Daith Piercing Essentials- Pangea Piercing- Episode 40

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Daith Piercing Essentials- Pangea Piercing- Episode 40
Daith Piercing Essentials- Pangea Piercing- Episode 40
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Lorna Fletcher: Hi JC, ive just found your videos. Great work!! Think ur the funniest guy around!! I got my daith done on Monday 10th October and everything seems ok, but i have a little question for you. When i touch the piercing and push it so the jewellery is touching the skin of the inner ear and then when i let go, it moves up and out of the ear a little bit on its own? Is that normal? My piercer says its normal and to do with the shape of the my ear. Is she correct?

Gee Alexandra!: your cheekbones are to die for

Alyssa Hendrickson: This might be a dumb question but why do some piercings smell bad? I used to have my ears stretched and I would clean them and the jewelry regularly but sometimes it smells weird? The same thing with my septum piercing, my friend also said she had the same problem with her septum piercing. My cousin also has her ears stretched and she said her ears stink as well. By the way I love the show!! Thanks for the great advice, I've learned so much from watching it!

Olivia Herman: I just got my 2 daiths pierced and one of them bled but the other one did not. Is that ok? Did the piercer do it correct if it did not bleed or did he do it too shallow? I have small daiths so maybe thats why?

Andrea ann: got mine 6 month's ago! got a special jewelry for it and im in loooove with. :)

ElaBean: I really want a daith piercing but I have quite small eats in general and have been told that a daith piercing needs to be done on a pronounced part of the ear. however I noticed that JC didn't mention that and I was wondering if there is actually a limit to how small that bit of cartilage has to be for it. it's not like it's not there but it's not nearly as pronounced as the woman's that got pierced...

Crissy Reesman: i wish this guy was doing my daith piercing nxt weekend...that was the smoothest ive ever seen

Nilly Chaos: such a pretty ear

Amy Jo Steel: Hahah fitting BCRs are the worst!! I'm forever humming and making small talk like you did when the other little indent just won't go in there! Awesome video man :)

Jessica Murphy: I love you even more for the bimmer❤

Gavin Reddig: I really want to get a daith piercing for my migraines cause I have tried everything...... but I am worried it will look dumb if It is my only piercing

Michel Cooper: In your experience, have you ever had a client tell you that a daith piercing helped relieve migraines. I'm considering trying it but am hesitant because my daiths in both ears are tiny.

GalaxyCorn: I think I might have keloids/hypertrophic scarring on my daith (about 2,5 weeks old). What is the best way to get rid of them?

Elly Comley: I got a daith piercing about a week ago, but the placement is kinda weird. The CBR sticks out a lot and it's positioned at the top of the "bowl" of my ear, but maybe the upper and lower folds of my ear are just too close together :( I'm hoping it will settle down so that I can eventually wear a clicker in it, or just change to a smaller ring.

lynne cunningham: I actually love you and your videos I'm determined to get pierced by you one day I'm all the way in England

I recently got my daith piercing, and I've been looking for cute jewellery to buy. Heaps suggest septum clickers, are they suitable for daith piercings or not?

Anu_G: haha uncle j.c

Ei Sa: Does not appear to be a "proper" daith by the looks of the markings. Why not show the piercing from a side view when it was completed? A daith piercing, when properly done, will make it appear as if the ring is emerging from the ear canal. This particular piercing appears too "shallow." What say you, J.C.?

chelsiie123 _: what do you think about wearing heart shaped jewellery and being pierced with it?

Moon Girl: im considering getting a daith piercing. Im really not into piercings, but heard over and over from multiple people that they help with headaches.
question one, what would be the best ring that wont be so noticeable?
my other question is that I have problems with infections, what would be the best metal to use?
Daith Piercing Essentials- Pangea Piercing- Episode 40 5 out of 5

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Daith Piercing Essentials- Pangea Piercing- Episode 40