How To Pour A Concrete Pad

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How To Pour a Concrete Pad
How To Pour a Concrete Pad
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IUSECAMERAS: lol you didnt make enough concrete!

Dexter Tjaden: You have no idea what you are doing

Betty Bultman: Why even bother to put up forms if you don't pour to the top of them? Its ok for a 2*3 I guess but please don't follow this method for anything that you want to look professional

Nicholas Hoffenpiper: +umtodd13 What is a drainage bed?  Is that gravel?  Heard people suggest put gravel in post hole too before pouring concrete.  Same purpose?

Nicholas Hoffenpiper: +Bruce Engle What is gravel for?  What will happen without it?  How thick should mat of gravel be?  Thank you.

zookatooya: What good did leveling the form do if you're not going to pour to the top of the leveled edge and strike it off?

Bosne Sin: Good job, but you are dressed like ready to have a  date. Concrete job is a dirty job and definitely not for that type of " uniform " you have on..
Look at your shoes . Where are your boots?

Next thing I was asking myself where are your gloves and safety goggles.?

Don't take it personal, but if you are advertising yourself, be a professional not just a " boss " who think he is all that. Ok....... Peace.

Bruce Engle: You mixed the concrete well but need to fill to top of form. Also there should be 1/4-1/2 inch gravel at base that's been tamped down... Not leaves and debris.

Jeff DeWitt: There was gravel in that mix.

Nathan Grech: "shouldnt"*.

Nathan Grech: I'm trying to learn how to do this, and even i know this is wrong. Fill the concrete to the top of your LEVEL form then screed it off. No offence but you should put this up as educational when you did it wrong. Even if you didn't care if it wasn't level , but i feel sorry for the bloke who needs it level and try's it this way. Just admit you didnt buy enough bags of concrete lol

Roddy Da: Unlevel pad....delete this video it serves no educational value whatsoever

Roddy Da: What is the sense on leveling the form if the concrete is not brought to the top and skimmed level with the form?? All you accomplished was a level form with an unlovely

jpdtrd: Man this guy is good.... Holy crap good... Wow what a hero...

Mixer Direct: Thanks for the help!

carriagedriver316: fantastic that just what I needed to know F/ the rebar its just a B/S pad around a old pole: job well done. I,m gonna do the same exact thing except float in some bits of old tile and stuff.

Scott Leiper: What you mixed was Cement, which is a binder. Concrete is a mixture of cement and an aggregate such as sand and gravel. If you had made concrete, with that much powdered cement, it would have reached the top of the form.

itsdinger: I cant believe this is the real Tim Jones :O

a2zhandi: wet concrete NOT drowned~! But it was fairly level. 1" below the top of the form? Everyday is a learning experience. If you didn't learn something one day, you didn't do anything that day~!

jettastreetracer: @jpd4x4trd lol are you a little dyslexic your grammer sucks, well yeah you probably have seen me at homedepote every fridays at 6am and my 12 person crew working for me with my 4 ford trucks...yeah im the owner of a business and a fellow employees garage was trashed and we are helping rebuild it. and no my name is not PEDRO its a typical spic name Jose but my 3 year old son's name is pedro and my white american wife is Jennifer...would you like a tour of my 5 bedroomhouse with inground pool
How To Pour a Concrete Pad 5 out of 5

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How To Pour a Concrete Pad