AcryGel Powder Gel For Natural Nails

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AcryGel  Powder Gel For Natural Nails
AcryGel Powder Gel For Natural Nails
How To Gel Nails : Dip Powder/Acrygel    2017   DivaDollFlawless
How To Gel Nails : Dip Powder/Acrygel 2017 DivaDollFlawless
NAILS   Acrygel/Gelcrylic DUPE For Longer. Stronger Natural Nails 💛 SimplySubrena
NAILS Acrygel/Gelcrylic DUPE For Longer. Stronger Natural Nails 💛 SimplySubrena
AcryGel Powder Gel For Natural Nails REFILL
AcryGel Powder Gel For Natural Nails REFILL
Acry Gel Application On Natural Nails
Acry Gel Application On Natural Nails

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Marsella Blankenship: Finally someone explained what I️ was looking for. Thank you


Umhra 786: Gelish on amazon fake

Aloha: Is this basically an alternative to the dip kits they sell that use resin? Because thats exactly what Ive been looking for.

Also, can I use tips with this? Is it strong enough? How strong would you say it is compared to acrylics nails or gel nails?

Jonna Phillips: This worked LIKE A CHARM! Thanks for this awesome way to keep my nails strong after acrylics. YOU ROCK 😎💅🤘👏

sheila osb: As a lic manicurists this makes no sense , your only set acrylic powder in gel that's not activated with liquids you can put any thing in gel and set it , it doesn't make your nails stronger,if done right acrylic by its self or gel by its self used right will do the same thing , also the ring of fire is caused by useing the nail drill wrong . So why would you teach someone to use two products together they recommend you don't when they license you to do nails . And the nail polish remover you used in here is not what you called it . If your just trying to make your real nails strong they sale products for that , that are ment to do just that not mixing together two thing not ment to be together, and only setting one of them because the gel you put the acrylic in is really the only thing set in this , the acrylic is not being activated and your just wasting product,, and if your nail technician why would you want to do that if you aren't making money from lost product. To strength a. Natural nail they sale thing for to manage this . If your going to teach something teach it right . No licenseing boarded will ever tell u that it's ok to do this or recommend it. They even teach in classes that it's not a good idea.

RiRi Ray: Hi Anna! hope you are well I still love watching your videos years later! I have an important question for you. Im currently using IBD I ordered from Ebay and it has a strong smell I don't think its the real deal because the IBD I would buy from Sally's never had a smell. I know you mentioned in a video that Lina or Sina gels are just as good as other gels but I know those are from China and have used them as well but I feel like there might be more chemicals in them than other more expensive gel. Anyways I don't use a dust mask when doing my nails or filing and I don't have a nail dust collector yet and ive been concerned for health reasons because some say gel particles when filed are finer and therefore more toxic to ones health.  Im going to start wearing a mask though I find them so uncomfortable and im looking for an inexpensive dust collector/extractor (if you can recommend any that would be great) but what are your thoughts about this and what are your health and safety practises when doing nails. I think its really important to make that our top concern more than just doing great looking nails. Also I use no lift primer which is acid based -so I am being exposed to a lot of chemicals its concerning

shilpa chadha: Always love your videos Hun! very Helpful..and I love your voice.. so soothing 😃😃😃..

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MJ Humphrey: Thank you so much for this video. I will now be using this technique on my nails. I have a nice length on my nails and hate for them to break. I used ASP top coat and Mia Secret Acrylic powder for my applications. I love how they turned out. It really doesn't take long. I'm also excited to see the re-fill video and how how you can just keep doing refills. This also makes using reg polish easier. (lot less wear in tear than using just gel polish color.)

Kelly Nicole Levasseur: do you have to use the nail dehydrater

Miss Parisa Naderi: Hi darling. Thanks for the highly informative video. I had a question. All these dipping and poring systems come with base and top resin activator if I am not mistaken. Are basically using gel as a substitue to resin in this acrygel system? Is it like a alternative way of doing the dip powders? Thanks so much x

kikibuzz25: I've been using a gel resin and acrylic powder, I always get lifting and chipping even using a primer. Time to switch to this method.

redbird1965: How do you recommend removing these?

Natasha Powers: Acrylic and gel do NOT damage your nails. Improper application and/or improper removal causes damage. There are no legal nail products on the market that damage nails.

G0ddess Kelly: love ur videos, just became a subscriber! keep up with the nail videos, your nails are very lovely! mine grow fast BUT, are very thin. im totally going to try this technique 😊 i was certified 20yrs ago & unfortunately, this tech wasnt taught to us 🙁

Detrick Reed: I really think I'm going to try this for my nails. I do have a question once its cured for the 2nd time can you apply polish after you remove the tacky or polish over it

Well and Fit 1 Now: Wonder how dangerous is this in the long-run?

evelyn sam: do you have up dated 2016 videos

Mrs Elephant: What do I do to start nail growth mine are super short and I would like to avoid getting acrylic tips help please
AcryGel Powder Gel For Natural Nails 5 out of 5

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AcryGel  Powder Gel For Natural Nails