Wood Stove + Rocket Mass Heater = Hybrid

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wood burning stoves - super efficient rocket mass heater
wood burning stoves - super efficient rocket mass heater
47. Rocket Mass Heaters: A better burning wood stove
47. Rocket Mass Heaters: A better burning wood stove
Building a rocket stove out of a wood stove.
Building a rocket stove out of a wood stove.
Rocket Mass Heater Myths:
Rocket Mass Heater Myths: "they cannot be that efficient"
Hybrid Solar / Rocket Stove Mass Heater Greenhouse
Hybrid Solar / Rocket Stove Mass Heater Greenhouse

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James Hall: Excellent !

Beau Cunningham: I have this same stove and was looking for this. Thanks.
Yes, I was thinking covering the stove in brick, now thinking I agree with some of the comments about Interior Fire Brick

Kube Dog: Okay, Prince Valiant.

sheeple beware: @ :50; Did someone CGI out his joint?

Thomas Walz: I added a batch box to my 55 gallon free standing rocket (a larger version of ZeroFossilFuels). Just like you, it failed becaise of the very reasons you mention. The box gets hotter than the rocket, which doesn't quite get to opetating temps for it to do its rocket thing.

Condensate from my flue is all over the floor, just beyond my mass, so its obvious that my exiting flue temps are way too low.

Outside, it was in the mid 20's last night. I never had that problem with the rocket even in single digit temps.

I'm cutting that batch box up and am looking to cast a burn chamber out of castable insulated refractory al la Van Der Berg.

Anyway, I want to thank you Ernie and Erica. You two were my first '"rocketeers." What a wonderful adventure/learning experience it has been. I also am glad I built a smokey failure. In the process, I became a better welder, and a smarter rocketeer.

Laura Martinez: Now if you took a high efficient woodstove that is insulated with a firebrick lining, wouldn't that burn almost as complete when a mass is added to it just like you have with that older woodstove you are using?

Willie Wood: I'd like to convert my traditional fireplace converted to a rocket mass. In theory it should be simple as I am more or less just going to use chimney as final exhaust. I was just wondering if you had and if you have any suggestions? Thanks

MrJohn613: i agree with madpainter69,
simply line the interior of the stove with insulative fire-brick. many stoves are designed/factory made to be lined with firebricks... which would also help the steel survive. i disagree with people suggesting to cover the stove with cobb or bricks

Ken Johnston: Love the video.... but Sir... who does your hair? lol!

modifiedchevy: what if you lined the whole inside with say styrofoam that will burn up later, took a 6"cardboard tube and a 12 or 14" tube for the burn tunnel made an L , insert into stove, and filled the remaining airspace with ceracast... insulated firebox 360* minus the door for loading. and you wouldn't be ovefireing the cast iron and possibly creating a fire hazard in a couple months time...

Sooty Sweep: How about more mass on the inside of the stove.

life and death: I think just covering it in mass would be good. I'm going to try that out with a cheap small stove. I'm trying to get the cooking area of your typical wood stove on a rocket mass heater. Anyone have any other ideas?

eastrockaway11518: Perfectly explained. Nice job.

William Frawley: I have this same stove. What do you know about it? how old is this stove?

Erin Owl: Thanks for sharing this video and the explanations. It is very helpful. 

grapsorz: You need to retrofit that Jøtul with a "clean burning system" and then it will burn just as clean AND slower then a rocketstove. 

The optimization is needed to be don in the wood stow and not in the back part. the conversion of the stow is don by insulatin the sides then introduce the preeheated air in to the top and to the roof in the front befor the flame goes up in to the uper "burn chamber" then you get a compleet burn as long as the woof is not to wet. i use modern Dover burners that work just liek that.. mine is a smaler one. (the one you have trhere is the old 60cm type) stil it burns complete and heat up realy good.

What i dooo need is somthing to remove more heat from the the gasses goign out from it. now it just goes out the back and out thru the wall.. so a lot is lost to the outside.

Roger Buchan: to much fule or (wood) being converted to gas at one time the burn will be rich

S. Woods: What about in a room added onto a mobile home. I have mt wood furnace in there but go through a tremendous amount of wood. I need some help.

cbzombiequeen58: problem , ive only got a 4x4 space to make a rocket mass heater.instead of going sideways for the mass I need a way to make it all in a 4x4 square.this square is in the middle of two rooms.the floor is wood. the whole house in on 4x4 that are cemented in .we were going to put in a regular cast iron or metal heater but I like the rocket mass heater instead.worried about if this small mass would heat 28x32 house.and need plains for this square unit any help would be great were lost

SurvivorGal: So can one take a wood stove and fully envelop it in thermal mass to create a more efficient thermal mass hybrid approximating a RSMH?
wood stove + rocket mass heater = hybrid 5 out of 5

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wood stove + rocket mass heater = hybrid