AcryGel Powder Gel For Natural Nails

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AcryGel  Powder Gel For Natural Nails
AcryGel Powder Gel For Natural Nails
AcryGel Powder Gel For Natural Nails REFILL
AcryGel Powder Gel For Natural Nails REFILL
Grow Natural Nails with Gel & Acrylic Powder Full Tutorial
Grow Natural Nails with Gel & Acrylic Powder Full Tutorial
Acrygel Fill
Acrygel Fill
How To-Do Clear Gel Powder White Tip Nails.
How To-Do Clear Gel Powder White Tip Nails.

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Ana C. Ramirez: I did this on my mom's nails and now all her friends want me to do it for them too! I'm horrible with pricing though... How much would you charge for a service like this? 

Joelle Daou: Love your video...i tried to do the same with Harmony clear acrylic powder and NSI gel builder...i felt they were too thick and the sides were lifting very quickly. you think its from the gel builder?

Nina C.: Hi! Very informative video! I have a quick question...I did everything as you did in the video...I used Sensationail GEL with Beauty Secrets acrylic powder...I noticed when I did the first coat I wouldn't be able to wear it can definitely tell there is something on parts of my nail while other parts it looks okay...It's kind of a mixture of both. I wish I could show a picture!! I did a very thin coat of GEl. it because the Acrylic powder I'm using isn't the best quality?  It also doesn't look very clear. Help would be appreciated! Thanks

Sarah Lee: Anna, once I apply Shellac or Gel polish over the Acrygel, is it possible to refill the Acrygel even if I soak off the polish? OR will the Acrygel also be soaked off entirely with the polish?

Nicole Godin: This is very helpful thank you! Just a couple questions. I already own the shellac cnd bottom and top coat. Can I use that instead of the gellish? Also, is the end result completely able to soak off, even with the acrylic? (Assuming I applied a soak-off top coat) Thanks!

musicmom39: I have awful nails, mine keeps slitting chunks out of nails & spitting right down the middle. I've tried all kinds of products to try to fix them including cuticle oils, strengtheners, hardeners even nailtiques nothing works. plus as soon as I do dishes my nails slit & peel under whatever I have on then it peels the chunks off. So my qeustion is if I try this is it going to chip off when I do dishes or even take a hot shower? cause I've had some things chipped the tips of my nails off from the heat of the shower.

sarai elizondo: Pierdes mucho tiempo 

Leighton Davis: i just did this product and it's incredible. I applied an opi color. When it is time to take off the polish I usually soak in 100% acetone. With the acrygel underneath wouldn't this process also take off the acrygel? If so what is the best way to remove the gel polished while leaving the acrygel in place for refill ...?

moviegirl3073: Does the gel have a strong odor or fumes?

Kay Tee: Got a quick question, can the hand and nail harmony acrylic be used as Well, and if so is it just as good as the other u have shown?

Sarah Keoughan: So, first step is gellish foundation
Second, Acrylic powder
Thirds, gellish foundation again,
Fourth, another layer of acrylic powder?

tralou pops: I tried it didnt take them off

tralou pops: Hii was wondering how do u remove thes acrygel nails ? X

janet ruggiero: do you soak this off in acetone just like gel polish?

Lizzie Marrufo: Hello, I have a question. I've done this three times and love it, however I am noticing that my nails are not coming out 'clear'... They have a white gritty/grainy look. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?

I'm using vitagel/star nail so fine.

Thank you

Elizabeth Paez: hello I have a quick question

ms3rings: I cant wait to see how this works for me.Great details

larke tree: hi anna.. can you use any color acrylic for this?    thank you

merry clayton: Can I use a gel top coat instead of a base coat to do this
AcryGel Powder Gel For Natural Nails 5 out of 5

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AcryGel  Powder Gel For Natural Nails