VHS To DVD (Sony DVDirect)

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VHS to DVD (Sony DVDirect)
VHS to DVD (Sony DVDirect)
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Brian Perendy: You can record Judge Judy or network stuff, but movies on AMC, TNT, FX etc are all encrypted. etc. 

Tracy Breitwieser: ok, so I watched and waited for him to "show" in detail how to transfer "VHS TAPES TO DVD" using the sony dvdirect player ( as the title of his you tube appears).... well, he never showed this, never really showed HOW TO DO ANYTHING, just spoke ALOT about how to transfer from his camara to dvd... WASTE OF TIME!!

John Baharoff Sr.: You can not copy copy protected VHS tapes to this DVD recorder VRD-MC5.

SupermansLois: Problem with my Sony DVDirect, it will not copy a copy protected VHS tape to a DVD. The beautiful thing about it is that it will copy any movies or shows I have on my DVR onto a DVD. I, unfortunately, cannot afford to buy a Macrovision remover so I can burn my old VHS tapes onto a DVD so I'm kinda screwed with that. I have never owned a camcorder and do not have any home movies so I could careless about converting those. Anyone have any clues on how to burn a copy protected vhs to dvd?

Your Geek Needs: I guess it is still true about Comcast...

BeAtBoXeRkidify: im 13 years old and my parents say that i only play video games on computer and wants me to transfer videotape to dvd but im only 13 years old and u have to do a lot of stuff. and i also have to buy stuff i told them idh money but they are saying theres no money and they get angry at me !!! so annoying

n00bdestroyer23: can it burn cd like music and photos

Che Sal: @Resistoon it has a HDMI output

Resistoon: So Sony's latest DVDirect is the VRD-MC6 and it costs less than the VRD-MC10. Anyone know the differences and why such a big price drop on the newer model?

Resistoon: Need a review on Sony's newest DVDirect, the VRDMC10.

nd12345678910: yes

popitn2nd: will it work on other video camcorder? like the canon vixia hf100 hd?

Jeremy Johnson: would i be able to rcord analog video8 8mm tapes to dvwith this as well

Nicole Dupuis: Chris, i bought this, I copied an old home VHS movie, now I want to upload the DVD to my computer to edit it with ULead Video Studio but the extension on my DVD is not recognizable format for me to upload!! What am I doing wrong??

plowking57: Yes it will work. The dvdirect comes with NO cables.I got mine at the sony refurbished store,cheap.good luck .

Robin Black: Have you hooked this up to a TV with a VCR made into it? I think it will work, But I would like to hear it from you. DId you find it had all the connectors needed? Di you have to buy extra? My video camera will not connect to the computer. It is a Cannon DV ZR85. It will connect to a TV and play video. Will it be compatable?? Any help will be appreciated.

plowking57: I did make 2 DVD coasters in this whole process but I`m going to blame the cheap media (4xDVD+r) DVD`s I bought all couple years ago. Years ago I bought a all-in-wonder card and tried to put all my old hi8`s on DVD and it was so frustrating and time consuming I gave up. The Sony Direct-DVD made this chore very simple . Thank you Chris I always trust your opinion.

plowking57: On Chris`s Review I Picked up a VRD-MC5 at the Sony refurbished store.Chris you are correct,This Gadget is very cool. I`ve recorded 15 dvd`s in the past 3 days,Several from my old Sony Hi8 Analog,several from my old Panasonic VHS-C Analog. and two from my newest digital tape camcorder the Panasonic pvg-s29( 2 years old). I hooked up the S29 with fire-wire and the VRD-MC5 took control of the S29 ,rewinding it and playing/recording with the push of one button.

الغريب Rourba: is there anything cheap than that thing?

Entity001: Geez, ever heard of DVD recorders?!? Just plug the cam in and it records the video. Easy, simple and cheaper.. If you have a hard drive version you can also make copies. Useless gadget imho..
VHS to DVD (Sony DVDirect) 5 out of 5

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VHS to DVD (Sony DVDirect)