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NicQuid E-Liquid Review - All 26 Flavors!
NicQuid E-Liquid Review - All 26 Flavors!
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Blondie ThatVapes: Heartland and Maui are my faves from Nicquid... So tasty! Some of my favorite juices.

ImOnOneLikeItsMyLast: Is the smoke thick from the juice?

igetcha69: hi mate, check out the Cubana from T-JuiceDOTcom as that is made by extracting the flavour from real tobacco leaves :) cheers scott

Brandon McCormick: Hi man im a vapor to and would like to know would u be interseted in trading juices :)

igetcha69: cheers! :D

Jim Nipple: I love mint choc chip

Mike Howard: Thx for the great review ! I'm stuck on tobacco flavors I like that one u told me about the Titan tobacco! Thank you flea ;)

SkylerCox: What vaporizer is that, like what setup?

getyourkicksagain: NOTE TO ALL: Scott's reviews are undoubtedly the best in the business. After watching this review, just for kicks, watch it again with the YouTube closed-caption (CC) on. The hearing impaired will be MUCH better off lip reading instead, else they think Mr Bonner to be a madman.

sorrenable: hallo Scott, i just have one small question for you if thats ok. 1.when useing cardos, and lets just say u ware after emptying after having a dark juice in it, would you use the same cardo to refill with a clearer juice, would the tast from the previous juice affect the tast?? or do u use two different cardos one for each juice, one for dark and one for the clearer juice, cheers Scott.keep up the good work on youtube, my new Provari pro kit{greenLCD} is on its way by post,thanks too your advice

tank3481: thanks for that scott hope u had a good xams mate :)

igetcha69: no mate, the complete opposite in fact......the Nicquid juices were really good, especially the mint chocolate chip :)

igetcha69: hi mate, i only got it yesterday b ut so far so good........will record a review hopefully in around 7 - 10 days cheers scott

thirdfloornorth: Hey Scott, I'm sure you get this a lot, but what device/atomizer combo are you using? I'm currently using a 510 High Rez on a Volcano Lavatube. Was GREAT at first, but I'm starting to convince myself their quality control is slipping: I don't get nearly the vapor production I used to, and nowhere NEAR what you do.

Sherri Bear: Oh man, I loved the random hair momment. That had me laughing so hard, oh, and good review as always :)

HANDBALLCOURTATTOO: Hey scott,why do all these ejuice vendors put caramel,hazelnut,and other nasty flavors that taste nothing like tobacco. Do you know of a tobacco ejuice that doesnt have nasty sweet stuff in it?

Viktor Rattlehead: I just got some peach, it was free...It tastes like soap...have you experienced this?

igetcha69: hi mate, im not aware of any UK suppliers that sell it unfortunately :( cheers scott

igetcha69: hi mate, i only got it yesterday but so far so good and it seems to be working well :) cheers scott

igetcha69: lol, nice one mate :)

igetcha69: hi mate, check out my recent review of the T-Juice e-liquid ;) cheers scott

igetcha69: hi mate, personally i would just use a new carto if i was going to switch to a new flavour cheers scott

igetcha69: cool, sounds like a nice combo! :D

TheAegisClaw: Scott, have you tried RY5 and RY6 yet?

craigward636: whats your fav tobacco flavour scott? i have yet to find one i really like

igetcha69: hi mate, UKecigstore are a good reputable with confidence :) cheers scott

igetcha69: lol, yeah the captions are hilarious! :D

Tails Prowerson: Sounds like a toothbrush

igetcha69: lol, cheers Sherri! :D

igetcha69: hi mate, i hate cinnamon and would rather vape gorilla excrement! :P lol cheers scott

BitAnBobs: Great review as usual. It's just a shame their e-liquid can only be purchased from the USA. Unless you know if it can be bought from a UK company?

adamx20: I like to come watch your videos and vape with you. haha!! I'm vaping an eVix with an AGA-T2.

sorrenable: hallo scott, i am going to buy a provari PRO KIT at a cost of 306euros from UKe cig store{from london}, would you recommend me buying from UKe cig store on-line with my visa.?? Or is there a better web-site from the uk where i could buy a provari kit {i'm from the south of ireland}

Knuckles the Echidna: Well its always good to see vaping videos, Im vaping again, it helps my Asperrgers/ADHD!!!! What do you think of cinnamon flavours?

igetcha69: yeah, had a good one mate and i hope you did too! :D

igetcha69: hi mate, see 0:49 of the vid ;) lol how long have you been using your current atomiser? if its longer than a few weeks then its probably time to replace it for a new one maybe as the only have a limited lifespan before they start dropping off in performance :( cheers scott

igetcha69: hi mate, google "Titan Fluid - Tobacco" ;)

troy milburn: Thanks for the hint about the Closed Caption. What a hoot.

igetcha69: blasphemy!! i only vape Titan Fluid - Tobacco!! :P lol

Viktor Rattlehead: Hmmmm, well, never-mind it actually being very washed out, I think I'm spoiled as I only get from people that handmake juice with intense natural flavors. I tasted this...was let down. I've got it open to steep. Wish me luck.

IRON DANI: Scot have a new teeth...

Missha Nam: Perfect! will be vaping on these flavours shortly . @ Janty Neo+ silver puromizer on Biansi 900mah Gunmetal . Cheers

igetcha69: hi mate, no ive not tried those yet but probably will do eventually :) cheers scott

Taylor Kemp: That's an awesome ecig

minibikemafia: wow! that was great!

Steve Clarke: Where's that from? Is that the TW Titan Fluid Gorilla Excrement 36ml 70/30 PG/VG? or am I thinking of Dekang? ( IMHO all their flavours remind me of some form of excrement) :-)

igetcha69: all explained in the vid at 0:48 ;)

William Smith: ooo new picture

Corey Adkins: You channel is awesome! I enjoy the useful information. I want some free swag for doing reviews. You have some very nice pieces. Cheers

Jeremy Acosta: I see your vaping that Joytech EVIC!! Hopefully a review coming soon!!

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