Windshield Wiper Arm Repair

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Windshield Wiper Arm Repair
Windshield Wiper Arm Repair
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helen twit: ok got the nut off but the arm wont come off. also my hood is in the way when closed. when open I can't lift the arm up

JOE DELUCIA: is that everlast playing in the back round they are one of my many favorite groups

lajoker43: see my right side does not work anymore I had wipers up one time and I rushed to open my hood of my car and slam both wipers laid back in place! I was drying off my car. the whole windshield you know what I mean for they ppl who keep their car nice and clean inside and out:) and now my right side wiper is broke? the driver side work thank god. I know its a simple fix but see people are trying to get me to pay for a new motor?? its not that and your video not what I needed but thank you do you have any suggestion's?

Jay R: Is it hard to change the wiper transmission. I have the same problem hope it works.

Mirek Heikkila: Thanks, worked like a charm! saved me alot of grief!

Jill Valentine: OMG this worked! My wiper caught some wind and flipped out to the driver's side mirror. It wouldn't move after that. THANK YOU PETER GRIFFIN!

Benjamin Page: Thank you for making this video. This got my blade spinning again. I'm so happy to live in the time of the internet.

Ryan Mattingly: how do i replace wiper arms on 14 ford fusion?? when i replaced them they swiped wrong how do i line them up to swipe correctly

Boloy Lokombo: I'm trying to do this on my 2001 impala on passenger side wiper not work. After following the steps I came to a frustrating stop as I am unable to take off the off. It is an awkward position. I can see the bold move but it looks like it's swimming. As if it's loose and not catching the wiper to bring forward and back. Help anyone 

Tran Nguyen: Must try! This happened to me during snowmagaeddon Atlanta '14! 

Adrian Nava: I had a 98 Chrysler Sebring and the drivers side wiper wouldn't come off. Should I pull like you did or did I miss something? 

Grim Reaper syp: Duahhhhh, what kind of CAR??????????? lmao

zzsql: Didn't work on mine. I think I need a puller tool of some kind.

Bryan Martin: I have a wiper issue on my 99 Saturn SL 1. They come on all by themselves and wipe a few times and stop radomly on the windshield usually in the middle of your line of vision. This car is going to be my daughters and for safety reasons I would like to figure out if it is a short in the switch or a bad wiper motor. Any ideas???? Thanks for your time....

robert myers: Thanks work for me! 

Kevin Hunter: Thank you for your video, I found this helpful to make the adjustments I needed. This should be one of the top video's I had to search through tons of them just to find this one.

Kye Jang: I have a 328XI BMW 2013...the dealership replaced the entire arms/wipers but in the process they scraped the paint off the rim (edge) between the head of the wiper and the hood. Is that possible? Looking at your video, you didn't touch the rim with the tools. Thank you!

Micah Burkhart: Thanks for the video, this worked perfect on my wife's minivan and I'm sure it saved me a ton of money compared with going to the repair shop.

Tom Dodd: Thanks!

Dustin Damitz: You just saved me money sir..this worked like a charm!!! Thank you so much for this video :)

jimmy Elliott: thanks!

DOBERSTAFFIE: sounds a bit like JFK

Practice Manager: Rich, great video. I take it once you scrape out the aluminum out of the spine drive, the arm has to be replaced with a new one since it is likely stripped in the inside? Thanks.

Mike Blake: Can you use a wire brush? Or will it damage the groves. Thanks.

TJ L: Worked for me! I couldn't even see the splines at all when I removed the wiper arm. It was just a smooth shaft of polished aluminium dust caked into the groves between the splines. Thanks!

