How To Connect A USB Keyboard To Your Computer (Fl Studios) BUS (Yamaha PSR-E333)

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How To Connect A USB Keyboard To Your Computer (Fl Studios) BUS (Yamaha PSR-E333)
How To Connect A USB Keyboard To Your Computer (Fl Studios) BUS (Yamaha PSR-E333)
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How to connect a Yamaha keyboard to FL Studio 10
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Julian Cimorelli: Nice Video :) but little tip. insteed of this adapter you're using to mute the keyboard sound you can set "Local" to off in the keyboard settings. ;)

Tїαк: Would this work with a Yamaha PSR-195?

jake GUITARIZTA: how bout the latency issue? can i use this for a live gigs as a module of my keyboard?

Niels Jacobs: is your keyboard a yamaha E223?

Ivan Oakwood: Fruity Loops

Ivan Oakwood: Ummm... did you say you are using FL Studio? DUH!!!

Chetan sONI: hey friend !! which power adapter do you use for yamaha e-333 ?? and what's the input and output voltage of adapter ?? plz rply soon !! my two adapter's had burnt now..!!!

ciattylovesperoni: fl studio it says in the title lool XD

margotlorena3: ok I am a total noob with these things, in the time where I started playing yamaha's only had like 10 rythms and 10 instruments.... so, I have the psr-e333 and I want to record myself playing songs and then save them as mp3 files or wav files in my computer. 1. can I do that with an AB USB cable that I took from my printer? if, not which cable do I need? 2. can I use AUDACITY to record? I really dont want to download anymore programs

Ishan Malagala: my key brd lags .....

DR. Psycho-BeatS: Hay..for the cracklynr let me help you.."go to audio and in the bar of semple ...and tern the bar to "maximum" thancks for this video

TheAniKinji: NVM i just rescanned it thanks

kh28kh: great vid, how do u record it in flp. like put the sounds im play in the piano roll

Lotraddict94: LOL we have almost the same keyboard. Yamaha ftw :) But can you use Synthesia instead of FL studio?

Riko Riks: @joevitti10 do you do this on the keyboard or fl studio

mastercodskiller: hey got a question mine has a lagg between i press the key on my piano and when it come on the pc is that normal? is pretty difficult to play a song then lol

Julio Mejia: Im using the mpk mini n it does not work & I have installed everything it brang with it's CD

PetiteKeyboardist: Where do you go to learn all of this computer stuff?

MEGADRIVEJeroi: Yes, yes, yes.

Hardstyle〈3: Hardstyle <3

Eddie T: Hi. Can I use a standalone, like Pianissimo or TruePianos? My old Casio has midi in/out connectors. But the Yamaha I am going to buy is only USB connection, like yours.

AmitSharmaLovesMusic: Where did u get the usb cable?? I can't find it anywhere! Where can i buy it? Help me plz

margotlorena3: ok I just realized I cant use audacity, so well, what free program can I use if you know? thanks!!!

Molla K.L: thanks ^_^

kamelion7: Mate, all you did was plug it in!!! I've done that a the drivers were installed - saying on the computer my keyboard was ready to use - but there was no icon or anything to ckick on to access its functions..... what do i do??!!!

MEGADRIVEJeroi: Powercord, USB-B to USB-A cable for usbmidi. Pedal is optional.

Derrick Cortez: thanks,really helped

reylaxOfficial: what is the name from that adapter on 1.27??

J Fresh: when you use your keyboard are you able to use the sounds from your keyboard in order to record? or do they have to be strictly from the fl studio vst's and plugins?

OFWGKTA: Do you need headphones for it to be able to connect to your computer?

srikanth paul: hey bro i am using fl studio, and i have yamaha psr e223 how can i connect it to fl studio i ave midi cable can u pls help me

mesiaskane: Should be able to find it. Look for a USB 2.0 to a-b connetor or a "printer cable" Should be able to from there. etc

Kuro Silverfang: Does this apply to all keyboards or is it a certain brand ?

midas100100100: never mind, fixed it, thanks very much!

Albert Ostos: no

TheAniKinji: @cottsay25 Thanks i juts got the default yamaha plugin for that. But should it say digital piano when i plug it in.

Sumankakati: Yeah sounds crap when u connect in fl studio , is this due to recorder or it midi sounds like tht ???

midas100100100: the orange light won't flash, what do i do wrong?

cottsay25: @TheAniKinji you can use any VST plugin, i was just using nexus2 as an example

MEGADRIVEJeroi: Yamaha usbmidi driver from their website.

joevitti10: @kosovking45 on the keyboard

TheAniKinji: how do i do this with kontakt ill use fl studios for now but i want to do it in kontakt can u help me do it?

Jordan Jurado: To stop the crackling sound, download ASIO4ALL it will improve sound quality and maybe even performance in the lag.

VasHappenin84: I got this one for Christmas just gone and I am obsessed with it :D

Djay Pray: Hi, AmitSharmaLovesMusic I bought the cable off the music store my keyboard was got from, but I'm sure every media store that sells cables should have it. It is recommended by Yamaha. Here's what they specifically said in the manual: 'Use an AB type USB cable of less than about 3 meters. USB 3.0 cables cannot be used'.

C.J JOHNSON BEATS: very helpfull. but i got question. Im using fl studio demo version can i use it as a midi controller?

Robert Mestas: What program is that???

markus goncalves: can you also play different voices, say you change the voice on the keyboard to another instrument, will fl studios record those different sounds? or does it only work with the standard piano sound?

Steve Dobson: Useful clip! Any 1 attempting to find really great premium training lessons web-based should probably consider taking a look into beatgenerals, they have trainings for the methods of all of your current preferred artists and also producers!!

monkyjamman: THANKS YOU SO MUCH :D!
How To Connect A USB Keyboard To Your Computer (Fl Studios) BUS (Yamaha PSR-E333) 4.7 out of 5

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How To Connect A USB Keyboard To Your Computer (Fl Studios) BUS (Yamaha PSR-E333)