Smith & Wesson SD9VE

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jermster17: My brother in law purchased this gun yesterday at acadamy for $300. His twin brother bought the same thing but fires 40mm rounds.

B Money: How about the Smith and Wesson SD40VE? What are your thoughts about it?

Johnny Edwards : I have one myself great gun 275 great price will shoot all 9mm bullets I run through it

Dennis Stephens: Great review do you mind doing a review on the smith and wesson sd40ve

jajsjsjsksksksksk hshsjsjsjssnjskskww: I bought this and loved it ever since and thus review proves why others love it as well

Eberle41: Would you recommend this for a first time buyer?

Oregrown Budman: i prefer my sw9f to pretty much every other auto ive shot recently....shot the glock lines that are similar....not really impressed with them, prefer the grip on the sw to the glock. feels more solid in my hand. my piece has had zero failures with minimal modifications made on it...

Cary Starke: Reminder to self * DON"T GO INTO hickok's45 BACK YARD !

zombie hunter: hickok45, slayer of sodas.

fasdjlfhlj: this is my first handgun, which I bought about 8 months ago. I have yet to run into any issues with it at all. got it for just over $300. can't really compare it to much, since I'm still pretty new with pistol shooting, but I do like it. worth every penny.

Mark Sullivan: Goes for $350 where I live.

Ryan Doyen: hey Hickok I've had both my sigma and my sd40ve for about 4 years now have about 10,000 rounds through each never had a jam stovepipe, I was testing the RIP Hollow Point to see if it would feed properly and it did stop the feeder but I took the round out and found that there was a nick in the casing, so I tossed that round and fired the next 5 each cycled properly. I love mine no problems and even got me a matching one that I gave my wife to carry.

Sosa Yoola: Just purchased this from my neighborhood alley gun dealer! Awesome guy!

SALTxTHExWOUND: I used to own a sw40ve about 7 years ago (it was my first handgun at 21) and I loved the sigma, I probably put about 4-5,000 round through it but I had nothing to compare it to I guess. Now my dad bought the new sd9ve and he loves it, I actually love it also, Think I'm going to have to pick one up as a nightstand/car gun. =)

Jack Reacher: Trigger modded my EDC Sigma 9mm... no regrets, no buyer's remorse.

Truth-Seeker: Can anyone recommend the most reliable JHP ammo for this model?

CryxusLome: was nice finding this.
Purchased an SD9 a few months ago.
good to know it's gotten some great reviews.

another animal: nice gun.. a little bit top heavy when you first pick it up...however at the range cant tell the difference shoots first real gun...easy to use....worth the price about $350

millz red: Mr Hickok plz do a video on the sd40 ve

Tony Chavez: I have this exact model. paid like 350 with tax. fires great never ever had any problems and accurate. For the price it's a great road gun
Smith & Wesson SD9VE 5 out of 5

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Smith & Wesson SD9VE