CZ P09 Duty Pistol 19+1 9mm

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Allen Smith: xdm 9mm holds same and xdm 40 holds same 👍

Jaime Pritchett: For as big as the gun already is, it should have a 5 inch barrel, I think that would also make it more aesthetically appealing.

American Patriot Forever: Mr. Succinelli, great video. Very informative as ALWAYS.

crazy.funny,dumb, jerk: Grip is to thin for my comfort

crazy.funny,dumb, jerk: Sig p320 21 plus 1 if im no wrong. :)

dwhazlewood77: Which one do you prefer the cz-p09/07 or cz-p10c?

Rumpa Stiltskin: 21+1 with CZ extended mag

mrnickbig1: I still prefer my SP01 Phantom gen2 (with spring kit). May consider a P09 in .40.

BundesRepublic Murica: Nice music

kevcom82: Great review on a great polymer gun. I plan on a P09 for my next gun purchase.

Easy D: Alex Jones said CZ is turning our frogs gay!

BCGunner: The cut/shape of the slide isn't for holstering, it's to reduce mass.

Tactical Drifter: Was this gun out before the xdm carrying 19

Chris Loves Gear: Great video, thank you.

One Punch Negga: May Allah (GOD ALMIGHTY) bless America and it's democratic republic lulz

Albert Levy: I am thinking about one of these for Duty use. I work as an armed guard in a court system in Arizona. I have been looking for a duty holster if there are any. Any Ideas?

Loyd Lamberson: Great Review. This is helping me decide in between the HK P30L or CZ P09.

Edward Abel Bonilla: Trump is coming for our guns because more minorities, left wing, and LBGT are buying guns and we are all aiming at him. Just wait.

Jon R: freaka 40 S&W lol

Shep 24: I switched to safety but it moves way too easy. If I put it down with safety on then pick it up the lever will switch so I'm gonna have to struggle to get deroosterer back in. Love my P-09 tho!!!
CZ P09 Duty Pistol 19+1 9mm 5 out of 5

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CZ P09 Duty Pistol  19+1 9mm