#Minecraft 360 Degree Cannon

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Water House will protect you from Enderman and creeper Surprise ;)
Water House will protect you from Enderman and creeper Surprise ;)

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fkagahsdfs: Definitely need a tutorial

Jameeeeeeee: 6th!!!!!!!!!!

AurallWow: This design is by Etho... -.-

TYSkeTchYT: All them slimes are dead now. :P

Allen A.: 2,327,649,455,293,788,120,999,987.07th!!!

Alekovic360: this was QUITE ok. I got a WAY bigger, and more accurate and more awesome ;) but yeah, simple and efficient ofc

alec1497: Fly mod on creative... Seems legit

Zane Martin: How can u ppl not figure out to make this?

xJasonator: Cool But You Didnt Really Need To Make it That Long :L

thomassjohn: Awesome i used this to annoy my friend :D

Allen A.: 759th!!

fireorb13: @THIS @SUCKS @BALLS! lol jk nice job ;)

TheBigLou13: @Man19435 cmon - there are no more-simple redstone-circuits out there then THAT

IRA Grimm: tutorial pls

FuZeDClan11: sik!


Phil Chase: I mean like, I like this cannon, but dont try loading this.

TheHarrysSmallWorld: @BADOXASKULL Ok i will when my computer is fixed, so in a couple of days i will upload it to my channel most probally so make sure you sub so you dont miss it! :)

Eloxi Parkour: TUTORIAL !! btw awesome design

TheTaurex: 44 :D

BADOXASKULL: make a tutorial plz

Name308: @thenewnoob123 The halfslabs are there because tnt will shoot farther when on them.

Pepperoni360Channel: @MINECRAFTdotNET Ok

ImWada: Tutorial please cuz im retarted D:

TheHarrysSmallWorld: @AurallWow I think you will find you are mistaken and his is a lot larger than this and yes it has a timing system on it but this is a lot more compact and is my design :)

aerozilla: This is really cool. Compact and super powerful. Very good job my friend. Definitely subbing.

Robin Kristiansen: @MINECRAFTdotNET lol reply... :D

StealthFR: I hate it when people comment before they even watch the video

MrGrgert: poopppooooppopolnjvbcjhzbdvnscjvndjvndjbxccv,bjbc ncjvnjv bdjndccjv jvcvcvcvcvc poop crap freak niger hob sex animale freaking damn

Man19435: Make a tutorial!!!!!!

Ralfi Salhon: @Jameeeeeeeeeee fail

XrealtimemachinimaX: fag

DizZyRapiDs: wicked!

Ralfi Salhon: 4th:D

Robert Hardeman: @thunzhenhong Watch the video to the end before you are placing those f*ckin useless comments

Pawel Rzyskiewicz: hi

Swiftkill11: @XrealtimemachinimaX i lolled at that

AlexWatches .Vids: 126th:D

GotFaculty: Ethoslab has a much better 360 cannon

TheHarrysSmallWorld: @cartymoo ime not so shh

croatianbbb: Gigily gigely Goo!!!!

ssberit1: Cool

72master: awesome design but you know what would make it better if you could put some glass panes down so you can see where you shootin at other than that you got a good build

TheSimonSDJ: Finaly An Awesome Video. Tutorial Please! :D

TheBigLou13: @Man19435 -.-" retard

TheHarrysSmallWorld: @thenewnoob123 Maybe they dont but in one of Ethoslabs older lp's he showed that if you surounded tnt with half slabs it would not destroy them (this was when you could not get rid of accidently placed tnt)

shaquille vance: Tut please

andy93h: @ZaberZin have you some of the comments people post on here? I'm not surprised lol

Julien2671: tutorial

TheBigLou13: @Man19435 its as easy as it could be - there is no logic or stuff in that circuit
#Minecraft 360 Degree Cannon 4.5 out of 5

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#Minecraft 360 Degree Cannon