Part1 Replace The Shift Solenoid In A Dodge Neon.

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Lance: How did you know the solenoid was bad?

Sean Conley: I also put in the videos that these are Mitsubishi transmissions I do not suggest going to a Dodge or Chrysler dealership with questions a Mitsubishi dealership is the The best route. And talk to a tech that has been there for 10 to 15 years.

Sean Conley: Everything I did to the car was included in the video I did not leave anything out and did not have to have anything reprogrammed or done at the dealership . I was very clear in the video do not run the transmission with bad transmission fluid the contaminated or wrong type of transmission fluid is what ruins the shift solenoid.
That is been a few years ago that I posted those videos but I did find the main wiring loom that runs across the front of the car under the radiator can cause many odd issues. Inspect the wiring loom under the radiator very thoroughly make sure no wires are damaged and all of the insulation is protecting the wires so no water can get in and cause grounding issues.
When I was researching the issues I was having with the car I did read that a lot of people were having issues with the gauge cluster one thing I found was there were issues with the wiring loom behind The gauge cluster I'm assuming this is not your issue because you stated the gauges were working fine before you replaced the other components. I am curious how many miles you have on your transmission/neon.

Thank you for watching my videos and thanks for the email good luck and let me know what you find out.

PS I loved my neon it was a great car to drive good fuel mileage uncomfortable but I will never in my life on another Chrysler product again:)

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I watched your video on the dodge neon speed sensors and solenoid replacement.
Here are the results. I know I should have changed the transmission fluid, but I thought that would not be a problem
I will change the fluid tomorrow morning and let you know the results
This is what I posted on your video

Need some expert advice;
2005dodge neon sxt stuck in 1st gear
These were my codes from Autozone
The tachometer and speedometer were both working
I replaced both speed sensors . and took a test drive.
It still did not change gear.
Now the speedometer is not working.....What happened ?
I replaced the control module
It still will not change gear and the speedometer is still not working.
Could it be that the output sensor is not seated properly?
Why isn't the speedometer working. It was working before I started replacing the speed sensors.
I did not replace the transmission fluid or filter, but was going to do that later.
I want to know why the control module isn't working ?
A mechanic down the street told me that since it was a new module, it had to be reprogrammed for the new sensors. I did not see or hear any of this on the videos..Can anyone tell me what is the problem?


Jennifer Morales: Hi, I was wondering if you ever found out what the problem was with the PO888 code. My neon has that code to and I changed solonoid pack and and tcm relay and still stuck in limp mode (2nd gear). I would love if you could share your repair fix.

Michael Mcdowell: i know u made this video forever ago, but i have a code p0888 tcm power relay sensor circuit would this be causing my neon to not shift?

jethrowomber: oops i ment 35$ not 354 that much i say freak it

jethrowomber: when it comes to being a mechanic out of 10 i give myself a 41/2 so thank you for your series issue is my 2000 neon doesnt want to get over 50mph(is this the kind of problem you were having it was kinda slow to accel) i first started with the tranny filter cause i had some fluid running out changed that now i have no leak but problem still there next i will be doing the solenoid and then the speed switches but i may take it to be tested its only 354 s i think it will be worth it

Sean Conley: If you guys want feel free to post what odes are showing up when you start diagnosing your car and what codes you have when your done. Also throw up a discription of what your car is doing/problems and how many miles what year . Also give us an idea of how hard/easy this repair was 1-10 1 being an oil change and 10 being an engine rebuild, it may help someone else decide where to start fixing there car And if this repair is what they are looking for . Thanks for all the views and look forwar

Sean Conley: Davidmcheny79 glad everything workered out for you thanks for watching.

D Mickey: I can't thank you enough you just saved me a ton of money this went perfectly!!!

Sean Conley: Duralast/Transmission Control Solenoid For your 2002 Dodge Neon 2.0L SFI SOHC 4cyl Price: $150.99

Sean Conley: Bradbrown0766 yes it is called a shift solenoid and any parts house should have it and rock auto does have them they cost about $120

skywalker: mechanics are bastards !!!!!!! same as wreck truck drivers! thats why people kick their asses

Sean Conley: Thanks for the views and comments.Glad I helped keep your neons on the road.

Sean Conley: 155,00 miles now and still no problems. I have concerns that with the cold weather coming in that the trans will start slipping again. Because when I found the bad wiring the temps where in the 60's so still not sure if the pump is getting bad and the treatment I added just helped that much or if it was the wiring.

mr15207: nice video it should help alot wish me luck thanks again

Sean Conley: I did all this work at 142000 mi and now at 146000 mi I am pos. the trans. pump is going out. When it is cold below 50 degrees you have to hold rpms around 2000´╗┐ then it will engage. Once´╗┐ it is worm doesn't give me anymore problems, I plan to run until failure and then decide if I'm going to do a complete used trans or rebuild the current one.
part1 replace the shift solenoid in a dodge neon. 5 out of 5

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part1  replace the shift solenoid in a dodge neon.