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Miranda Lambert - Keeper of the Flame
Miranda Lambert - Keeper of the Flame
Brauchen wir 50 oder 100 Watt?
Brauchen wir 50 oder 100 Watt?

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Jason Liddle: Just came to watch this video from you're latest Vlog video (22/8/15). I bet you didn't realise when you were filming this that it would be the subject of a retro Vaping segment 2 or 3 years later!

Still going strong Mr Green! Keep up the good work Star!

Much respect from across the pond in the UK! BoOom!

Hamilton Breach.40: I think S.V.D stands for superior vaping device. you might know that by now but im just now watching this :) 

twintriode: SVD = Superior Vaping Innokin.

Yvonne Orozco: The only reason I clicked on this video is because I noticed you were at vape rev that's my spot and it may be a little more expensive than other places but you get what you pay for and the people here are super helpful and friendly.

BowserFX: im like 30 min away from there... I'm too shy to go i guess haha

Flarrow: i hate you sooo much grimm i just got this and i had never thought SVD-STD now thats what i think everytime

Anthony Vizcarrondo: hm. good to know, i literally just saw this but thanks so much for getting back to me. I have and svd but the mvp 2 just...calls to me ya know? I think I'll pick one up when i can eventually. thanks again!

GrimmGreen: My SVD actually still gets more use than the MVP V2

Anthony Vizcarrondo: now that the mvp 2 is out...would you get that or the svd?

The Carsonist: Superior Vaping Device.

Steven Ferguson: Just ordered my SVD today, on sale for $37.21 @ fasttech dot com Can't wait to get it! I know it'll probably take a while, on ECF I've seen ppl get them anywhere from 4 days to 10 days

K G: Std is what I hear as well

GrimmGreen: Right now... probably the SVD

Colby Nielsen: Would you get the MVP or svd?

Damian Morter: superior vaping device

Dylan Cannon: SVD..."Super Vaping Device" :D

chrismetallica1: Why call it SVD that's the designation for the Russian semi auto sniper rife SDV Draugunov (Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova)

davidjedi115: Im gonna see if that place has an online store. Im not gonna drive 16+ from utah ha ha. I know since I started vaping since first of feb, there have been about 2 vape stores in ten miles that have poped up here in norther utah and I hear salt lake city has a lot of vape stores. Now is the time to vape and opeb shop ha ha.

darth420vader: Here in SoCal VapeRev is known as the spot to get ripped off. They charge way above anything the other local shops charge. But hey their not all that bad if your looking for something exclusive. They are the only shop I have seen carry the Dingo, 69, and ChiYu.

yousef herwees: Amen! Vaping is spreading like wildfire out here! And Vaperev is really setting the bar for vape supply stores!

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