Make A DVR From An Old Computer

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dkd Kumar: What is that machine

adam suydam: To much work!!!!!!!! Download frost wire to computer a few hours after show airs on cable network its on frostwire. Connect computer to TV with vga cable. Add an extra 500 gb or more HD to computer. Set up HD as storage only. If HD with os on it crashes you don't lose your TV shows.

Nielson Lucas: You can use Windows Media Center

Aurva Roy: Does this still work now, 8 years later?

Gilles-Henri Michel, Jr.: Can this be done on Mac OS?

Collyn Wallace: Thank you so much! My family uses an antenna after a horrible break up with Direct TV and we all complain about not being able to record our shows or not being able to watch on our phones. We are using a tv stand with a cabinet big enough for dvds our old desktop PC. So we are planning to order an external tuner card and I will set it up, will an external tuner card work?

Michael Arnold: I heard that now you HAVE to have a digital card like you need a cable card from your cable company.

Jody Pope: if only the local cable company here offered cable cards

its_notjack: *goes through videos with strange music* *finds tinkernut music* HOORAY!

Wario W: or it may be a 2.6 Ghz new motherboard into a old pc chassis :S

серёга белолапотков: а я с россии еххеехехехехехехехехеххе

The_G: If you wan't to watch TV for free on computer and your phone :) Then TVcatchup is free and has quite a few standard channels :)

The_G: He means old as in not used anymore, like say you buy a new computer, what do you do with your previous one. And if you are running vista, that doesn't count as old, that creates is own class, which is called crap :D

Ricky X: God,i see these videos and get interested but find out i have to buy a bunch of stuff and get pissed.

jaifra78: good video but the background music is really annoying

Josh Nolting: actually an old computer could classify as an unused one or what you described. i have a five year old pc and it has a dual-core 2.8 gHz processor. just because its fast doesnt mean its not old.

OREOGAM3R: Aw, I only got Windows 7. Looks like I can't do this.

cyprezz: I think it's common sense that if you leave your computer on 24/7, you will see an increase in your electric bill. Desktop computer typically run over 100 watts of electricity. So in just less than 10 hour of on time, you will have used 1 kilowatts of electricity. The going rate of electrically measured in kilowatts is around 12 cents where I live. So if you run this all day long, you will see an extra 5 to 10 dollars per month in your electricity bill.

brickman409: does XBMC have TV card support?

ignas2526: This computer does not qualify as an "old computer", it is not the best available, but 2.6Ghz CPU which is probably dual core isn't bad at all, if it was around 1Ghz, then it would be other talk
Make a DVR from an old computer 5 out of 5

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Make a DVR from an old computer