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Stacy Watford: I love the reviews and info that I get from this channel. The SD9VE is my first handgun. I am fairly new to handguns and was curious about the device you are using to load the magazines. I'm assuming it is some kind of speed loader? Could you specify specs and brand? Thanks. Great channel!

justin Martinez: I have one and I like it. But I hate how it rattles when you shake the gun.. is that normal? does anyone elses rattle?????

Brad Zink: because of this video I decided to buy my first S&W. SD9VE. Very happy with your videos and now a proud owner of this handgun. $289.99 and could not be happier. This is an old video but its on here and it helped. Thank you again.

sacheeSB: lol why its grape soda tho

Steven McHorney: I got this gun for 289.99 at academy and love it, this is my first handgun, that i have bought, feels good, easy to clean, easy to breakdown, shot every dirty, cheap ammo out of it and has never failed. Got alot of buddies at work that have shot it also that have much more knowledge than i do. One uses a Glock as his carry and he likes this just as much if not better than that.

Diamondusa7: Is this a good first gun?

MolsonMuscle: Ammopocalypse 2013. Never Forget.

Richard Hurt: It you could a review on my SW SD40VE I'm just in Murfreesboro and I'll drop it off to you

Russell Lovato: I just won one Hickok at Valley Pawn in Albuquerque so jazzed! and the funny thing is my first 9mm is a Sigma 9mm and so happy with both of them, Never had problems with my Sigma.

Sonny B: What holster do you have for this sd9 

Sonny B: Great review sir, I always watch your vids before deciding to buy anything. America learn from this great man. He has lots of knowledge and is obviously enjoying his retirement. 

Rg962: Just bought this pistol today for $320 in Fountain Valley, California.  Thanks for your review Hickok45, it was really helpful in picking this out for my first gun.

FPS America: Do a Sd40 vs Glock video. Please?

Richard Einstein: There are many pistols out there that are equal to or better than the plastic box style Glocks  In a compact 9MM, a fine example is  the Taurus PT111 G2, which can't be beat for reliability, accuracy and cost.  The price is incredibly reasonable, in fact you can buy two PT111 G2.  Each comes with two 12 rd mags and add 35 rd mags  for $14 each and the price is still less than one Glock 26. 

The Taurus PT111 can use any Beretta 92/Taurus PT 92 magazines which come in 18-20-30-32-35 round flavors.  I like lots of bullets in my mags so I opt for the 35 rounders.  The 35 round RWB mags are available through Buds for $14 each.  Hopefully they will come out with a 50 round mag or a 100 round drum, that would be incredible firepower, but it would be hard to conceal them.

I also did a trigger job on my Taurus PT111, lowering the pull to under 4 pounds for both double and single stage,  All my pistols and rifles have very light triggers.  Any stock pistol can have a much lighter trigger if you take the time to do it right.  You don't need insanely priced triggers to do it either, just common sense, a little time and a few tools.  Just polish all mated surfaces and any that could possibly rub, adjust any springs that have excessive tension, use the best lubrication possible such as Royal Purple and Marvel Mystery Oil.

All my weapons have stock triggers.  I have a Mosin Nagant 91/30 sniper rifle pulling at 2.2 pounds, an Izhmash AK103 at 3.4 pounds, a Tokarev pistol at 3.8 pounds, an EAA Witness at 2.9 pounds, a Walther PPX right at 3.0 pounds. a Springfield XDM at 3..2 pounds.  Any trigger can be made lighter, although striker fired are more challenging to accomplish.

 Don't pay hundreds of dollars for aftermarket triggers, just use common sense, polish surfaces to mirror finish and use Royal Purple lubricants as nothing else even comes close in film strength, durability and protection from rust.  RP works great on guns, however if you are going to re-blue or refinish your firearm in the near future don't use Royal Purple.  RP penetrates and protects microscopic scratches and is difficult to remove, but will come off in time with the use of cheap oils. and cleaning solutions  A year would be a waiting period before refinishing after using RP lubricants.  That is just my experience with it and I will only use Marvel Mystery Oil and Royal Purple on my firearms and vehicles.  They are hands down the best on the market.


Felix Plaza: Hickok45 - I'm a fan and love all your reviews. I would like to see if you can do a review of the S&W SD40VE.

Holly Nites: I have shot Walthers, Remingtons, Smith & Wessons and a few other no name brands. And with practice, everyone was well worth the money. Just because you own a Glock, doesn't make you shoot any better. Honest, it really doesn't.

Dave Sander: could u do a video on the kahr CT9

Prepper Ninja: i love this pistol,great video review

xenviousx: I wanted to say thank you for making these videos. Your work makes it easier for me to make a decision on which firearm to purchase. I do not have the time to conduct research and I am finding your videos extremely useful. Thank You!
Smith & Wesson SD9VE 5 out of 5

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