Amalur: Master Blacksmithing - Crafting A Great Weapon

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Jonathan Jimenez: how i make a lot of gold at the begining of the game please!. I play on xbox 360

ThonMasterS: You used a pristine fire x pristine fire. You should have used a pristine magic x pristine fire for 30 fire dam instead of 17

Thailron X: Crafting is so overpowered in this game... made armor (dreadscale) and faeblades + chakrams with all of them pretty much investing on crit chance and damage and now my crits do 1,5k - 2,5k damage with each strike and not a single gold or purple item has been even near the power of my armor... oh I got 2k armor too with my rogue/mage hybrid. Health and mana is bit of a problem but as long as I do so much damage that enemies don't get even near my I am fine with this...

Ratchet4700: Combine a pristine magic and fire shard and it'll do like 30 fire damage and another 30 or so over 20 seconds. Way better than combining fire shards, use a magic and whatever else to boost it a lot more.

tc green: Why did my skill tree turn red? Plz some one help me

SargonBighorn: I have a bow of about 180.  Is it possible to make one greater?  I've tried, can't seem to get it done. Any leads?  Same for Chakram.  I have a set at 200, but can't seem to forge a stronger set.  Thanks.

Nicolas Francis: +StealthBlade98 Dem feels

eric Franco: Why is this?

StealthBlade98: sadly i beat the game and there's nothing much else left to do, if they had took out the leveling cap and made all enemies stronger after you beat the game or on your level it'd have made the game much interesting. Now i'm 40 with no challenge, i already beat the teeth of naros dlc and getting dead kel for the components probably would be a waste when there's no big boos to try it with

Kien D. Nguyen: try a set (weapon and clọthes) with 20% on lightly damage then a little bit on heavily-damaged, with highest tier material. When you maxed it out at ~ 40% per equip, it's pretty OP.

StealthBlade98: yea but not everyone has dead kel dlc, i was talking about base game on that comment. I also came to realize creating the chakrams i was looking into was a bust, didn't really perform op as i thought it would

Kien D. Nguyen: I got flawless all the time, with Dead Kel DLC

Mr Echo: @jagr06 I agree with you there. The system as a whole is awesome but it's really hard to find those who sell the components that you need until the end-game. However, I like the idea you can't salvage purple items. It kinda keeps the whole idea that they are specially crafted items for unseen NPC's in the lore in my opinion :)

StealthBlade98: Few things i dislike about the crafting in this game is you can barely find flawless or Master components, maybe rarely if you do the save reload trick while salvaging. And an other thing is the purple weapons cannot be salvaged. That's kinda dumb imo. :|

Spikezx7: How do you get the Bonus slot open when crafting a weapon? I've maxed out my blacksmithing skills and I still dont have it.

madJedi1: WOW i never thought of temporary respec .. this is a massive help.. thanks =)

Itachi Uchiha: How do you get to shoot more arrows, i get half as mush as you

Gerardo Gutierrez: Sounds like a rathir salesman

rick peener: don't tell me what to do *dislike and unsub*
Amalur: Master Blacksmithing - Crafting a great weapon 5 out of 5

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Amalur: Master Blacksmithing - Crafting a great weapon