Turnigy 9X Fly Sky FS-TH9x LCD Backlight Kit

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DroneXFun: the screen comes in blue, green and white, which one do you think is easier to see outdoors? great vid, thanks a million.

Raymond Lopiccolo: Why do you replace the foam with the new piece?  Old one looks the same as the new one so why not just leave it in place?  Are they different thickness or something?

Raptorlishus: just as i finished install i realized who was doing the video lol. nice video. and no need to glue it. it will sit still on its own as it fits tight between the screws. 

salvor1: don't glue the backlight to the foam. X Hover should have watched the HK video.

Evan VH: Just did the conversion Thanks for the help. Only one thing to mention. My FS-TH9X mother board screws where different. The corner 4 screws are bigger than the others.

You can order from HK 4.99 but it takes a month and if it does not work good luck returning it. Just my 2c


Aubrey Langlinais: Awesome video bro. Is it necessary to rip off the old foam? Seems like a hassle for no reason. Thanks!

Supreme Media: There $4.99 at hobbyking wtf

Tyler B: What side goes towards the foam?

sskkuuddrraa: listen up people! My offer: Pay me 11$ and i will show place where you can buy this kit 4.99$+2.99$=7.98$ YOU WILL SAVE 1.02$ ON THIS DEAL!

Medmann48: I am not "instigating" anything & I'm not giving you a hard time either. I just wanted to tell people they don't have to pay $20 for a $5 back light kit. I will say that your sales volume is quite impressive & it sounds like you've got quite a racket going there, $15 profit on a $5 kit. I may take your advice & start selling these myself. ;-)

X Hover: What i ment by sold out is that i myself dont have anymore to sell, Not hobby king funny man. And i sold about 150 of these kits because of this video and not one person complained or said anything bad or no thumbs down, Looks like you are the only one giving me a hard time about this,, Like i said Im pretty sure everyone knows they are from hobbyking. Sounds like you just like to go around instigating. If you are so jealous of me making money why don't you go out and do it yourself..:)

Medmann48: By the way the $4.99 back light kits are NOT SOLD OUT, LOL :-) P.S. - I put mine in last night & it looks great, I got the green one & used a drop of hot glue on all 4 corners to keep it from moving around. I turned the light so the wires are on the left, that way the +/- wires don't interfere with the up-down buttons. Everybody seems to like the Blue but I think the green is brighter & the display is already green to start with so it lights up very nicely, great inexpensive mod.

Medmann48: I typically get stuff from Hobbyking in 10 days, sometimes 8 so the myth of stuff taking 1 month is BS in order for you to sell more back light kits. I could care less if you sell these kits for $20, I just wanted to show people they don't have to be "gouged" in order to get a $5 back light for their 9X radio.

X Hover: The only clown here is you!!..:) lol I think everyone knows its from hobby king and that its only $4.99 But there is some people out there that would like to get the kit this week not next month, So thats why they pay $20.:) Im not putting a gun to anyones head telling them they need to buy from me.. Im just an Entrepreneur and i always find ways to make money..:) im guessing you work for someone else and you really hate it when other people are making money on there own am i correct.:) SOLD OUT

Medmann48: Look you don't need to pay this clown $20. The backlight kit is $4.99 from Hobbyking with $2.99 shipping so $7.98 total so he's ripping you off at $20.00

PhotoVideoCatch: I have Fly Sky 9x too. I bought LiFe battery to replace the 8pcs of AA batteries from the Tx.. I wongly connected the +ve and -ve wire and shortcircuit happened. Now the Tx wont on. I've send it to repair to my friend. After it was repaired, it can be switch on again, and the screen is back on like before, but the problem is when I connect it to receiver, the servos is shaking/vibrating itself..my friend say maybe the modul of my Fly Sky 9x is bad too..can you help me figure this out in theory..

darrin pennington: thanks for the post my friend, i just bought one of these radio's and intend to upgrade,

X Hover: @justinspirational Not much actually i haven't noticed a difference.

justinspirational: how much faster does it reduce the battery power compared to not having the back lifght? thanks for you reply

X Hover: @spocktra50 Yup i think everyone knows that, And thats were i got mine from, But some people want to buy from USA to get it fast. So they buy from me. Sold out. But thanks for your comment..:)
Turnigy 9X Fly Sky FS-TH9x LCD Backlight Kit 5 out of 5

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Turnigy 9X Fly Sky FS-TH9x LCD Backlight Kit