Radioactive Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant Review

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radioactive quantum scalar energy pendant review
radioactive quantum scalar energy pendant review
Quantum Pendant Test & Benefits PROOF!!! - Scalar Energy Pendant
Quantum Pendant Test & Benefits PROOF!!! - Scalar Energy Pendant
SCAM!!! Fusion Excel Scalar Energy Quantum Pendant
SCAM!!! Fusion Excel Scalar Energy Quantum Pendant
Scalar Energy Pendant - How a Quantum Pendant can Benefit YOU!
Scalar Energy Pendant - How a Quantum Pendant can Benefit YOU!

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Decobake: it truly works i dont believe it when i try to use it at first!

Alas de Luna Centro Holístico: the test does not show , or prove what the pendants , does to your body or health , it is known that negatives anions  they relax your cells , we keep buying prescription drugs every day , and that is more bullcrap  than wearing a pendant that   my help you or it may not ... or even if  that is placebo .. if you give that kind of power to some thing , that is good for you . skeptical people they wont believe in energy ( never ) they will only believe on prescription drugs  even they  will never see a real scientific test to prove that that specific drugs work for some thing ,, because their mind is it controlled by  the system .so I can wear a  50 USD pendant .. and think it will help me ... or just wear it for fun

Simmons Lack: Don't knock it until you've tried it.  Tsutomu Yamaguchi was the only man to be at the site of two Atomic explosions in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.  None of us will ever be exposed to so much radiation, yet this man lived to be 93.  Stop all these fear mongering.

Nefertiti KMB: Ahhhh!...look at the Pseudo WANNA BE Scientist that has to believe everything that she can't understand with her mind on Magic. You my dear are merely a NAYSAYER who overstands nothing about Energy or the way it works without the use of Machines!...It sounds like you were Mentally Masterbating Facts and Guessing aka what some call a Hypothesis which is just another word for SCIENTIFIC MUMBO JUMBO!....Get over your EGO and tap into the UNIVERSE you would fare much better. Just sayin'...

Jonathan Berman: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Otherwise you will fall for any bullcrap that's out there, and desperate people who want money, will exploit that naivete.

Jonathan Berman: Exactly, it's bullcrap, but placebos can have an effect but not enough to pay for... you can get the same by finding a good stick.

matrix bravo: thats the fake, the real ones dont have a window on box, the real one also dont make them like that one you have.

edu calahani: hello, what is the difference between scalar energy and negative ions? Thank you

Steve Lin: HELLBENTFORIT: You should give the author a break and stop the name calling. If you don't like it, you don't have to watch it. The lady is just trying to analyze the product using scientific means. You sound more like an illiterate idiot than the author. You can't even write a proper English sentence.

HELLBENTFORIT: after watching this video I'm a firm believer that this lady that's talking is retarded she's like did she like even go to school or did she just like play hookie for all the years that she was supposed to be in school and then everything she reads off like she doesn't even know what all you gotta do is find out what these things mean the words whatever tarded lady please don't make any more videos you're stupid you're dumber than a box of rocks

HELLBENTFORIT: the lady thats talking seems a little bit retarded uneducated a bunch of things even like somebody you don't even want to listen to kind of like a retarded dumb dumb

Ynnlarcron: hollly fffffack , these days you cannot trust anyone... a thing against radiation is actually radioactive itself, what is it some kind mafia secret project to kill people? Maybe there are other things who are radioactive, like jewellery ? ... no words...

Nora Berta: And how do you know which is the genuine one-I was stupid enough to wear it for a week and I felt horrible until i figured it is gum turned white and i felt extremly silly i was-hope didn't damage my body permanenty-did it#what do you think

Perla Epifania Torreja: That pendant is imitation try to get the genuine fusion excel and wear it...feeling is believing!

Cynthia: This is not the authentic one!

Billie Unruh: I would like to know what kind of radiation the cell phones put out and what affect the pendant has on the radiation output of the cell phone.

Hosam Awliyaa: The thing I would most like to know in a video is how much is the Quantum Pendant's total (mSv/yr) millisieverts per year, as accurate as you can. Just for the pendant excluding any other source of radiation while wearing the pendant 24/7/365.
Thank you

Jacquie Liddell: could it be zirconium that's absorbed uranium and thorium

dieselscience: A quantum pendant is both there and not there at the same bullcrap it really works - and doesn't.
radioactive quantum scalar energy pendant review 5 out of 5

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radioactive quantum scalar energy pendant review