Smith & Wesson SD9VE

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Danny Smith: Great review! I am picking one up this weekend.

jeremy morales: can u do any video on 350 or less but 40 cal and revolvers 2 thanks again for your videos California legal

CanesFanMatt: +Tracy3006 I ended up doing the trigger & springs as well as the Galloway guide rod. HUGE improvement. You're correct the trigger is the most important part it's like night & day.

Warpetrie: haha amazing, whenever im looking for more info on a gun, Hickok just happens to have a video on it

isaiah lewis: have you done a review on the fmk 2nd gen?

puddlegum: Great video. The first one I looked at before buying the SD9. It's a solid firearm that anyone can handle. Great information here.

Mike Speck: very good gun for the price

Philip Wood: awesome

Lester Scrugs: I love mine. It's my carry weapon.

Andrew Meekins: May try is gun thanks buddy !!!!!!!!

NShighnoser: Gotta be the best intro on a gun video.

Jacord Hall: I got one

wingmanalive: Just got my permits and this is going to be my 1st handgun. There was no way I was going with a .22 and the ammo is far too expensive with a .40. In NJ .40 cal rounds are about $1 a shot. 9mm is about $.30. Also, be careful where you buy because today this gun can be found for $299 in some places and $450 in others. You wouldn't believe the hassle in NJ. 6 months waiting, fingerprinting, background checks, mental health screening, references, local police approval, ect. It's like you were planning to live at the whitehouse. Liberals have made exercising our 2nd amendment right almost an impossibility by design. Also, the only place I can shoot is at a licensed range and they want $50 initiation and $250/year and a $75 required training course. Gun, permits, fingerprinting, ammo, range fees, lock boxes, holster, ect. Even this "budget" gun is a $1000 venture. Still excited.

Grindhouse Horrors: It's rated on the barrel for 50-70000 rounds

Pools: 21st birthday in two days, will be purchasing this! Thanks for much for the video hickok45!

Absent Grey: So this one or the SD40?? I bought the 40 waiting on the background check but watching all these videos and researching it people are recommended the 9 over the 40.. Anyone use tge .40?

walter w: Academy still has them for $299 on sale and reg price is $319

feralbigdog: within the next couple weeks im looking at buying my first handgun, is this a gun that someone would recommend for a first gun? is it reliable? accurate? im looking for responses from multiple others, I saw the video, but want to hear others on it too

Marvel Man: Thank you doing this video and you alway do oustanding demonstrations and I always follow up and see if you have done any before I really look into a gun. thanks again I am going to buy this one.

Stewart Walker: Pause it at 10:09 and check out his right thumb. WTF! Awesome video though.
Smith & Wesson SD9VE 5 out of 5

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Smith & Wesson SD9VE