CZ P09 Duty Pistol 19+1 9mm

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juncho1977: The 2016 Suppressor Ready P-09 now has a 21+1 capacity, in 9mm that is.

Terry Henderson: A pistol that holds 20 rounds? Okay, I'm getting this and the P-07.

KAMP8505: Just got the suppressor ready urban grey P09

haris dourou: How many rounds with the gun so far ? Any issues with it ?

Ramon Anzures: reminds me of a 1911 i love this gun

Ricardo Buccolo: Was watching this great video anxiously awaiting for the trigger review part. Annnnd... welp... even the best reviewer on YouTube forgets to talk about trigger reset lenght... :-(

Bangava Bangava: Blb co neumí správně předvést zbraň. Rambo hadra.

tom green: listening to your music makes me want a mullet


evilgel666: it looks like a sphinx

John Nguyen: Great review Sootch! 🇺🇸

Anti Law: ok, so I get home after picking up my new CZP09. Magazine holds 19 rounds.(both). I go to load the mag and it wont push up and click(fully engage). I remove a round from the mag(18) and now the mag fully inserts. with 19 rounds in the mag, it will fully insert with the slide open. even if I have one round in the chamber, the magazine will not seat with 19 rounds. what the hell is going on? where is the 19+1? don't have this issue with my other pistols.

Barni Szelepcsényi: Hi! You has a super videos.
I own too CZ P-09. How can i adjust a rear sight? With the small screw? Can you tell me?
Greatings from Hungary (Europe)! Thanks!

pavolpi: Česká Zbrojovka.

David Ricardo: Qua to custard la pistol

David Ricardo: Droids demand

Kyler Havard: No it's not the sig sauer p226 tactical operation holds 20+1

RayGunz: The pleasure of shooting that gun I have to say is above and beyond a lot of others so feel lucky that I own it CZ is my choice over all others I do own a Glock 17 and it is a limited edition version out of 250 but typically I go with CZ I would put my life on them before anyone else. Amazingly I have never had a problem with any of them never a misfire stovepipe failure to eject failure to fire nothing I am used and used my CZ and never a failure. I am 32 years old and I am still astounded every time I even see one I will probably continue to collect them for the rest of my life anybody up for a trade I will trade my Glock 17 never fired for a 40th anniversary edition cz 75 B the clock I have is the my Glock edition out of 250 there are 999 CZs

JayzBeerz: sucks my came with a polymer guide rod

FLY ROD: Thank you for the video.
CZ P09 Duty Pistol 19+1 9mm 5 out of 5

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CZ P09 Duty Pistol  19+1 9mm