Ruger Mark I & Mark II .22 Field Strip - Disassemble/reassemble

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Ralph Hix: Very Nicely Done. Thanks for Great Video on what CAN be a tricky job, getting that little handgun back together, properly.

Brian's Life: Awesome thanks

texascoaster 92: So I saw a ruger mk1 and mk2 at a pawn shop for $200 if i I bought one of those for practice they will be easy to field strip like the one you have! I'm in need of a easy 22lr pistol for my sister!!!!!!!

grez1973: excellent video thank You!

Thomas Verga: Single best video on disassembly and reassembly of the Ruger Mark I. I watched several others and they were all lacking in detail. I realize this is 5 1/2 years late but I really wish I had seen this years ago.

Matthew Sullivan: Awesome video. Perfect way to clean this gun. Mine had to have the rubber mallet method as well. Although mine hasent been taken apart in probably 15 years. Thank you!

crorivpro: Thank You, so much for posting, concise and easy to understand.

Rooster: Thank you for walking through the assembly / disassembly step. I wouldn't have figured it out on my own. The nuances were very helpful, we're cleaned and ready to go. I am surprised and impressed this was demonstrated by a female. You're a keeper....

Bryan OShaughnessy: Amber: Thank you for this video. I've owned my Ruger Mark I from new for 26 years. I took it apart a few months after purchase to clean it but had to take it to a gunsmith to reassemble. Recently, my guilty conscience (and many FTL's) made me try again. Your vid made it possible. Can't wait to get out to the range. And buy better ammo!

Evan Hosmer: I watched several videos on this proceedure before I watched yours. You were the only one that mentioned that the bolt need to be fully down and you need to pull the trigger as you try to lower the bolt stop latch down. Worked like a charm. Maybe I will shoot this old gun more often now. Thanks!

Hans- Jürgen Wiegand: This is the best video on the Ruger, I've seen so far! Thank you!

bowhunter2439: one of my favorite guns , I was having a hard time getting it back together when I came across your video, thanks for posting shes running like a fine tuned clock now LOL...!!!

ws......I: the tip of using a block of wood cut at 45 degrees for pressure on the pin really helped me. Thanks.

frodes76: Thanks for the upload, wery helpfull 😀

Rick Goodman: Great job explaining this. I recently was given and old Mk2 and had no idea how to field strip it. Nothing like my other handguns for sure.

madison_barrow1: very helpful

Al Chapman: Thank you very much, great job explaining all!

Michael Garner: Thanks a lot for this video. I really liked your organized presentation of this how-to and your clear, no-nonsense explanation of each step along the way. I especially liked your presentation of the tools we'd need, and your explanation of why your pistol required the rubber mallet, and most of all, watching you whack that sucker to get the job done. That sounds like a joke, but it isn't: I really appreciated you showing us how much force is actually required to get the barrel/receiver off and back on again -- that will be very useful knowledge if my pistol turns out to be stubborn (i.e. I won't worry about whacking it). Thank you again. This was an extremely helpful video.

tod biker: Perfect video, 5 mins., not bogged with unnecessary commentary. Caveats for the quirks of your pistol noted so as not to confuse the viewer. Thanks for a go to video if I purchase one of these.

CAB dvc: Very nice presentation. Ram-Line published this years ago [like 1985] and we always included their two page copy with every Ruger MK I,II, and III, we sold over the years. Works very well, as your presentation shows. Why Ruger never included this back then was beyond me. I don't know if they do now but its never too late. Good job!
Ruger Mark I & Mark II .22 Field Strip - disassemble/reassemble 5 out of 5

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Ruger Mark I & Mark II .22 Field Strip - disassemble/reassemble