CZ P09 Duty Pistol 19+1 9mm

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Edward Abel Bonilla: Trump is coming for our guns because more minorities, left wing, and LBGT are buying guns and we are all aiming at him. Just wait.

Jon R: freaka 40 S&W lol

Will Shephard: I switched to safety but it moves way too easy. If I put it down with safety on then pick it up the lever will switch so I'm gonna have to struggle to get deroosterer back in. Love my P-09 tho!!!

MotoViking: You really need to change this channel name to "The CZ channel" ! Lol. Great review as always!

Waltinho Caravan1: Isso sim é um dos melhores produtos já atirei top dms show show show show show show

Appalachian Gunman: My dad got one of these awhile back, I couldn't believe how accurate it was, such a sweet shooter!

madbomer72: Why would you ever buy a .40 sad and wimpy

dimmacommunication: This or sig 226?

Appolo Geticks: The mags say 19 but they only hold 18. It's not a big deal unless you really like dumping ammo, but it is false advertisement.

pigpaul: thank you@sootch00 just picked up one today in Vegas for $530 your reviews convinced me too get this. have a good weekend sir.

Draves: Is the P09 a decent conceal weapon? looking for a good full size 9mm for CC. right now it's either this, the FNS9 or the glock 17.

Aaron Ratliff: I going today to buy this gun...I never was a fan of 9mm but this gun has changed my mind

YeuLaKho: Need a better design for magazine base plate. It has too much gap between the mag well and the base plate. Look at Glock, 92A1, Vp9, the gap fit right. Yes, I have a CZ-P09. Overrated CZ ergonomic.

Kyle Rainer: Question of the ages: P09 or regular CZ75?

lukas ondrej: i have got ammo for pistol :)

taz Man: not a bad gun but feels cheap to me and bulky . although I do like the metal framed CZ;s

Arco Cola: Bro thank you for helping me change out the grips to the small grips. User friendly gun too. It took me two minutes!!!! Small grip feels stellar

monkay spunker: You mean there's another Glock copycat gun coming out?...I can't wait

Joe Cannabyte: Beautiful handgun, really like it. I've owned everything from a Kimber TLE 2 to Springfield XDm .40 to Glock 19 to some other Glock clones (the Canick TP-9 >> The Smith and Wesson M&P imo, omg the trigger is so fantastic, actually it is about equal to the Walter PPQ or SIG P320).

Anyway....sorry I'm a big autistic I tend to ramble...What I'm wondering is if there is any reason I'd want this more than a Beretta 92 A3 INOX? I'm a big Beretta man so I'm biased. That said this looks so good that if you put both in front of me and the CZ was noticiably less money or came with some extra stuff I'd probably be swayed towards it.

douro20: CZ has actually entered a version of this gun into the Modular Handgun System trial.
CZ P09 Duty Pistol 19+1 9mm 5 out of 5

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CZ P09 Duty Pistol  19+1 9mm