Tupac Shakur Is Alive(New Proof) LEAKED FULL (2014)!! WATCH NOW AND SPREAD!!! 2014 (HD)

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kirkkane4415: GOD 

Derp Toin: Puffy Launched Biggies career lol 

blazetieftw: Being gay means to have consensual sex with people of the same gender. It has nothing to do with freaking ear jewelry! If he was a closeted homosexual or unsure about his sexuality in any way, he probably wouldn't even have the earring. What a stupid argument...

Dionte Millj: +Katie Santina
This is not fake
If its fake how is he able
To talk about biggies death he died before biggie 

Oliva Rentz: That phone tho:)

Oliva Rentz: That phone tho:)

Molly Sacharski: If only everyone in this would and this life were even a5th of what tupac is we would be alright. it's just sick how disgusting this place sorry the people have become. I know I'm sick of it I'm sick of the hard knocked life and all that comes with it I'm ready to go home it's time there is no fixing this crap anymore. I wish I was even half the person tupac is, I love that when he talks he doesn't talk about anyone's religion, he isn't about that and he is truly right I have always believed church want right why do I have to go to some building to talk to God? God talks to me when and wherever I am and God doesn't need gold anything here he has it paving the streets in heaven, so please take that bs and help the homeless, sick kids, drug addicts to get clean and stay that way. Do what really matters LOVE open your hearts and minds wake up and do it quick. Tupac I truly wish with all my heart and soul you would take me away right now. Much love and so much respect to you and all who are with you fighting for something better for all and anyone who can't see that you deserve what your gonna get so why not change right now well you still can repent. I can't wait for the day Pac comes back and he will... True love is the greatest gift of all<3<3<3 yom

Moses Sparks: Please Watch the Movie ,  " GOOD BYE UNCLE TOM "  1971 .  2 hr.

I  Suffered thru the Years an Shed So Many Tears

HaroldMcShaggervillehermensteinflaggenshaggen: This isnt proof...The interviewer was talking about what happened when he was alive...

Jonathan Brown: Tupac completely neglected his opening statement during this interview. He was definitely heatedddd

mick chappo: There no proof of him being dead. .

Jon Kline: This is from before he died.... 

Katie Santina: there is no proof its an old interview end of

Mike Ledesma: Welcome back brother Tupac Jesus Christ need you to sing Christian music to change the world for good

kevin williams: Vibe interview before he died, there is 2 parts to this...... Wrong title for this vid lol... Before the 2nd shooting, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't do a interview after that publicly 

Stephen Delvacchio: Yea who cares ware there from 

Kingtoneable: Where's the rest of this video?

Tron King: "Btw pac said we are new era" 2014 summer #killuninatiPlan #WeEarthQuakeTheHolePlanet #retaliationTakesTime #HisLifeOrtheres? #yolo 

Ugur Kan: Rip rap is pac the don legend 
Tupac Shakur is alive(New Proof) LEAKED FULL (2014)!! WATCH NOW AND SPREAD!!! 2014 (HD) 5 out of 5

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Tupac Shakur is alive(New Proof) LEAKED FULL (2014)!! WATCH NOW AND SPREAD!!! 2014 (HD)