AcryGel Powder Gel For Natural Nails

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AcryGel  Powder Gel For Natural Nails
AcryGel Powder Gel For Natural Nails
AcryGel Powder Gel For Natural Nails REFILL
AcryGel Powder Gel For Natural Nails REFILL
Grow Natural Nails with Gel & Acrylic Powder Full Tutorial
Grow Natural Nails with Gel & Acrylic Powder Full Tutorial
Acry Gel Application On Natural Nails
Acry Gel Application On Natural Nails
Repair a broken nail with Gelish Structure Gel
Repair a broken nail with Gelish Structure Gel

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Deborah DeMasi Jr: I have a question that I haven't seen asked here. First of all I love this technique to use on myself. I've been looking for something I can do. My nails are extremely weak and break easily. My question is this: Can I apply nail tips and then use the rest of this method or does this product not adhere well to tips? I like to use tips and I cut them fairly short but it gives me a great start on my nails. Then I let them grow out, file and fill and within a short period of time they have grown to be just my nails. Thanks for the instruction and I look forward to your response!

Jackie Nestmann: Has anyone noticed any crystallization when using the non-dip specific powder? Mine didn't turn out nearly as clear looking as I'd like. Also, if you were to use a white power, would it just look similar to white polish after it's all sealed in?

Clara Knott: A bit too long but very good

Tiffany Reyes: When would I apply the color coat? After the second time you put the powder and cure?

Ursula Walton: Can u do a tutorial using asp light less gel with acrylic?

Tiphany757: word to the wise:
go on amazon. you can get the Gelish mini foundation and Gelish top coat in a bundle for 23 dollars. the Asp top coat by itself is about 40 bucks. so if you want to save then go on amazon and get the bundle!

barb schreiber: Could you use builder gel in place of acrylic powder? Would it be as strong?

Aleeta Vinson: Where did you purchase your uv lamp?? 😍

Eve U: I love your videos for natural nails. I don't wear colored nail polish; I'm very conservative and prefer using natural toned colors like Essie's Ballet Slippers. I just like that it looks so natural. I also like using French Manicure but use a more muted while; almost beige and for that same reason....very natural looking. I know this is an old tutorial, but I was wondering if you could show how to refill this technique when it is needed. I like your professionalism and appreciate it. Those are the tutorials I like best. Hoping to hear from you. Have a great day. 🙂

NaturalSouthernBelle: I love growing my natural nails long but working in a bakery so they've been breaking, chipping, & flaking like crazy. I just got tips with acrylic to help them grow after 7yrs of wearing my natural nails. Never knew this was an option. I'm doing this after I take these fakes off. Thanks, new subscriber

veronica castaneda: thank you for your was very informal

uoo otu: you are the best. very easy method than others

Hailey Bentley: where do you buy them????💩💩😏😏

liltiger882004: I just went and got my nails done cause I was tired of them breaking wish I saw this first 😂 I'm gonna do this when I take the acrylic off. It's a good method it looks like

Lyfecrazy Nails: Really helpful.

monica bain: I purchased the gelish minis and am still searching for the right acrylic powder but I tried it with out (just the gel bond, then foundation, and cured in a uv lamp for a good 5 minutes and it's still tacky. the foundation should be hard after the lamp correct? is my lamp just a bad lamp maybe?

Chrystal Jordan: Can you use regular polish with this method? DO you need any special product and when you remove the polish what would you use as to not damage the gel base?I tried this method once but in a couple of days it was chipping and lifting so not sure what I did wrong. But I am willing to try again.

Faith jowett: no offense or that but they just look dirty and like you don't cut or take care of your nails

Katarina Tolnaj: Can you use a gelish gelpolish color as second layer?

Agnes Cisneros: Thank you so much for this tutorial it was the most help. do you think we can use tips and put them on your fingernails like that please let me know
AcryGel Powder Gel For Natural Nails 5 out of 5

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AcryGel  Powder Gel For Natural Nails