Exhaust Flange Repair

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Exhaust Flange Repair
Exhaust Flange Repair
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Rýán Túçk: Mazel Tov you two homo newlyweds in the marriage ad.

jeff ring: Hi Rich, great video for my problem, thank you. I have the same problem at the end where I probably need the sealant. I was wondering how you go about applying that? Thanks again

ccoyleful: thank you sir, i dont know much about working on cars and this helped me like you wouldnt believe. Damn salt!!

moterdude1959: I have a very important question what Auto Parts store or hardware place did you get them clamps? I found I have the same problem at the same spot on our 2000 Buick Century.

TrueBlueEG8: Jaysus Rich, I would be more concerned with the condition of that chassis leg then the exhaust!

richpin06a: O that is funny.

richpin06a: I would put a clamp back on myself.The size is 1 3/4.

richpin06a: First you have to find one of those cars.

richpin06a: Is it the muffler hanger that you are trying to replace.

milionaru89: Great video:)

samuelwestlong: Hey Rich, would this work on a 97' Mitsubishi galant?

Glenn Goldbeck: my resonator had a hole rusted in it

davesgarage512: That was great I will have to remember this one....

Buick Mackane: Rich, I brought my Saturn from Detroit to California where I live now and every time I visit a mechanic's repair shop here in the LA area they tell me to get rid of the car, it has rust underneath. I looked under the car and it looks great in my opinion, nowhere near as bad as what you have been working on in New England.

98saturnsc2: Whaaaa!!! I just had Midas replace mine on my Saturn S about 1-1/2 months ago same problem! I didn't know they made flanges like that? Run me over $1200 at Midas Whaaaaaaa!!!

99carnot: I did not know there were exhaust repair flanges. Thank you for another informative video. BTW: I grew up in Pittsburgh, and the under body rust on your car would be considered 'minor' by Pittsburgh standards-lots of snow and lots of road salt back then.

07CVPI: Actually I think some european cars now come with lifetime warranties but I'm not too sure exactly how that would work... And I live near Toronto, Ontario and I've noticed that new cars will begin to rust within 3-4 years of leaving the factory, whereas there is ex-military 1985 GMC 2500's for sale which are SPOTLESS. Not a bit of rust on them. I don't know if it's because they maintain them so well, but I also know that the military gets 80% efficient vehicles, we get 20% efficiency. Go figure

RC60618: That car is really rusty.........

gmptjeff1: Thanks...i figured it would come to that....i have one too

cylingd: Yes, I plan on replacing the muffler hanger band by sliding it out toward the rear end of the car. But an exhaust clamp that clamps the upstream of the muffler to the middle section of the exhaust after the cat converter (?) have rusted off. There is some dried black staining on the pipe trailing off toward the front (don't know how old the stain is). Do I need to put on a new clamp or has the pipes fused together from the heat. Is it 1 3/4 or 2" clamp I need?

07CVPI: EXACT same spot that my Impala's exhaust broke. It makes no sense to me why they made that ONE part of the exhaust out of crapty steel when the rest is all stainless.

m ph: Nice save Rich. To do both the cat and resignator would have cost $250 just in parts.

richpin06a: I bought this one from Autozone.

richpin06a: I have done this on the s-series were i went down to the local muffler shop and they gave me a flange then i welded it on the cat and i was back in business.

Ron Wilson: Those Exhaust Resonators are Famous for leaking also....

hp11208: Nice

sk8rchik13ny: 3-4 more years??? By NY's standards, that car wouldn't pass inspection because of that frame.

richpin06a: I got it at Autozone.

Rj Reiff: that resonator will start leaking outta the seam that is splitting just a heads up i see these things all the time working in an exhaust shop

cylingd: I have a rusted out exhaust clamp and muffler band on my 2000 Saturn S series. Do I need to replace both or just the muffler band. I figure the exhaust clamp may not be necessary as the heat has probably fused the pipes together, but there seem to be some stain on the pipe where the clamp came off.

Buick Mackane: Rich, when I get home and fire up the computer the first thing I look for on YouTube is a new video from Richpin06a. I also enjoy watching your buddy Scotty Kilmer's videos, both of you guys have saved me a lot of money with my Saturn Sl2 with your excellent repair videos. You make auto repairs look so easy.

foxdmulder: you guys sure get it tough on the East coast. But theres no where like New England in October :)

MrDeadInMyPocket: It's an aspect of planned obsolescence. It's used a lot in car manufacture. The part is designed to fail at some point, forcing the consumer to buy a replacement if they want a functioning vehicle. It's a tightrope that manufacturers walk between forcing consumers to buy parts and/or repairs and satisfying expectations of product lifetime. They could make it so that it lasts forever like the rest of the exhaust, it doesn't cost them any more. But they want you to come to them for repairs.

richpin06a: I am not sure.

milric77: nice!!!

TCreatorO: New England?... howcome you only work on america cars? lol, also you dont have an English accent, I would have never guessed! lol I would like to see you work on a rare euro car like a citroen, renault or pigout something we dont see here in america, I would like to see their engines and interiors :)

seancallahan914: By the way it's pernounced impala ( im palah )

gmptjeff1: Hi...me, again.....I tried every thing...air cut-off; air chisel & air mini hack saw.....it's not happening....i set up the new flange as you instructed...But, i just can't get it apart....ouch!

Steve Rob: Good stuff , looks like some fuel and brake line work is on its way as well.

richpin06a: You bet and this weekend and next the colors of the leaves up here should be great.Time to take a long ride in my "56"

Walter Grace: That car looks like it's about had it.

Derwin Williams: love your videos, especially on the saturn s series, my car has been running a1 because of your vids, when ever i have a problem i run to your page, and run back outside and fix it, thanks so kindly please keep it up on the s series

richpin06a: The problem here in MA is people do not want to slow down when the weather gets bad so there are tons of accidents.They use straight salt to get the roads clear so anyone can go 60 miles an hour.

ICU2: Purrrrrrrfect..............Good job Rich.

bamper42069: I found some of those flange repair kits out of the package, couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was other than it looked like an exhaust piece. Thanks for the info

richpin06a: Those split flanges can be used on a lot of vehicles.

hanford brett: I have a 2000 nissan frontier v6 4x4 and have the same similar problem. where can i buy the flange repair kit? i have looked everywhere and cant find the correct one for my truck.

PoliceWillProtect: Hell, here in Canada the rockers could be rusted out and she's still good for a another couple years.

CoolasIce2: I'm all for trying to save the customer money, but IMO that will start leaking again in a couple of weeks, and you'll be under there again.

richpin06a: I don't understand it ether.
Exhaust Flange Repair 4.8 out of 5

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Exhaust Flange Repair