Radioactive Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant Review

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radioactive quantum scalar energy pendant review
radioactive quantum scalar energy pendant review
Bioexcel - Quantum Energy Pendant - Classic - Scalar Energy Quantum Pendant
Bioexcel - Quantum Energy Pendant - Classic - Scalar Energy Quantum Pendant
Watch Video Showing Quantum Pendant with Scalar Energy + 5000 Negative Ions
Watch Video Showing Quantum Pendant with Scalar Energy + 5000 Negative Ions
Negative Ions Scalar Energy testing on Bioexcel Quantum Pendant
Negative Ions Scalar Energy testing on Bioexcel Quantum Pendant
The Quantum Pendant
The Quantum Pendant
Fake Scalar Pendant - is Radioactive ©2010 Scot Guariglia
Fake Scalar Pendant - is Radioactive ©2010 Scot Guariglia
Quantum Pendant demo by in Hindi. Contact : 9304854814
Quantum Pendant demo by in Hindi. Contact : 9304854814

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dannyM7M: All the science and tools go into the review. Conclusion at 3:42 "magic bullcrap" hahahahahahahaha...golden ! voted and SUB

Marky Holbrook: Sorry mate you got the fake one,This is a rip off from the fusion excel box. the real one by fusion excel has more details and information on the cover of box, and inside will be a scratch off card to register the serial number of your product online on the main website. I can send u a link if you want to purchases a relevant one. 

Steve Sandike: Seen this kind of thing actually worn by a worker at a nuc plant before I retired. He couldn't exit the radiologically controlled area because it alarmed the personal contamination monitor. As the station radiochemist, I talked to the worker, and received his permission to count it on a sophisticated Intrinsic Germanium gamma ray spectrometer (much more resolute than Sodium Iodide). It was standard ash rock, mostly Uranium/Thorium, etc, allegedly from volcanoes in Japan. Worker was counseled to not wear it at work, but the same guy wore it into the RCA again next outage! Go figure. They must have really seen him coming. These things were sold 20 yrs before Fukushima, so of course, no relation. The medallion did not show Cs-137 or Co-60 or any of the standard isotopes from nuclear fission. It was primarily typical Ra/Th progeny, but it was a VERY busy gamma spectrum, as those isotopes have many gamma lines. Worker said that "holding this device up to a glass of water will purify the water" ... and other classics that took all my professional reserve to maintain decorum. I later discovered all this nonsense on the company's webpage. It is standard huckster BS sold by people who are banking on the ill-informed who have no respect for science and prefer to think their non-science is somehow better because it's "out of the box". (Curiously, it's also much quicker, easier, and cheaper to acquire....) There's one born every minute. Fortunately, the radon/thoron chain isotopes in this medallion are relatively harmless, unless you count the embarrassment of being called out as a brainless victim with a wallet that is light about $50.

Josip Š: You should rather learn about microphone, i cant hear a thing

leau lavie: what a pity you don't know what is FIR, germanium... in Asia japan include they help people with FIR and I use rayforce for my legs and it's works. I'm french not asia in case.

GotCritified: My common sense tells me if a piss of jewelry is over 4x more radioactive than the normal "background" lvl, it should probably not be worn on ones neck? Although it might be interesting and cheap piss of radiation for home testing various meters Did u finish analyzing it ? //Edit: oh my freaking god i have seen now their commercial videos, they are so retarded my jaw dropped. . . according to them radiation is healthy thing to search for, they claim people in baths were for centuries swimming in radioactive "healing" water and crap. i was waiting for them to claim that u should drink water from fukushima and wear a ring with a chernobylite crystal. They totally ignore that retards like them did scary crap like that before (like making water containers made of radioactive materials for ""healing and rejuvenating"" purposes) and it freaked up people. They also claim it reduces . .. REDUCES no less chance for cancer. Based on hiroshima and nagasaki nuke fallout survivors data (????... n/c). That makes me think, its not japanese made, no japanese person would ever say something so disrespectful and stupid.

mikedelhoo: Did you ever get around to doing any more measurements on this scalar quackery device?

Lisa Kasper: It sucks that people just come on here to bash YOU. Thank you for your review. For those of us who have better ways to spend our energy than to just lash out at strangers, we appreciate the time you took. 

Javed Emmanuel: I want to buy, but I heard there are Fake pendant in the market. So kindly suggest to me from where I can buy. Please send me the best trader website name. 

green coffe: lies ! from you one coal should remain .

Benjamin Kendall: My golly.. you have the fake one i think -_- theres a video on that so that you can tell the difference. The one with the cutout, like on that one, is fake. I think anyway. Didnt completely watch your video though lol. 

CHROMATICFILMS: Obvious woo woo baloney and pseudoscience. The makers should be ashamed. I guess they don't have any peer reviewed papers published after skeptically testing the health benefits of the product they are selling as a scientific device. Criminals. Just like the Orgonite community. Sham artists or deluded neurotics. Pseudoscience is the new "Human Plague". 

Mike Mike: bionerd23: what do you know about ionizing radiation? should this pendant be about ionizing radiation and effects on human body? how human body reacts to small amount of ionizing radiation? but a plant? but a cat or a dog that are more sensitive than humans? what can you say about the effect of such ionizing radiation on long term?

Karen Carol: You've got some neat toys!

