EasyFast CNG Sequential Injection Kit

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EasyFast CNG sequential injection kit
EasyFast CNG sequential injection kit
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Jim Milne: Typical Composition of Natural Gas Methane CH4 70-90% Ethane C2H6 0-20% Propane C3H8 Butane C4H10 Carbon Dioxide CO2 0-8% Oxygen O2 0-0.2% Nitrogen N2 0-5% Hydrogen sulphide H2S 0-5% Rare gases A, He, Ne, Xe trace

attitudewithoutacause: If I recall correctly . methane is a huge greenhouse gas.

Newce02: Diesel is expensive as hell, and biodiesel is not easy to come by. There are CNG stations popping up everywhere, and there more of it than we can currently use. It's the cheapest and most abundant fuel on the market at this time, like gasoline used to be.

Hector Mario Enciso: Muy buenas noches les cuento que pienzo convertir mi vechiculo a CNG de quinta generacion tengo un vechiculo HHR modelo 2013 a ctualmente recido en Bogota colombia

davidphuber: Please provide email to the dealer.

attitudewithoutacause: seem like a huge hassle to me.

coosbay sailor: Right, megawelderguy, methane is a greenhouse gas. BUT, so is CO2, the product of gasoline and diesel fuel combustion in car and truck engines. Sooooo, burn CNG(mostly methane) in your auto or truck and produces much less pollution that the petrol burners.

attitudewithoutacause: Wouldnt it be better to just buy a diesel car?

gerard llanos: When I measure a 2 dollar fillup versus a 20 dollar fill up i cant complanin...plus you can use both gasoline and CNG...its just a switch to throw

gerard llanos: An average fill up with gas in my country costs about 20USD (Our fuel is heavily by the government) To fill up with CNG costs less than 2USD...The investment in a good CNG kit pays for itself in short order. Only concern is if you need your truck space

coosbay sailor: john29302 Are you saying, if you could afford to buy a 40 mpg vehicle that greatly reduces pollution and dependency on foreign fuel imports you wouldn't need it because you could afford to buy fuel for your 11 mpg fuel wasting, antique technology, polluting vehicle? The conversion kit will pay for itself in a short time, esp if you are in a CNG station area like Utah or Oklahoma__$1.22 per gallon.

Dejan Djukic: wow, nice,ty ty ty

Sanjiv Sharma: it's seems to be very easy

attitudewithoutacause: I wouldnt think thats possible. Because Natural gas has much less evergy , per given amount . Propane even has more energy, but still less than gas.

attitudewithoutacause: it does sound expensive.

slammerf16: I have this exact kit fitted to a BMW 330i (E46) and it is great. 75p per litre instead of £1.34 - I'll take it! You can't tell the difference in use, and since I've got a donut tank in the spare wheel well there's no change to the original petrol system at all. btw, a 74 litre tank will fit in the wheel well (just) if you're prepared for the boot floor cover to stand up half an inch. That gives a hair under 60litres useable LPG per fill.

Alexandru ionel: ok veri good

Newce02: You're right. CNG, which is the same as the gas typically used for homes, is at least 95% Methane.

juanely zarzuela: its very good

coosbay sailor: Come up with an innovative system with immense benefits toward solving multiple pressing problems; __petrol dependence, pollution, and high cost of fuel__and there is always some cynic whose limited faculty can comprehend neither the technology nor value of the innovation so he stands on his soap box and bad mouths it.

attitudewithoutacause: But the cruising range is bad right?

bikr1975: hahaha...yeah, easy, fast and "EXPENSIVE"!!!

Stan98747: Graci! thank you !!

Hector Mario Enciso: Good evening I tell them Pienza CNG convert my rental car off a fifth-generation model I have a 2013 HHR rental car off oday recido in Bogota Colombia

attitudewithoutacause: Average cost here is about 50 dollars.

Carlos Lara: LPG is better.

attitudewithoutacause: is Methane what makes natural gas stink like something rotten.

Newce02: Actually, I think CNG get's better mileage than gasoline for the equivalent amount of fuel. I think the problem is that an equivalent amount of CNG takes more space than gasoline. I don't know if I said that right. Basically, it takes a bigger tank of CNG to equal a tank of gasoline, so you are limited by the size of CNG tank you can fit in your car. In a pickup truck, you could fit a CNG tank large enough to be equivalent to the gasoline tank and get more range than gasoline.

rts: "Blah, blah, blah, EASYFAST" is all I got.

Dongskie2: This conversion is very well appreciated if your engine is ECU controlled.

attitudewithoutacause: the advertisement says Methane not CNG. I would immagine it it the same.

imtiaz tanzi: how to switch from fuel to gas ???

Ankit Grover: nice

fdzwes: Wow. Details! The Truth! Love it!!

Dejan Djukic: how i contact you ,r u have web or telephon,

attitudewithoutacause: Methane stinks , Is that the additive in natural gas that makes it stink like hard boiled egg farts?

WarrockWeapons: huh? lol

attitudewithoutacause: alternative fuels are very interesting . I still prefer diesel engines running on used veggie oil.

attitudewithoutacause: diesel can be run on natural gas to used veggie oil as well. A gasoline engine is much less efficient. maybe 20% . A diesel engine is 50% and up.

attitudewithoutacause: Most front wheel drive cars have the gas tank in the middle . So underneath the trunk is a good place to put a tank. But you would have to get rid if the spare tire sump.

Brandon Brown: looks like a good kit. I will definately have one on my next vehicle

nim rod: this kit is like for a specific car. if i could afford that nonsense i wouldnt need it. nobody would go thru that crap that could afford this expensive unit unless they were just into euro marketing hype.

attitudewithoutacause: CNG and Propane kits are compatible correct? Just a timing change right?

Hector Mario Enciso: Buona sera io dire loro CNG Pienza convertire mia auto a noleggio fuori un modello di quinta generazione ho una macchina a noleggio HHR 2013 off recido ggi a Bogotà Colombia
EasyFast CNG sequential injection kit 4.7 out of 5

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EasyFast CNG sequential injection kit