Pocket Hose Vs X Hose CC

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Pocket Hose vs X Hose CC
Pocket Hose vs X Hose CC
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Andrew Lorenz-Juhl: the xhose also shrank alot

Andrew Lorenz-Juhl: What is the xhose doing o_o

Wolfpack368: You bent the x hoes

RJN: My second Pocket Hose failed miserably around thorny Bougainvillea plants. One pull is all it took to puncture it and it's very hard to tape up. My first Pocket hose blew open at the connector. Too bad they can't get it right.

randomrazr: great concept. to bad from all the reviews they eventualyl blow

Maire O' Leary: Thanks for your video. From the comments it looks like both have design faults but I think I will try to pocket hose because it is cheaper and I want to try something new as I am sick of tripping over my hose in the polytunnel. Do you have to keep them turned off to get them to expand?

Matt: I bought 2 x-hose pros and a pocket hose.  I have not tried the pocket hose yet, but when I tried one x-hose pro, it worked fine the first time, but the 2nd use, it kept getting clogged up in the inner hose, I think it kinked.  I finally got it working and accidently wrapped it around a rose bush and it popped.  Had to throw the first one away.  I got the 2nd one out and it worked fine and I finished the job.  I'll see how it works next time.  I would suggest getting the pocket hose because if it breaks, it's cheaper.  Paying the extra for an x-hose pro didn't seem to pay off.

jbofrtwp: The pocket hose I bought exploded after leaving water pressure on with the nozzle turned off just for a short time. This was after a week or so of use. If I bought a similar hose in the future I might try the DAP XHose Pro that is suppose to be stronger and it has brass fittings rather than plastic. I definitely would not recommend buying either hose in this video after having mine explode after limited use.

J o n a t h a n: mine exploded and hit me in the head ouch my head hurts now, good idea but the quality's crappy if that hoes was made in the USA it last me a life time. cheap Chinese crap.

Désir Choucoutou: Référence de la commande ZQOLLQCBW – passée le 2015-01-08. Malgré plusieurs Courriels, ma commande n'a jamais été expédiée et je n'ai eu aucune réponse à mes mails. J'ai ma facture mon justificatif de paiement par carte. Dois je penser que je me sois fait arnaqué? Je trouve cette entreprise irrespectueuse envers ses clients ou désorganisée, ou je doute fort de son honnêteté. En tous les cas vous m'avez dégoûté des achats en ligne.

tjdann64: Please make sure your own equipment is functional (leaking y-fitting, etc.).  It's hard to take you seriously sir.

Jakobi Powell: I have the pocket hose.

Matt McNeice: why not take 2 minutes ant fix that leak? if this were a scientific test, it wouldn't even pass peer review....

Stephie Deng: what about the new stretch hose at robert dyas

Living The Humboldt Life: bunk!!!!!

Dan Drew: These hoses did not work for me.  They exploded within 6 months.  I really wanted them to work :( 

gloria house: These products are definitely a waste of good money.  I have had 4 of these pocket hoses and they exploded after less than three uses.  They have been replaced by the company but what a farce.  They all break.

ARABIA: The only test that matters is durability and my understanding is neither are anything more than a gimmick based on durability.

Voodoo8648: I have used Hose Xs for 2 years, check out my video review

Hose X REVIEW (2 year update) 

R Leslie: The real issue is durability and cut/abrasion resistance.
Pocket Hose vs X Hose CC 5 out of 5

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Pocket Hose vs X Hose CC