RadicalEdward85: I'm no expert but I think if someone were to wear this pendent everyday, I would imagine that the person would develop some health problems from prolonged exposure to radiation even if the count is low.

youlldiescreaming: That's a very creative way of getting rid of the Fukushima fallout … just press it into a pendant and sell it off to the morons!

kiss my chuck taylors: lol always gotta hustle people you can make your own organite I saw his site and thought hmmm... I thought the quartz is two be pointed down and then I saw the device with the shiny light agent with a blk face lmao gtfh ..btw cool video

Palyne Gaenir: Thanks for the review. You went to a lot of trouble to measure it objectively with equipment and show that, which is interesting, regardless of anybody's opinions on whether the source and/or result of this is good or bad.

smacl61: You are a great "in the box" thinker. Scalar energy to you is non - existant - just as most highly educated scientists would think. So please go join the crowd cause you all think alike. Other people out there think differently. To you that's just BS. cheers!

Doc Warrior: it's what Wilhelm Reich discovered the opposite of healing Orgone, it's really deadly Orgone they are producing, that will make you sick over time.

stillbreathing37: So you are aiding Japan in disposing of it's radiation? DLMFAO! You're an idiot.

AJ c: do you not know anything about science first of all a anion is a negative ion and that pendant is nano atomically structured to be filled with negative ions using nano technology, and those negative ions are generating a electromagnetic field do to the photo-electric affect...wait do you even know what a negative ion is? freak it you stupid freaking dweeb your not a freaking bionerd your a biodweeb and you dont know what the freak you are talking about! ok im done you can go back to being a sheep now

Poknik Nik: ape ko buat pantat

cebuboy1976: Is the radiation enough to make us ill? Thank you. Somebody is selling that here for 5,000 pesos (120 US dollars) and people are buying.

Донбасс русская земля: 400-500 распадов бета , санитарная норма до 20 бета распадов . Хороший кулон чтоб умереть. Это сделано из пористой керамики - для того чтоб газ Радон эффективно выделялся , выбрось эту дрянь. 

233beecroft: Pls check if "Energy Armor" is radioactive? Thx

Tria Triadeus: tous ceux que j'ai testés étaient radioactifs

M.O.F ™: Perhaps your equipment is outdated hehe, look´s like somthing frome the the days of the soviet union or WW 1 :D ? im not pro, just asking :)

mzedification: Ok so no info on your "qualifications" relative to this video, nor any explanation as to what you are doing. Your diction is terrible! Scalar energy is infinite in ALL directions. Ever hear of a chap named Tesla? Didn't think so. Lay off the Kool Aid.

Darrell Hughes: Dr. Jacob, Professor of Physiology with the Public Sanitation Institute of Harvard University acclaims negative ions as "Vitamins of the Air". As the largest organ, our skin absorbs85% of charged particles from the surroundings constantly. Long term exposure to an environment full of smog, chemicals, and positive ions adversely affect our health.

ScalarEnergyPendants: I did a video on my channel on this topic. Always going to be those who believe they are right and others are wrong. Fair enough. However if you do not look at ALL the research from BOTH sides you cannot have a fair and balanced opinion. The very fact that it has been found that Hermann Muller LIED in regards to low dose radiation completely invalidates the entire LNT model theory. Add in numerous real life examples support low dose as beneficial and not harmful. Research Radiation Hormesis.

emwaver: When i first heard the asian health claims, i guessed it was antimony (poison)- Its in the quran afterall, must be true and science wrong! cool jewelry.

Humanlegacy333: over 9000?!!?

zapranoth: I love all the idiot armchair crystal magic scientists coming to defend their purchase of a bunch of bullcrap off the internet against you, A master of the field. This is so amusing to me. I am totally in love with you, I hope someday I can find a woman with your intelligence, wit, and grasp of the world and its physical properties. Truly incredible.

Vas Vadum: So did you have any effects at all when you wore it for a month? You should edit the video descrip and add that in so it's easy to find. I was searching all over to see if it's worth buying or not. It appears not based on everything everyone's telling me.

SandThruFingers: I see why you're calling this bullcrap, but you also did not seem to use a ion tester (or perhaps I missed that in your vid). Negative ions are proven to be healthy for the body, they sell machines and Bausch and Lomb, etc that do that.. they have been for like 2 decades. They act in a similar way as antioxidants do. If these pendants generate negative ions, then they should have a positive effect on health.

snart2255: handjob"

JoshTheBoss: This is from Wiki"There are two broad classes of radiation: ionizing radiation which comes from radioactive materials and x-ray machines and non-ionizing radiation which comes from other sources. Ionizing radiation, which carries a large energy in each particle, can change things that it hits, hurting people or animals or causing chemical changes. Non-ionizing radiation does not cause microscopic damage, but some types can cause chemical changes or make things hotter

gottatufa: You have some fun toys. I really wouldn't want to wear that magic pendant around my neck all day. Nice video.

Brutal Ass Master: 10/10 would watch again.

digitaltripper: NOISEBRIDGE in SF...Cool

Daniel Page: And your point is?

bionerd23: yeah, well - i heard those other ones are not fakes, but instead "generics" (like aspirin is original "acetylsalicylic acid" but "walmart headache killer" with acetylsalicylic acid is much cheaper but contains the same stuff). so they are some volcanic ash pendants as well, embedded into a much cheaper ring, in a cheaper box, with a cheap piece of crap necklace. but the content is still supposed to be radioactive ash. i'll hopefully do EDX to confirm if it's volcano ash (typical elements).

jmmurdy: you made really good grades in school...nice video.

bionerd23: well, at least i agree with that. fusion excel is the biggest ripoff here, trying to make the most bucks. ;)

SaucyBegger25: hmmm is this how japan is getting rid of there radioactive waste from the power plant that blew up :s i guess every little helps LOL

incubusman421: i would buy an alpha spectrometer just to listen to it...

Jerico Fernandez: Good Work :)

shredderss4life: mythbusters need to get their hands on one of these...
radioactive quantum scalar energy pendant review 4.7 out of 5

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radioactive quantum scalar energy pendant review