Smith & Wesson SD9VE

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Jaime Fernandez: Sd9ve or Khar cw9

Gary Cianfrocca: Bought my sd9ve today 230 bucks love it shoot well

Gideon Retherford: Bought one. You are the best firearm youtuber ever. SERIOUSLY

Parker potts: Poor officer bob and his sigma

Jorge Garza: They're 289 at academy right now

Ricky Baker: Had the original sigma paid 150 hated it

MrSo47: I bought one of these brand new and hadn't taken a shot with it, but had to send it back to the factory to have the rails AND slide fitted. Was not happy at all!

Brandon Harrell: Just bought this gun today. Great gun. Really enjoy your videos.

Marco Salazar: love all your videos by the way

Marco Salazar: I have this gun. the all black one. I cannot for 16 in clip. can you help me out ? what am I doing wrong?

pete cwalina: I have an Older SW40V..No Problems at All after a 1000 Rounds or So..Just Shoot Clean and Shoot it some more

Samuel Blackburn: I chose this gun over 10mm glock the feel for me was great.

John Doe: Hickok ALWAYS does size comparison, however he failed to do this. How does this compare to a G19? I think they are about the same.

George Stuffel: Soda cans-OOF anf hickock this gun is not bad on recoil but how do you keep shooting it doesn't it hurt ur wrist

walking back81: I just picked up one of these guns and I love it. out the door with taxes and everything for $225.00
it appears that the last guy that owned this pistol shot it a few times and put it away in his/her safe and forgot about it because it looks brand damn NEW!! I also picked up a S&W MP Shield 9mm last week too. they are the first S&W's that I've owned and I'm definitely Not disappointed.
I know this is an old video but thanks Hickok. Everytime I buy a new gun or I'm about to buy a new gun then I'll always come on YouTube and see how it performs on this channel and see what he thinks about them. Great F-ing Channel Man!!

doctor creepy: still a great gun. zero malfunctions with mine.

DanDan TheKage: Now they're under $300 all day 8)

David Hinzman: I would like to know the sales numbers of this gun. I think they would be outstanding.

David Tate: I got one in 40 cal .like it good shooting .

Isaac Selensky: can use a Glock barrel in the SD VE
Smith & Wesson SD9VE 5 out of 5

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Smith & Wesson SD9VE