CZ P09 Duty Pistol 19+1 9mm

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22033 vũ  huy hoàng PO9
22033 vũ huy hoàng PO9

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Rich Ki.: Today 6/11/2018 I just bought myself a CZ  P-09 in .40s&w ....

The Faceless Man82: Just bought a slightly used p-09 a few days ago. SA trigger is excellent. One thing I will say. This is a big damn gun lol. For sure not an edc gun. But great for my purpose of a glove box/home defense pistol. Love the 19+1 capacity.

jeanpaul Rattigan: How sweetttt it is. Hammer Time

Pedro Leon: Excellent Video!!! Thanks for this video!!! Atte: Pedro LEON from Argentina

Robert Lopez: Why would they just not make it with a deroosterer and manual safety in one!!!!

Dark Sorceress Zyra: I have the threaded barrel one. This is actually my first 9mm, and I love it! Thank you for the field strip and tips on the CZ. I have to say, it is a great gun and it has great accuracy as did my bf's Glock 19. My magazines only have 19+1, but I did see that CZ came out with the 21 mag version.

jesse brent: Bought mine without knowing to much about handguns I have liked it so far this video made me very glad for my purchase

Kirk farmer: 27 is the biggest I have seen

Vnebtreo: Bought a P 09 and love it. Also bought a 75 Compact. I am in love with both

albert silva: Great video sir. Question: does the deroosterer raise the single action trigger pull as well (deroosterer vs safety)? Thank you.

รา ทีมา: สุดยอดปืนพกสั้นคับ

Scott Adams: Sir, would you recommend the CZ-P07 for concealed carry?

Chris Zablocki: Pog duty. Lol. Jk. CZ75s are ideal conceal carries.

W3ssy W3s: For non ccw, would you choose the vp9, or CZ p-09? These are the 2 I have narrowed it down to.

Tricycle Productions:

Witold Swiatek: Great video sootch00. Quick question: Deroosterer and manual safety sets are polymer or steel? Thanks.

Allen Smith: xdm 9mm holds same and xdm 40 holds same 👍

Jaime Pritchett: For as big as the gun already is, it should have a 5 inch barrel, I think that would also make it more aesthetically appealing.

American Patriot Forever: Mr. Succinelli, great video. Very informative as ALWAYS.

crazy.funny,dumb, jerk: Grip is to thin for my comfort
CZ P09 Duty Pistol 19+1 9mm 5 out of 5

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CZ P09 Duty Pistol  19+1 9mm