Free Tracfone Games

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Free Tracfone Games
Free Tracfone Games
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TheBuffanator00: Dose it dork with ringtones

D Morri: worked on my lg800g. Thanks!

snoapdoog: hey nevermind it actually did work! thanks brodeo!

mikey martinez: Worked perfect, thank you so much, your the man!

Dorian Ryan: this is awesome, i downloaded a game on my lg800g! thanks bro :D

vangaurdan: you've been busy

Isoblock2: I love you Dude thx :)

KingTobi Productions: thanks bro! love getting apps for free rather than for 40 minutes

fuck you google: Yes! tried it, works just like in the video.

killgamerpro: dude it work on my tracfone lg500g thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks

Scotty Snetsinger: I just tried mine, it doesn't work for me. It actually did take my min. away.

Aleysia Stadler: yes

chaos1625: does it work with the lg 840g?

William Danielson: THANKS MAN!!! works perfect on my LG 501. Its gay you can only download 6 games per day though. this does not work for music or photos. Also, what is that buzzing???

vince caporizzo: next time do it away from your pc the feedback sounds was horrabile

vangaurdan: Ya I dropped this one and got a new one soon after

josaih carlos: i love this phone

DatGuy3000: Does it work for an lg800g?

CHOICESOFNOW: wow, im surprised this actually worked (most of these "FREE PREPAID" anything videos are a scam, but i just downloaded 6 games.. - just to make mention, i do have a SAMSUNG T404G PHONE USING NET10 SERVICE - I FELT I SHOULD ALSO MENTION THAT MY SERVICE LIMITS MY PHONE TO "PURCHASING" A MAX OF 6 GAMES WITHIN A 24 HOUR PERIOD!(and there are only 32 games available for my phone under NET10)

Roy Phillips: It works with my LG 840G. Thanks! Can anybody recommend a good game?

Mahalko128: It's Mahjong, not Mahjang, but hey, this looks purty cool, going to give it a shot on the LG 800g


Chris Thompson: can it damage ur phone

killgamerpro: does it works on lg500ghl?

Ken Denison: you're a thief dude, no way around it

mythologyiscool64: Does this really work on LG 800g?

snoapdoog: didn't work for me :/ samsung 390g

frybry01: it's mahjong as in gong, bong, wrong, not mahjang


Mahalko128: I appologize, but seeing as I'm using an unlimited plan, purchases do not work the way they are shown in this video. If you are not using an unlimited plan, however, I imagine it doesn't matter what phone you use :P

202chevyman: Awesome it works thanks man

fuck you google: internet piracy is nothing like stealing. With digital media, there are infinite copies of the software, and the seller loses nothing when their product is not paid for. Also, most people that pirate wouldn't have bought the product in the first place.

texman81: Howdy April. I have an Lg500g and, following your instructions, I went to the Tracfone website, signed-in and clicked on Games. All that came up was Tones and Graphics, no Games. Does this mean that there are no downloadable games for the Lg500g?

doodlydooism: hey did you get it to work on the LG 800g? Thats what model I have and I'm curious if it worked for you or not?

justinjoelify: it worked wit my lg 840g

vangaurdan: As I said, I had just dropped my camera right before this

vangaurdan: sorry I do alot of Minecraft videos which is made by Mojang so I get the two mixed up sometimes

MythicSammerchiz: do you know if it works wit the LG501C?

vangaurdan: So I'm assuming it worked for you lol

kandyzsweetie: What kind of games do they have on tracfone?

Devin Hodges: does it work on a lg840g

Koletta Spencer: U've got terrible feedback noise.Can't hear u sometimes.

IfHelloKittyWasEmo: will this work for ringtones as well???

CHOICESOFNOW: i knnow there is another video on here (by someone else) that shows how to download .JAR files online, email them fromyour own GMAIL to your own GMAIL and then go online with your phone and "DOWNLOAD and SCAN" then to your phone, IT DOES NOT WORK WITH THE SAMSUNG T404G, so even if your limited to the games onthis site this is a great alternative

tocoolforaname1: dude you rule

josaih carlos: iv

vangaurdan: You'll have to check on gameloft because that's where tracfone gets their games from, so go to gameloft and enter what phone you have
Free Tracfone Games 4.5 out of 5

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