TheWoodchuck94: This is exactly what I needed!!! Even looks like my saturn, same color!!! Thank you so much!!

l3lackEyedAngels: Your instructions seem to have worked for me. About a week ago my wipers froze to the windshield of my 2007 Mazda3. I didn't realize it and turned on my wipers to remove what I thought was condensation. The passenger side arm started moving first, and then the driver side, so the two started crossing. I was very upset. I was able to grab the driver side arm to realign it, so to speak, and that stopped the crossing. But, thereafter, if there was any resistance on the driverside wiper arm, like from snow sliding off of my roof, it wouldn't move. Anyway, the driverside arm is moving properly following your fix, but I am not sure how to test that the spindle has bitten into the wiper arm properly, and I don't want to break it again. I guess I will just have to see how it does the next time some snow slides down my windshield. For anyone considering this fix, I didn't need any more tools than what was used in the video. I pryed off the plastic cap with my pocket knife, pulled off the arm by rocking it and then with some leverage from a pair of pliers (it really didn't take much muscle), and cleaned the teeth with an Exacto knife. The whole thing didn't take longer than ten minutes, well short of what it would have taken for me to get cold and grouchy. 

tunnelworm2001: Much Thanks. Not a mechanic so I was thinking I'd have to replace the motor. Watched your vid and was able to fix the problem, loose bolt, in about 5 minutes at night in a snowstorm.

vonda1929: Absolutely!! Peter Griffin. Great advice too. Mine is now fixed. Thanks

Miguel Escorza: this is my issue and just like u said this happen after cleaning snow/ice off my windshield ima go home and try this hope this is the issue 

Practice Manager: Worked like a charm! Thanks for saving me $150 since that is what I am guessing the auto repair shop would have charged me to fix this if I brought it in. Much simpler fix than I suspected it would be. Thank you!

gsmagala: You duh man!!! I was crapting wondering how I was going to get this fixed and kicking myself for not letting the ice melt and doing this to myself. Wondering can I get it fixed? Who to take it to (thinking I might have to take it to the dreaded Toyota dealership and pay an arm and a leg for part and labor because they would be the only one who could handle this? How far am I going to have to go? If I could find someone else, how much is it going to cost me (how much is someone going to gouge me)? Then I found your video, watched it a couple of times and followed closely and did what you said. In 10 minutes I fixed it myself. And, now I couldn't be happier. Thanks a lot. I hope someone returns the favor when you are in need.

thebrandude: Worked perfect, thank you

1divemaster1: Thanks.

flowerbear04: Which arm would be replaced?

dgruno88: Hey Richpin06a, Your vid was great. Straightforward, easy to grasp & highly effective. Thank you so much for your generous gift. dgruno88

justinrockhold: great vid man i hope it works on my 97 blazer 1 arm just stopped the drivers side and i didnt know how the arm came off. Thanks i hope this works. and check out my channel and subscribe. sorry i always throw that in there.

craigcsu07: Thanks a bunch, darn winter.

phantomclaws: This worked for me. It was actually ice / sediment in the spindle, not aluminium, but cheers! :)

richpin06a: Ya what's with that iPad...haha.It sounds like you might have a problem with the linkage (wiper transmission).

rockinmoom: Fixed my Sienna with your help!!! THANKS so MUCH!!!!!

hnkfsh81: Thanks for this video. I just replaced the plastic vent panel below my wiper arms on another brand vehicle and your instructions helped. Getting those arms off was not easy!

startyesterday: Thanks very much! Saved me some money, and more importantly, made my day! Feels good to be able to fix something myself. Appreciate the video!

mgm1986: This worked for me, thanks for the video!

XxUFC FAN: Hi- I have my mercedes C280, 98. I have change the windshield blade dozen times from difference auto repair shops, including the Mercedes dealer but the blades didn't fix, it keeps popping out the rubber &cratch my windshield glass. The motor work fine, but when I turn it off, it could be anywhere in the middle until I wait for it to the end of circle then i turn off then it will be on the right place. Please, advise..Tks

mom7x: Again-Thanks!!! I haven't checked yet to make sure this is my problem, as it is night time and it is pouring outside, but I'm sure this is it! Will check it out for sure in the morning. Your videos are the best!! You've helped me more times than I can remember!

richpin06a: @tbacks1335 I wish i had some ideas but i have not done any work on the on the L series.

nicole osburn: thank you for your video it was very helpful

naturally_coco: neither one of my wipers work. no one can tell me what it is. i was driving and then they collided. one is attached and the other one broke off somehow. would i just need someone to re-attach the other one?
Windshield Wiper Arm Repair 4.6 out of 5

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Windshield Wiper Arm Repair