Radioactive Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant Review

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radioactive quantum scalar energy pendant review
radioactive quantum scalar energy pendant review
Radioactive Scalar Pendant Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant - Are They Radioactive?
Radioactive Scalar Pendant Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant - Are They Radioactive?
Bioexcel Scalar Pendant Quantum Science 6000 Ion Scalar Energy Pendant
Bioexcel Scalar Pendant Quantum Science 6000 Ion Scalar Energy Pendant
Scalar Energy Pendant Benefits
Scalar Energy Pendant Benefits
The Quantum Pendant
The Quantum Pendant

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sk8ernutdw: I get this is a scam but what about those Salt Lamps? Won't they help? There is little research done on it..

Donald Partridge: Anything that stimulates circulation can give some people pain relief or more flexibility. Like a hot towel or heat pad, magnets or hot bath. Hot mineral spring baths have been found beneficial for ever. No mystery here. And yes it is scientific as she proved. Some radioactive hot springs are giving people pain relief. These may not be the best way or safe for long term use, but since the screwed up scientists gave us Fukoshima and in home wifi and microwaves, who cares about a little radiation exposure from some crystals or mineral volcanic rock dust.

Budiman Kartawidjaja: How about serpentine stone react?

ruwan darshana: bulcrap

Yogesh Parmar: very nice

Edison T.: hi..where do you buy it?rq

Temp Email: if you believe this works I feel so sorry for you

From a place of privacy: Did you make the next video on this?

404 ERROR: You Time-lapse sounds like a programmable speech...

ggsplace69: It's not the authentic
Let's try the authentic


easy lalalalalee6734: wouldn't that cause cancer

JohnDrakeMI6: I'm researching this and most all are fake or counterfeit. Apparently the Original is supposed to be made from Icelandic Volcanic material.I'm not sure if Hawaiian Volcanic ricks would do the same or if it was from Mount Fuji in Japan.I am very impressed with this ladies scientific evaluation. I have an EMF reader and got NO readings on a similar pendant same design. I do not have access to other scientific equipment as this lady has, but I have seen a similar evaluation done with similar results.(I love it when she uses long scientific words! A real turn on for some of us) Anyway., most of the counterfeits are coming out of China. Less than $5.00 each or a U.S. Product with Icelandic Material at about $30.00(WOW!)...If it works, then Good! I am former law enforcement and have handled such materials and used Geiger counters before. YOU can get atmospheric readings even in your room or from you, so you have to be away from other objects as well.Even my watch will give off reading if it has Tritium. There is also a high concentration of Potassium in Bananas which also give off readings.(Border readers will go off on Heart or Cancer Patients due to the blood treatments and radiation they have in their blood) Keep researching !!

LaRibelle88: Link for sale product please?

Decobake: it truly works i dont believe it when i try to use it at first!

Alas de Luna Centro Holístico: the test does not show , or prove what the pendants , does to your body or health , it is known that negatives anions  they relax your cells , we keep buying prescription drugs every day , and that is more bullcrap  than wearing a pendant that   my help you or it may not ... or even if  that is placebo .. if you give that kind of power to some thing , that is good for you . skeptical people they wont believe in energy ( never ) they will only believe on prescription drugs  even they  will never see a real scientific test to prove that that specific drugs work for some thing ,, because their mind is it controlled by  the system .so I can wear a  50 USD pendant .. and think it will help me ... or just wear it for fun

Simmons Lack: Don't knock it until you've tried it.  Tsutomu Yamaguchi was the only man to be at the site of two Atomic explosions in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.  None of us will ever be exposed to so much radiation, yet this man lived to be 93.  Stop all these fear mongering.

Nefertiti KMB: Ahhhh!...look at the Pseudo WANNA BE Scientist that has to believe everything that she can't understand with her mind on Magic. You my dear are merely a NAYSAYER who overstands nothing about Energy or the way it works without the use of Machines!...It sounds like you were Mentally Masterbating Facts and Guessing aka what some call a Hypothesis which is just another word for SCIENTIFIC MUMBO JUMBO!....Get over your EGO and tap into the UNIVERSE you would fare much better. Just sayin'...

Jonathan Berman: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Otherwise you will fall for any bullcrap that's out there, and desperate people who want money, will exploit that naivete.

Jonathan Berman: Exactly, it's bullcrap, but placebos can have an effect but not enough to pay for... you can get the same by finding a good stick.
radioactive quantum scalar energy pendant review 5 out of 5

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radioactive quantum scalar energy pendant review