Norinco M4 CQ A 5 56MM AR 15

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223 V/S 5.56 The Difference
223 V/S 5.56 The Difference
AR's are fun!
AR's are fun!
chinese style
chinese style

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Das Vagan: This one time i shot 10 rd magazine IN CANADA at a range

Jafran Blyat: why you only load 5 rounds for mag ?

True Celt: Not sure why you slide your hand forward. It's Colion Noir I guess.

RockerGuy0001: Is that at a Range or private property?

cheslock13: So your gun shoots inj and it prints on paper?!?!? next time I see somebody on a printing machine I'll say what you didn't know Norinko sells printing machines,??????? not you're just a freaking retard!

BeatniKkers: Where do you guys shoot?

David Ji: That 5 round pin is painin the ass when shooting an ar

Frank Hammond: watch out for metal shavings in gas port

theworldisastage 2112: I would not pay 600 for a 5 shot arlol

SmoothCriminalAaron: Show much ammo can you legally own at one point?

Crazy Onlinegamer: Not as good as the real one here in good ol' America. 

Nelson rodriguez: I can't wrap my head around the 5rd limit on mags

Olivier Jeanson: looks like a c8

TheTruthCanHurt: Whats the distance ? did I miss that somewhere   ..........?

SgtBegood: The rifle is not Mill spec,if you want to put after market parts on it, then you got to get a dremell also!But yes she is a good shooter for the price.

Hey man, I got a question. You wouldn't know how to take the dust cover off of the norinco cqa would you ? I look inside for a dreadful c clip and I don't see one …??? 

NfldBiker: Amen brother!

TheGoProHero: Im glad there is such stupidity in the South with the shear ignorance of the quality of firearms available, that means more for us.

jasoncook43: Barrel length?

jasoncook43: I was looking at getting one of these, thank you for your great vid.
Norinco M4 CQ A 5 56MM AR 15 5 out of 5

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Norinco M4 CQ A 5 56MM AR 15