How To Use Meguiar's Ultimate Compound

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Meguiars Ultimate Compound - Test and Review
Meguiars Ultimate Compound - Test and Review
Car Paint Restoration Step #2 : Meguiars Ultimate Compound Review
Car Paint Restoration Step #2 : Meguiars Ultimate Compound Review
How to Use Meguiars Ultimate Compound
How to Use Meguiars Ultimate Compound
Meguiars Ultimate Compound Review and Test results. Before and after on my 2001 Honda Prelude.
Meguiars Ultimate Compound Review and Test results. Before and after on my 2001 Honda Prelude.
Meguiar's Detail Class How to apply Ultimate Compound
Meguiar's Detail Class How to apply Ultimate Compound

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The truth will upset you: This stuff works. Took off some oxidation I had just using the compound and elbow grease. Then put some wax on the treated area. Looks good

Clint Cristobal: u cant remove swirls by hand. i tried diff products. much better if u have a da polisher.

strange varius: I had a car that bought from new. For 2 years, this car only got washed, never been touch for the polishing and waxing. Does my car considered as neglected finish?

Vtec Banger: this is the worst meguirs product I've bought. I have tried it on my 1985 corvette (black original paint) and I didn't expect a miracle, and it still let me down. I said it's probably just the car. I tried it on my 2008 mugen si (Google it they are all the same color) and it still let me down. the meguirs ultra cut compound blows it out of the water. this is far from ultimate, fix this product.

Lev79T: I'm trying to blend in touch up paint I added to my car but the touch up paint is darker than the rest of the car's paint and is showing the brush marks and outlines. If I apply the ultimate compound would that help blend in and level the touch up paint to the rest of the car? Thanks

bbtr_736: So this would be the best product to remove oxidisation.

Lynne Peters: I purchased the dual action buffer, the cutting pads, and finishing pads. Used the claybar, Ultimate Compound, followed by the polish then wax on my son's 2003 vehicle. We worked so hard and so long following instructions exactly. Only the slightest change. So very disappointed.

Shpetim.S: This product is so crap omds, its acc the craptest thing ive ever used

TheUltimate65: does the product work fore diamatpant

Drum8888: For people saying it doesn't work, doing this by hand really isn't recommended even though they say you can do it that way. It needs to be used with a dual action polisher to genuinely remove the swirl marks and scratches and it will take a good amount of time since each area will require a number of passes with the DA polisher depending on how bad the paint is. This method will give you great results but be prepared to spend a day or two at it, this isn't just like doing a quick hand polish and wax.

Larry DeBarge: Unless you have only the slightest imperfections they will not be removed buy using ANY product by hand unless you are willing to hand polish and reapply for hours. an orbital polishers spins at 1000's of RPM and will actually allow removal of paint imperfections. how many revolutions are you going to do by hand? The way you remove a scratch in the clearcoat is to abrade away the clear coat until it is smooth, a lot of these products that claim you can remove the scratches by hand contain fillers that will improve the look short term but have actually removed the scratches. Do a little research. The abrasiveness of the this is barely a compound so is extremely safe for even the novice with an orbital polisher although it may take a few attempts.

THE SOOTHSAYER: None of these products really work. I've tried them all and you could still see the scratches no matter what you do.

Mitchell Jenkins: I just spent $154.00 on these products. Can't see any difference. 2nd time trying this company. won't do it third time.

Mauro Pavesi: Is it good and advisable to use it on clear colours?

LLawliet182: do i necessarily need to wax my car after using the ultimate compound?

Cheng Liu: Can this be used to target specific scratches or do you have to use it on the whole car every-time? Also aren't you supposed to use a cutting disk (maroon colored) with this? It looked to me like the guy was using a polishing (yellow colored) disk in the video.

Pablo Macias: Wow..meguiars products are the best ive seen..out go buy this compound

JoeysWorld: I use this and it works great initially. Then rain hits and the blemishes and scratches all come back. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Corey Adkins: Sweden I have used these products for years with nothing but great results. I detail cars for a living and what you see here is a consumer product not a professional product. Be that as it may it still works exactly as they say and show it here. Using a foam cutting, orange pad with a good da, I use the P.C. 7424xp on speed five doing several cross hatching passes using moderate pressure 7-9 lbs. Then I generally switch to a blue polishing pad using almost no pressure to finish the correction stage. It works on soft clear like on most of your American cars and some Hondas and it works on very hard clears also, most anything from Europe, Vettes and vipers have ridiculously hard clear but if this is all you have it will correct it and finish down well. It just takes forever. Are there better products and machines that will knock it down and make it gleam much faster? Hell yes but the avg guy won't touch a rotary and wool pads with a 10 cut compound like m105. The avg person can get great results with tools most of us have or your hand with a one step product like this. Paint correction is an art form and as I said the avg person doesn't have the skills and equipment to get it done. It can take days and many many steps to achieve the flawless finish we all dream about. I fully corrected my black and gunmetal w140 S class Mercedes using the mirror glaze line and it looks wet and flawless and every angle. Glazruit paint is as hard as it gets, 48 hours of work made my 20 year old flagship flawless and it gets me lots of attention and lots of buisness whenever I take it out. If ANYTHING with Barry's name on it doesn't work it's operator error.
How to use Meguiar's® Ultimate Compound 5 out of 5

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How to use Meguiar's® Ultimate Compound