Paulownia And Homemade Band Saw

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Paulownia and homemade band saw
Paulownia and homemade band saw
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kwbloke: Planks a lot!

Peter Laurence: Sorry can't help as it belongs to the operator

Peter Laurence: raise and lower the log

Peter Laurence: Not in NZ

kwbloke: Paulownia has been identified as the best sustainably grown timber for eco friendly surfboard manufacture in the world. Trees in NZ are grown in controlled plantation situations.

ironworke: too dangerous with out gards. Just another crazy person taking a big risk.

Wallabydam: those damn tress pop up everywhere here where i live in Virginia in the states, whats so big about them anyway, they have HUGE leaves, thats the only way i can tell them from anything else. someoen told me in japan they make something from the wood for musical instruments? Oh well i have no idea, ill stick to Oak :)

thisux7x7: Very good, inexpensive, and creative!

kwbloke: In New Zealand we make surfboards, kayaks, yachts, kiteboards and similar craft from paulownia. Trees can be milled 8 to 12 years after planting. Oak is just a little heavy for these applications.

Bryan Foster: jeez that looks dangerous!

BlueMacGyver: Good job!! Check out mine >> GARAGE BUILT SAWMILL>>> leave comment

Peter Laurence: Cutting stuff!

David Bähler: This seems like it could be a pain to get the logs in there, is that the case? Also seems like it might be a bit tricky to get the cut lined up properly. I like the idea in some ways, how does it compare to the more conventional bedded bandmills?

kwbloke: To cut 25mm thick boards, place a series of 28mm packers(slightly thicker to allow for thickness of sawcut) under each corner. After each cut just knock one level of packers out then make your next cut.

kwbloke: Yes, I need to get hold of some lifting equipment. I send the main butt logs (up to 5 metres long) down to a local sawmiller who runs a woodmizer wilh hydraulic lifting rams etc. This low cost little mill is great for smaller logs up to 500mm (20 inches) in diameter.

Peter Laurence: @Fuzzysword Not as bad as it looks
Paulownia and homemade band saw 4.8 out of 5

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Paulownia and homemade band saw