Smith & Wesson SD9VE

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Cold Waffles: Guys what are the best self defense rounds to use on the SD9 VE? (I'm using the Sig V-Crown hollow point) I find the tend to jam.

Elijah Vega: I really like is gun!
I'm debating on this gun or the m&p shield 9mm! Any help guys??

Mr. Becerra: Hickok45 can you please do the sd40ve?

Bryant Roscoe: bought one today for $349.99 7/13/17

Chris Rodriguez: just dont get the 40. i had a friend with one. they jam all the time the bullet shape wont go up the feed ramp. the trigger is atrocious. the 9mm version is actually pretty nice

theRealNrcoJr: great gun! bought mine off my best friend for $200. got a great deal on it

Rafael Madrigal: I bought mine 40 Cal. five years ago and I had zero problems. I plan to keep it until its time comes to an end. Fact is, I may go first. Love it. It feels and works like a high quality Glock. And I only use new rounds. I will not use home made ammo.

rte148: Again, great vid/review. My first handgun was a Sigma SW9VE - Christmas present from my wife. Didn't know anything about firearms above pellet rifles up until then.

There was a problem with the extractor right out of the box from the factory, called up SW, sent it in, got it back in 7 business days, no muss, no fuss - 100% satisfaction for how they resolved their issue.

15k rounds later, have not had a single FTF/FTE issue. Using everything available from W-Mart. 115 WWB is my go-to, but will happily go for Tula 115, Winch 124, reloads... nothing bothers the Sigma.

For HD, I load it with PDx1, and as it is the handgun that I have the most experience with, it is my bedside table gun.

Couple of years ago, swapped in the Apex package fix and fell in love with the Sigma again. Amazing bargain, unbelievably durable and reliable, and for a first timer, spending money on the ammo as opposed to the extra cost for a Glock makes a very strong argument for the Sigma (at the time - obviously the SD is superior).

ThaCaptain47: $350 in Colorado

Jose jalapeno: That intro tho 😂😂

sam smith: awesome opening line

its allgood: put the apex spring and trigger kit on mines big difference

Rick James: God daaamn grandpa... I wouldn't wanna mess with u Hahaha

Jett Blast: A nice item to know if you own the SD40VE you can place the SD9VE - 9mm barrel and you can use the factory .40 S&W magazines with 9mm rounds so you can practice with the cheaper 9mm rounds vs more expensive .40 S&W rounds.

Juan Rodriguez: capacity?

neevsmazda07: stuck between buying this or a Taurus pt111 which one should I go for?

kavio miles: with the bad weather havent got to shoot in a while, was planning to today, but again bad weather.... i have this gun. and for a blinker i miss it...wanted to shoot it today, had to come here and enjoy this vid. actully bought this blinker cause of this vid

Manden: My mother got one, she didn't come to me first for advice. But she made a decent choice. I'm teaching her how to disassemble it and clean it.

Voshmir: Just got one, it's great for a beginner. The trigger is kinda heavy and it has a long pull, but this is good as this reduces the chance of accidental discharge. In order to fire a round, you must mean to.

Kelly Schafer: im torn between this or a m and p shield for my first gun
Smith & Wesson SD9VE 5 out of 5

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Smith & Wesson SD9VE