN 622C the other day.
One on camera ( no flash )
the second on my Canon 430 ex II
I went into the menu and saw that ettl 2 was set but all other options were greyed out.
Do you know why this is the case with mix mode.     At the time I did not know I had put the
YN 622C into MIX mode or knew what MIX mode did.      One other irritation is the zoom option is greyed
out too.    Is this something that will always be greyed out when this no on camera flash.

(complete novice) 

45Supergun: Straight from Canon: "The master flash unit is always in Group A."  Additionally, the MASTER is always controlled by the camera: there's no such thing as an, "off camera (untethered) master flash." So if the ON camera YN622C is reporting that it's in group B--that's wrong--THAT flash should be forced to be in group A (by selecting it via the flash itself).  I have NO idea why the on camera flash would be set to group B automagically by the YN622C, since it's the MASTER.  Maybe the pass-thru is screwy?  Generally speaking, the flash unit typically overrides ANY flash settings in the camera.  I guess you could set both to group A--to make doubly sure--and try again to see which groups get set.

atyl1972: can i use 1 transceiver on my canon 5d mk3 as it has no on board camera flash and it will act as a transmitter for an off camera flash, thinking of getting the yongnuo flash unit too, basically can i simply use a flash off camera with just 1 yn622c sitting on the canon 5d?

John Bodally: Well you can use the on camera flash to control your yn-568ex but it needs line of sight but will work fine.

Garry Connor: Thanks for getting back to me. No, I don't have access to another set unfortunately. I have tried every combination possible. Tried them with a mates 580eX II and still no joy. Has to be a fault. I'll get get back to you when i get a replacement set. I've used a set before with a YN568EX II on a fashion shoot and they worked perfect I've missed out on some work do to this fault. Just hope the replacements are going to last! Thanks again mate.

John Bodally: also check there on the right channel and groups i have orderd a yn-568ex mk2 so hopefully be doing a review and test soon

John Bodally: Hmmm sounds like they may be a fault with one can you try another set from anywhere? Has if they are in mixed mode the menu on your 5d will be grayed out untill you hold the set button for 3 secs and watch for the blink on the light then you should be able to change modes on the cameras menu

Garry Connor: #3 CONT.. I have tried resetting the 622's by pressing the CH SET + GP SET for 3 sec's, but still no joy. Also tried pressing the CH SET for 3 sec's, but no joy either. I first got the YN622's and used a old Helios flash and it worked ok, then I tried the next day and this problem started. (befoe I got the YN568) Do I have faulty YN622C's or am I doing something wrong? Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.

Garry Connor: #2 CONT... Also when the speed light is on the receivers hot shoe I cannot change any settings from the speedlights menu, or even turn it off. (I can when it's on camera though). I have tried first turning the camera on, then the transmitter 622, then the receiver 622 and then flash, but it still doesn't flash at the right time and results in the photo no having the flash light it up. I can press the test button from the transmitter 622 and it flash's. CONT...

Garry Connor: #1 Hi, I have a 5D Mk 2 and just bought 2 YN622C's & a YN568EXII. If i put the YN568 on my camera and it works perfect. When I put a YN622 on camera and the other off camera with the YN568, It flash's, but it doesn't flash at the right time as the photo taken will be completely dark. Also when I go to my cameras flash settings in the menu, where FLASH MODE is it only lists E-TTL II, MANUAL MODE and MIXED. TTL, AutoExtFlash and Man.ExtFlash are NOT highlighted (can't be selected). CONT..

John Bodally: :) thanks

Van Gelis: love your videos and the hands on approach with commentary. Thanks.

Kane Mitchell: I fixed it with my 7D. The key is the order you switch it on. Firstly make sure all the hot shoe connections are all pushed in properly. First turn on the camera and the trigger on the camera. When these are on, half press the shutter to sync them together. Now turn on your receiver and flash. That should do it.

Ritch simpkin: i had the same issue on 5d2, 550, 50 and 650Ds haha how did you sort it?

Jac Alan: I just tested it and it seems to have the same exposure on both on the on-camera trigger and on the off-camera one. But we are probably using different speedlites (I'm using Nissin DI866 Mk II). Good luck on your shoot.

John Bodally: Thanks lol silly me well they work great going to use them at a wedding in a few weeks. And i will use of camera not on. Do you find the ettl pass through to be a bit darker then normal ettl???. If i put the flash on camera and take a shot in ettl then put the yn622c on camera and take the same shot in ettl pass through it always darker please let me know :)

Jac Alan: Hi John, in 12:12 when you said the on camera flash is automatically set to Group B, it isn't actually. It's still in group A. The LED you saw flashing B on the on-camera trigger indicates the "Firing" group ie A led = All; B led = A:B; C led = A:B C. The on camera flash will always be Group A, and you can't set it otherwise (it's a pass-through TTL). It's in page 18 of the YN-622C manual.

Andrea Mangano: THe YN-465c hasn't HSS so it's almost difficult to make it working in HSS.
Yongnuo YN622C review 5 out of 5

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