PS3 Blu Ray Laser Cleaning/fix

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norm bert: BS this does not work

Mike: Theres also a cleaning cd for 7 bucks with a bunch of strings on it

Jared Lamb: Dude! This is the best worst video to watch. Great play by play of dismantling the PS3 and the fix but it takes fffoooorrrrreeevvvvveeeerrrrr to get there. 
Gotta get an editor man. 
All kidding aside this is a good video.

Amine Maamria: I have a Playstation 3 Slim I have a problem starting Stop after half a second Please what is the solution..

Jorden Sosa: fakkkkkkkkk

MrPrrplehaze974: Thanx bro my ps3 has been down for months and i had about given up on it. I followed your step by step instructions to clean the laser and it worked like a charm. Once again man, thanx. 

Spork Schivago: This is a great video because it shows you how to remove the laser assembly in case you need to replace it.  I know with DVD drives at least, it's usually not the lasers that need cleaning.  It's the mirrors inside the laser assembly.  Do you have any ideas on how to clean them?  From my experience, when I've taken them apart on DVD drives, they are covered with dust.  If I clean them and put the laser back together, the burners generally work fine.  Thanks!

Cosmic Taco Cat: Ha! It seemed like a happy ending with your nephew and stuff. Then I saw the end.

GT6SuzukaTimeTrials: I replaced my laser lens + deck 3 months ago and it it just stopped playing blu-rays again. I was thinking of buying a whole new drive from Sony, but I really don't want to spend more money.

Justin Dorsett: haha

qTAMp: Next time you make a video take speed :)

Greg Freund: This is the most chill ps3 fix vid ever.

BigGuitarLittleDude: To clean the laser you don't need to go beyond 13:27 where the dude talks about "this little magnetic thing". If you take that off and look inside the hole you can see the laser heads and can access them with a qtip from there.... I wouldn't take the circuit board off unless you want to replace the laser. I cleaned the heads and it did improve the blueray disk reading problems we where having. 

Vivian James: WOW after all the trouble for over a year and cleaning it with a soaked alchool swab worked??? Really wtf?? Thanks though

alexdapandulce: you didn't need to open all that up just to clean the lenses... there's an easier way but this video is good if you want to replace your whole lens...this is just a alternate way just a bit more work

Nick Dougherty: lmao "slowly pull the power supply out.
don't freak it up." 

chris mckinney: So I've been having this problem where I put in a game but then it stops playing and goes back to the home screen during the games opening credits. I also had a problem where the disc would go in but I guess not be fully in because after a few seconds of going it I would make a noise like its still trying to take in the cd and wouldn't play. Any help would be appreaciated!

john argue: well I went for it, took the ps3 completely apart. toughest part was a cable under the CD drive. lens looked clean but wiped it down good with lint free cloth and a bit of water. put it together, now it's playing like it never had a problem. Priceless. was worth doing it. btw, I bought the console used, and found few dead roaches in it. sick! took em out. they were small.

john argue: out of all these comments I don't hear about any one trying to clean the lens. don't know if it's worth trying. my ps3 plays then acts up after 15 min. freezes. DVDs play fine. I guess the games users the blu ray lens.

MOE jokers: R u arabic cause u have shisha only arabic country have those
PS3 Blu Ray laser cleaning/fix 5 out of 5

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PS3 Blu Ray laser cleaning/fix