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Innokin iTaste SVD VV/VW Review (iTazte)
Innokin iTaste SVD VV/VW Review (iTazte)
Innokin iTaste SVD Review
Innokin iTaste SVD Review
Innokin iTaste SVD Review   TiaVapes
Innokin iTaste SVD Review TiaVapes
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Yvonne Orozco: The only reason I clicked on this video is because I noticed you were at vape rev that's my spot and it may be a little more expensive than other places but you get what you pay for and the people here are super helpful and friendly. 

Michael Vapors: +Grimm Green @ Vape Revolution

BowserFX: im like 30 min away from there... I'm too shy to go i guess haha

tweetey AutoTweet: i hate you sooo much grimm i just got this and i had never thought SVD-STD now thats what i think everytime

GrimmGreen: I'm happy to help where I can Gracie Rhae

yousef herwees: Amen! Vaping is spreading like wildfire out here! And Vaperev is really setting the bar for vape supply stores!

Alan Kawamura: In your video at 4:37:00 there is a lady in the backround who seems to be having a problem. She was very distracting. I have tried several times to watch your video but I keep going back to this lady like passing a car wreck you just gotta look. I got your Namber Juice Yesterday by the way. I can't wait to try it.

zkbutler: I am 10 minutes from Vape Rev but also 5 minutes from 6 more stores. They(stores) are popping up everywhere here in SoCal. CJ and V-Rev were there for me when I started back in 2011. Back when they were slingin' Pink Spot on Craigslist. I am happy for their success.

Alan Kawamura: I just tried my Moots Juice and I must say it is a very delicious juice. A little more expensive than the local stuff (Volcano) But is worth every penny. Vapor production is the bomb and I do mean the Bomb. My room looks like I just lit a firecracker.

Jorge: how did you like drakes vapes and jamesons juice?!!?!?

GrimmGreen: thanks! and yeah, vape rev is radness

GrimmGreen: ha ha , yeah due to where I was shooting I was forced to use the fish eye

Jeff Burton: superior vaping devise

Steven Ferguson: Just ordered my SVD today, on sale for $37.21 @ fasttech dot com Can't wait to get it! I know it'll probably take a while, on ECF I've seen ppl get them anywhere from 4 days to 10 days

GrimmGreen: iTaste DSR

Electricsteam: Oi Nicklas ! Your video´s are highly to recommended ! But not this one ! I barely can hear you and all other noises are not supporting this clip !! Hope next one will do !! Chin up .-))

GrimmGreen: WHOO HOO!! thanks for your order. That girl was actually the VapeRev hostess. It was her job to pace around the store and greet people :)

Robert Griffith: Nah, SVD stands for "Super-duper Vapors for the Damned". :-)

475kush: Amber @ 6:10 - "Can you see up my dress?" "Tonights your lucky day today I guess!" LOL

mike240se: Pass, I'm holding out for the pizza barren

Steve Johnson: Great show, Innokin is always Great.

KE5SUI: as cool as it is to shoot this 'on location' its... very difficult to concentrate on the review and i can't see what the damn thing looks like.

TheToxicjon: nice meeting you guys, glad you had fun

Optimo: Very great it. Great review as always.

barneyruckus1: I love Vape Revolution... Such a cool place to just CHILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL..

GrimmGreen: Thanks!

GrimmGreen: Math is a constant, Sometimes it needs to be bent. some cartos / attys can hold up and not burn, while others burn at anything above 8w

GrimmGreen: Cali is becoming the Vape mecca of the US

Dragon0rceF: with my catomizers-i meant atomizers i blow through.

mike manfredi: some people are retards. keep doing what your doin, i guess there is always going to be someone that complains bout something

Dylan Cannon: SVD..."Super Vaping Device" :D

Jenee Fowler: If it caught on fire, you may be doing it wrong, lol.

GrimmGreen: Right now... probably the SVD

GrimmGreen: yeah I was in a bit of a cramped space so hence the fish eye lens

mike manfredi: He is not advocating ANYTHING. he is just explaining what the mod can do. Most of the time the coil will pop if you overpower it. And most people can TASTE if something is wrong.. inhaling that stuff is near impossible unless your using crap made in japan

GrimmGreen: mostly juice surprisingly. So much good stuff out there. That Ben Johnson makes some killer juices

Robert Johnson: Put in an order for one cause of your review and Phil's. Took a Hiatus from watching new things that have been coming out for only 4 months. It's mind boggling how much stuff just keeps coming out, keep up the reviews!

el1te1984: Ok, thanks! How do you go about changing juices? Do you clean out your cartomizer and tank or just buy one for each flavor?

GrimmGreen: Should be all processed now

GrimmGreen: You might be thinking of the Spheroid, did a video on that a while back. I don't have any upcoming videos for rebuildable cartomizers

Gabriel Del Pino: Great Review!!!, it si time for a new camera or a new phone ;)

John Monteverde: Yo Grimm, what did you buy at vape rev?

chrismetallica1: Why call it SVD that's the designation for the Russian semi auto sniper rife SDV Draugunov (Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova)

Onyx_Riddle: Superior Vaping Device.

Monty Vapes: NICK FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER. @ryanryke

TheCasualVaper: Tumbleweed Tobacco got pushed back a month. :(

Lee Hartman: SVD reminds me of the Dragunov rifle.

Chad Cole: I can't watch this video on my iPhone 5 for some reason. :-/ It say "NO STREAM" when I click on it.

eratic493: Ohhhh nooooo they're seriously expecting Nick to be our hall monitor over on I keep trying to get into forums, but between the "experts opinions" and the brow beating when you do happen to have a question I just don't know. We all should be adults if we're vaping as it is. I vape at high voltages...nobody told me to do it. That's what I need to stay off analogs...that's what we all should do. Whatever works. I know if my atty is burning.

GrimmGreen: Thank you!

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