Smith & Wesson SD9VE

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Bill Anderson: NO SAFETY ON THIS GUN. Just remember that.

David: Just picked one up for $259. Happy Camper.

edog 21: where do you get these weapons and how do you know how to use thim

Ray Wilson: Great vid! I have owned my SD9VE for about two years now. I haven't put thousands of rounds through it but so far this piece has functioned flawlessly. I have put many different name brands of ammo through it. The trigger does take a little getting used to. I spent $310.00 for it new and on sale. I do use it for my cc.
Thank you for your vids. They are very informing and unbiased.
Safe shooting.

Buffy McMuffin: "before I was rudely interrupted by the target-rich environment" - lol

Eric “PoorManPrepper” K: See dying a slow death @6:15

bdebret: Your slides always seem so smooth and easy to pull. What's your secret?

Tony graham: how many guns u got

Dennis Breese: I have a sd .40 ve 1000 rounds and still shoot great

Mark Sullivan: The trigger was improved on this. Its a heavy trigger but easily improved.

Howard Johnson: See you any problem with firing +P in a SW40VE?Thanks

Jackie Barton: Good deal I'll make sure of that but just for clarity it does it matter about the type of ammunition you shoot that might cause the slide not to lock back?

Azteric: I've had my SD9VE for awhile now. Never had any problems with it but others complain about a fragile firing pin

Jackie Barton: I have a SD9VE and I was out shooting not to long ago and shot about 50rounds and noticed that after emptying my mags the slide didn't lock back any idea on what could be the problem? I was thinking maybe because of the ammunition I'm shooting 115 grain. Or could it be something within. Other than that it shoots great. Also I changed of the guide rod to a 20 pound guide rail. So.....

Station Cook: Question for ya, I noticed you were able to dry fire without the magazine in the firearm. I have the same gun and can't seem to do that. I took it in to have it checked out and it's fine . And it fire's fine. Thanks for a great review.

Ethan Perkins: 319$ 2016 academy

Vidal Curiel: Thank you for this review hickok45 it really helped me to make my decision to purchase this handgun. Your reviews are really AWESOME!!

Machine Green: That's a funny story. Wonder what they carry now.

David Heitman: i like this guy! very nice. informational.!
Smith & Wesson SD9VE 5 out of 5

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Smith & Wesson SD9VE